It is beyond fallacious to claim that radical feminism is a war waged solely on men—it is absolutely a war on women as well. As noted by many writers on this website, a great deal of feminists scream “choice” at the top of their lungs, and then immediately turn around and tear their dear sistas to shreds for not making the choices they approve of.  This has been well documented: rants by shrill harpies such as Amy Glass are refreshing precisely because they’re honest. Rather than rolling her eyes and otherwise being coyly bitchy to women who want to be happy with their husbands, raising their kids and keeping a great and loving home, she’s outright calling them traitors to themselves and to the cause.

Choice? Bullshit.

However, even in the blue pill world, even in the female mind that’s been told — in direct opposition to the laws of conservation—that she can have everything while sacrificing nothing, certain truths are beginning to unfold. Specifically, that there are things women do not want, and that no amount of counterintuitive programming can force them to want.

Women don’t want to be equals in bed

It would be wearisome to provide endless links so try this exercise instead: google “What do women want in bed”, surveys and whatnot. You’ll encounter a number of top 10 lists. Every single one of them will include an entry about D/S fantasies, calling the man “Master” and catering to their whims. Most of them, such as this gem, will have straight-up rape fantasies as the number one thing that women gush a torrent over.

I have dated several self identified-feminists in my younger days, and funnily enough, when I look back, they were far more likely to be ultra-submissive in bed, wanting to be degraded and “put in their place”, than their non feminist peers. Sublimation, perhaps? Whatever; there’s a reason 50 Shades of Gray sold roughly infinity copies. Women want—and the modern woman wants desperately—to be submissive in bed. No feminist doctrine can make her wet or keep her dry in defiance of that.


Love letter to feminine submission comes out, repressed femininity across western world creams itself. 

Women don’t want to be anything other than conventionally beautiful

A particularly butthurt entry on Jezebel cites a survey by The idea was that men and women would identify their favorite features from different celebrities and morph that into a whole.  The writer is “creeped out” by how both men and women came up with thin, extremely feminine, full lipped, long haired, perfect skinned ideals. She clearly sees it as a betrayal by women.

Now, we all know about the cancer of go girlism but the truth of the matter is, very few women can completely BS themselves at the subconscious level. Somewhere deep down they know that the myth of endlessly fluid beauty standards is bullshit. While there are hot curvy women (Christina Hendricks from Mad Men) and hot skinny women (January Jones, also from Mad Men), there are no hot wrinkly women, no hot fat women, no hot fugly women. And there never were, and never will be.

Tellingly, feminism has not made a dent in bullshit diet fads for women. Now, fad dieting is a ridiculous and worthless cop out, but the fact that there’s such a huge industry around it aimed mostly towards women clearly reveals their means that they aren’t buying the fools gold that feminists are selling: that you will be loved no matter what you look like. Every fat girl, even the caustic go-girls, especially the caustic go-girls, know this.


And so do all women, even the so-called supports of the (ironically named) “body-positive” movement. Watch these fat girls put up nauseating pictures of themselves, and an endless rush of their hotter, skinny friends will smother them in praises and “OMFG U SO HAWT GURLL.” Tell one of those girls to stop hitting the gym and eat a pound of cake a day, though, and note the just-swallowed-a-porcupine expression. They’ve been caught in a lie, and will stammer something about how they’re never really that hungry, or that this is their natural body type and its no better or worse than a whales natural body type.

Bullshit. They would slit their wrists before looking like their Hindenburg buddies, and everyone knows it.


Women Don’t Want To Work As Much As You Think They Do

This is the big one. The pay gap myth in the US has already been addressed on this website—women tend to earn less because over a lifetime, because they tend to do less work than men. Its equal pay for equal work, but that’s a hard pill to swallow for the “equal rights but zero responsibilities” harpies.  So I’m not going to focus on that. Instead, let me link an article from the New York Times that was so delicious it made me lick my lips: a survey “discovered” something that everyone had always known but in the last few decades had conspired to forget: Women don’t enjoy working away from home.

They simply aren’t wired to receive the same competitive rush of succeeding. Coupled with various studies over the years that point out how much more biologically attuned mothers are to having children and how much they enjoy the act of child rearing, it made NYT readers lose their minds. The very top commenter coalesced into one inane comment what was surely going through an abundance of small minds: “Instead of concluding…that women weren’t built to lead, the author should have offered up a solution”.

What solution, toots? You wanted the authors of the survey to solve biology? To solve a million years of evolution? You CAN work, girl, you can work hard and do well, but you’ll never be as fulfilled as a man who does the same. He is moving in accordance with his natural role—and getting the biologically mandated positive feedback from his own brain for it—and you are rebelling against yours. I hope the rush of defiance is enough.

There are, furthermore, more and more women who are awakening to this and subtly disengaging from feminism, mouthing off the common slogans while quietly starting to cherish, instead, what comes naturally to them. More women are choosing to be housewives or just more “traditional” because feminism’s promised land has come, and is decidedly underwhelming for men and women alike.

Help me please!

So be of good cheer. While it may seem like an uphill struggle against a feminized society, understand that feminists are fighting a far more doomed battle: they are attempting to surmount the core natures of the very women they claim to be fighting for.

Slowly, as more red pill truth seeps out, those women will abandon the feminist ideal as a false idol that never made good on its extravagant—and impossible—promises.

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