Formerly retired NBA player Jason Collins recently returned to action against the Los Angeles Lakers this week, to the tune of eleven minutes played, five personal fouls, and zero points. 

I stand 5’9, and even I could put up a stat line like that in the NBA.

Realistically, it should have just been another day in the life of a mediocre, bench-warming NBA player.  Instead, Collins’ debuts made the headlines of just about every major media outlet, and he even impressed the president of the United States with his outstanding courage.  Courage for what, you say?

Being a homosexual.

Yeah, what a real hero.  Do you think Obama gives a personal call to all soldiers who demonstrate bravery on the battlefield?  I doubt it.

Collins’ return to the NBA (his announcement on his sexuality was announced last year) came shortly after NFL prospect Michael Sam recently came out of the closet, making him the first potential openly gay NFL athlete.  Guess who praised him for his outstanding courage, as well?  None other than the first lady Michelle Obama herself:

— FLOTUS (@FLOTUS) February 10, 2014

Truthfully, I could care less about whether these two men prefer other men or women.  The fact of the matter is, their “courage and bravery” is poised to send American sports, and as a direct result, the American culture, further down the left-ward path.


The gridirons and hardwood floors of the NBA and NFL have always been a place of blood, sweat, and tears.

On the gridiron, Michael Sam, who has not taken a single snap in the NFL, has turned the NFL, ESPN, and all sports media outlets into his personal circus since his coming-out announcement.  LGBT activists are overjoyed at the announcement, thinking he will be a symbol of courage, as an inspiration to the future’s gay in-the-closet athletes who fear being judged in the harsh confines of the locker room by their fellow, pussy-juggling teammates.

In reality, Michael Sam is simply the first drop of poison in entering the NFL system, and it will continue to spread.  What people are failing to realize is that locker rooms are not at all politically correct.  Players do not censor themselves like we are forced to do in the corporate world.  While homosexuality has been gaining acceptance momentum in society as a whole, the locker room is a vastly different animal.

You see, locker rooms are one of the last true places that contain only, or close to only men.  It is a place where men are free to make all of the crude jokes they want; where they are free to bond together as males without fear of outside judgment.  Of course, Sam claims the people making these jokes are simply uneducated:

“I’ve been in locker rooms where all kinds of slurs have been said,” Sam said. “I don’t think anyone means it. They might be naive and uneducated but as time goes on everyone will adapt.”

Of course, he then goes on to say, “I just wish you guys will see me as Michael Sam the football player instead of Michael Sam the gay football player,” while sporting a rainbow-colored ‘Stand with Sam’ pin around his neck.

I don’t know what the hell one would expect if you make turn your coming-out announcement into a national media party, but since you’ve been hyped as the first openly gay NFL player, it is only natural that people are going to see you as “the gay football player.”  While Sam may have the support of the LGBT communities, more than likely he will simply be viewed as the odd one out in the NFL locker rooms, no matter how politically correct his teammates are to the media about the situation.


If Sam truly cared about being an effective football player in the NFL, he would have simply separated business from pleasure.  When Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, was rumored to be gay last year, he put an end to those rumors.  However, even if he had been gay, then up to that point, he had been living his life as a model homosexual.  His respect from his NFL peers would have remained intact, for keeping his personal life and exploits under wraps, and focusing on the task at hand, playing football.

Michael Sam, on the other hand, wanted to be famous.


Turning our attention to the hardwood basketball courts of the NBA, it’s easy to see what Jason Collins’ agenda was.  Apparently, he got so much publicity he’s been unable to set aside time for his former fiancé, former WNBA player Carolyn Moos, whom he was with for eight years:

A month before I was set to marry the man I loved, he called off the wedding. I had no idea why. He and I had been together for eight years. We had planned to have children, build a family. Nearly four years later, I got my answer. My former fiancé, Jason Collins, a pro basketball player with the Washington Wizards, announced last spring in Sports Illustrated that he is gay.

He didn’t even have the decency to tell her the article was running, or set aside any time to talk to her about it since then.  Sure, he may be courageous for being the first man in the four major American sports to come out of the closet, but he is also a coward whom walked out on the woman he was engaged to with nay an explanation.

I’d be the first to tell you that if you break up with a girl, you don’t owe her any closure.  However, if she is going to have the mainstream media knocking down her door, and she never really wronged you (and from all accounts, it doesn’t seem she did), then some explanation is in order.  The fact that he didnot taken the time to make a phone call to her and give her some answers shows he was too busy relishing in his new fame.

He wanted another shot at an NBA contract (imagine the backlash if he had never been signed again), and the chance to make more money than any retired NBA average player.

Some hero.

Gay rights activists want homosexuality to be viewed not only as acceptable, but natural.  They want to push gay propaganda on to children, and they will throw fits if they are not allowed to do so.  They are supporting athletes like Collins and Sam simply because of the publicity it brings to their movement.  It used to be that homosexuals wanted to be able to come out to their families and close friends.  Fair enough.  Then, they wanted the same rights as married male/female relationships.  They have been successful in getting those rights as well.  However, it’s still not enough.

No longer is it enough for homosexuals to be given equal opportunity and not be hated.  No, now they want to poison the entire nation, and that starts by hitting the sectors of culture that have been dominated by the masculine up to this point.

The selfish, diva-like actions of Sam and Collins have flung open the closet doors for all current and future American sports athletes.  Soon, the Vegas bookies will cease to bet about covering the spread, and instead ask people to place bets on the over and under about whether a player likes to take it up the ass.  Rather than beer being sold at sporting events, you will pay $20 for an appletini.

Say goodbye to the blood, sweat, and tears of the American sporting world.  They might as well dub it Project Runway.  You can blame the homosexual athletes like Collins and Sam for ruining sports, as they have injected the culture with poison, killing off one of the final forms of pure masculinity supported by the American public.

As of now, there is no antidote.

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