The two girls in the above video got kicked out of a punk show. Probably for being fat. To put this into context the show was a reunion of the legendary powerviolence (punk) band Infest. Their lyrics are standard punk fare: misanthropic, fuck authority (read: the police), be your own person, etc.

Shackled down under control
life is acting playing the role
don’t speak out do as you are told
fucking clone fitting the mold
stay in line with the rest
claim you’re a ‘freebird’ but never left the nest
sport individuality seems more like conformity
say you’re a black sheep but that’s still a sheep
I hope I never fucking sink that low!

Funny enough these days the scene is inundated with feminist ideology and manginas. You’ll see the same people at a punk show as at the Warren Farrell protest. They are the same closed minded conformists Infest was talking about in the late 80s. However, I think attitudes are changing. No longer are men putting up with womens’ childish temper tantrums which are based on a need for the attention of and the submission to a quality man.

The Good:

  • “World Star” is being shouted while the girls cause trouble. The crowd doesn’t take their temper tantrum seriously.
  • Bouncers do their job. Same with the promoter.
  • The crowd is mostly male. Girls like this go to shows to get sloppy drunk and have their tits fall out when they try to mosh with men twice their size.
  • Guy in the blue stands up for himself when he is attacked by saying “I’ll stomp you in the face bitch” at 1:06
  • They’re completely humiliated. People are laughing at them and not giving them the attention they want. They steal the pylons and fall over at 1:40 (is that dude peacocking?)
  • “It was more funny than anything watching these girls trying to get sympathy from the crowd, in the way that they kept yelling ‘assault’ and other things… They straight-up yelled ‘stop hitting me’ when all security was doing was defending themselves.” (source)
  • No white knighting.
  • The youtube comments.

The Bad: 

  • Audience shouting man-up to either the bouncers or the chicks. Maybe they’re mocking them. They shout it near the end too. Maybe they’re mocking the girls’ beliefs.
  • The only female in the audience at 0:58 tells the girls “it’s ok” to just placate them.

The Ugly:

Punk shows were always a masculine space. There was camaraderie, people felt part of something bigger than them, and the mosh pit was physical enough to release aggression. The girls in the video above ruin this. They create drama and even worse, dudes trip over their own dicks to try and bang them. Is this video a sign of things to come? Are men fighting back and pushing women and feminist ideals out of their traditionally masculine spaces? Or are the men just sick and tired of women acting like children and expecting special treatment?

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