More than once, a woman has told me that at some point in her forties, she became invisible. Before then, she was accustomed to walking down the street and having men smile at her. People were so kind almost everywhere she went. In stores, she was warmly treated. In a bar or coffee shop, strangers would approach her and start up a conversation. Like some 1950s advertisement, the world was full of friendly waves and welcoming nods. This is the magic spell of being a young attractive female. It is an awesome power, but one that most women are largely unaware of until the day it finally disappears.

Actually, We Do Know The Power Of The Dark Side

The allure of a pretty, young woman is substantial, and men struggle to resist it. I’ve often thought that cheerleading would decline in popularity among high school girls if they knew exactly what was in the minds of the men who saw them in those outfits. As all men know, it is sexual. If you are a slender, pretty, teenage cheerleader, every man you encounter wants to have sex with you. None of us care one iota about your cheer, your spirit, or your acrobatics. The whole thing is a joke; we want to look at your pussy. The fourteen-year-old passing you in the hallway at school, your male teachers, your classmates, your father’s friends, the bus driver, even the old men in the nursing home where you volunteer, we all want to fuck you.

When you’re up there with your pom-poms shouting, “Go Team!” we are thinking the most nasty things you can imagine—anal sex, bondage, cumming on your face, you name it. If you encounter about 1000 men between the ages of 13 and 80 over the course of your year, probably 80% of them are fantasizing about having sex with you. Yes, your classmates are masturbating ferociously and craving you with great intensity. We may act nonchalantly in your presence, but that is not how we feel behind closed doors.

If you are young and attractive, every man who smiles as he passes you on the street is thinking one thing: “I want to fuck that girl.” We do not smile out of kindness, not in the way we would smile at a puppy or a little kid. As you walk by, raw sexual images are what we envision. Fortunately, men have a modicum of willpower. Although a pretty sixteen-year-old might flirt with her teacher, virtually all men in that situation will resist temptation. But, oh boy would there be temptation! Every year, a few highly successful men in positions of power risk everything just to have sex with an attractive young female.

You’ve Won The Lottery

You float through life in a way that others can’t even imagine. Everyone is so darn nice to you. We are nice because we want to fuck you. That is the only reason. But you think that people are genuinely nice, that the world is nice. The guy at the Abercrombie store was so patient and helpful. He wanted to bang you in the dressing room. The 50 year old man at the DMV who failed you on your driver’s test was so sorry about it, apologizing in the kindest manner. He couldn’t pass you, but he so wanted you to suck his civil servant cock. This is how it goes. You believe you have earned your received kindness based on hard work and character. That is incorrect. It is only by virtue of the body you inhabit.

 Take Off Your Makeup, The Party’s Over

But one day, you become invisible. The store clerk is impatient. No one cuts you any slack. People become professional, distant, businesslike. No one smiles at you in the street. You have lost your magic power and that loss comes with aging.

Now you are living in the real world as it is actually lived by most people. You have awoken from a dream and every kindness shown to you has to be earned. Nothing is free any longer. I think about the conversations I’ve had with women in their late 40s and beyond. There are no good men. Why can’t I find a man? Where have all the men gone? Well, ladies, the “good men” are out there trying to sleep with much younger women. I think to myself, you know how lonely and desperately horny you feel right now? Aching to have even a semi-attractive, non-disgusting man want to spend time with you and make love to you? Well, this is payback for when you were young and had a sea of men in your orbit. You flirted with them and wasted their time. You mocked them for their horniness and neediness. Now you know their suffering. It is your just retribution.


Always Depend On The Cruelty of Strangers

Young pretty women often giggle or laugh at the notion that a man is impacted by them, that someone else feels longing, pain, and suffering when they are around. To these women, a man’s decision to like them seems an arbitrary choice, as if he were deciding, “oh, I think I’ll have roast beef instead of chicken.” In fact, a man has no power over what compels him. His attraction is raw, visceral, and when not reciprocated, painful. No man would put on a tuxedo, tuck a copy of Bride magazine under his arm, and flirt with a group of unattractive, overweight 34-year-old women. We would see the cruelty in it. But a young pretty girl may have no qualms about teasing the men she encounters by pretending to offer up what they want. A man’s memory for this behavior is long, and some will enjoy the revenge which comes from becoming a particularly cruel player.

Once I was at a party when two very nice looking, beautifully dressed women in their late forties approached me to flirt. Soon, they started commenting on the lack of good men. Normally, I would just smile and shrug, usually saying something like, “Who knows where they are? Perhaps hiding under a rock or stuck in the sofa cushions?” This time, however, I said that I know where the good men are. They are attempting to have sexual intercourse with women twenty years younger. I said that it is a fact of human biology that high quality men are just not interested in women their age. They were surprisingly reasonable and admitted that I was correct.

Many men hate the fact that attractive young women cast a spell over us. Unless you inhabit a horny man’s body, you can’t even begin to appreciate how intensely a beautiful woman affects us, how we struggle to stay focused when you are around. Maybe one reason men seek to be players is that it helps weaken your power over us. We dislike that your very presence draws our attention to thoughts of fucking, no matter what we may need to accomplish at the moment. We resent that you have it so easy in life just because you are thin and pretty, whereas we have to earn every kindness that comes our way. You say life has not been that easy. You complain that your boyfriend cheated on you, but an older woman has no boyfriend. You complain that you got in trouble at work for your performance, but a less attractive woman never got hired in the first place.

Trading Places

Here’s a secret for us men. Ever wonder what it is like to have people treat you extra nicely and warmly? It’s easy. Just get a good haircut and put on a moderately expensive, well-tailored suit and tie. Women will not automatically want to have sex with you, so the comparison is not perfect, but walk down the street. People will smile at you. Go into a store. Buy a pack of gum. Approach a stranger and ask for directions. The world will treat you better.

Sadly, for aging women, there is no suit they can put on. Botox and plastic surgery will never elevate you back to the exalted position of a pretty girl under age 30. Perhaps you can take comfort in knowing that you once held enormous power over men, but now it is some other woman’s turn to possess  it, however fleetingly.

Photo Gallery

Two different women: one at 26 and another at age 44. Only the younger one affects us.

A 26 and a 44 year old woman

Only 16 years separate this 26-year-old and this 42-year-old, but the difference in how men see them is dramatic.


Can an older woman be beautiful? Absolutely, as these lovely women ages 70, 84, and 97 demonstrate. But we view them with respect and admiration, not—of course—in any sensual way. Who wouldn’t want a nice grandmother like this?


If you are a young man, you just don’t look like a sexual object to most women. However, to quote a popular meme, “It gets better.” Stay in shape and with every passing year, your odds will improve. Even at age 45, you’ll be bagging chicks aplenty.


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