Norway is the most gender neutral, egalitarian, and feminist country in the world. The culture has been telling the women for decades that they can be anything, but in 2013, here’s what you’ll find:

  • 90% of nurses are female
  • 90% of engineers are male

This is in spite of the government’s best efforts to recruit males in nursing and females in engineering. Norway’s brightest minds have ruled out discrimination as a reason for this problem, and they’re so befuddled that they’re calling it a “paradox.” Readers of this blog, however, may have a different name for it: human nature.

A Norwegian red pill comedian, if you can believe it, has created a 3 hour documentary where he wonders if males and females are different (you can watch part one above). Of course this was a gigantic controversy in Norway. The series almost didn’t get aired in spite of the fact that he gives kid-glove treatment to the zany feminists he interviews on camera.

Here are a couple things I noticed or realized from the first installment:

  • Most of the “studies” that “prove” feminist arguments are based on self-reporting surveys that end up proving nothing.
  • A reporter from the publication Dagbladet makes no effort at a neutral point-of-view. This isn’t a surprise since I was trashed in it.
  • One study showed that children have a clear gender toy preference starting at nine months. Another study showed a difference from day one, obviously before environmental influence.
  • An influential Norwegian gender thinker said, “There’s no room in biology for me.”
  • Another Norwegian scientist wonders, “Why are some so concerned with finding biological differences?” I guess we know what he’s concerned with finding.

The highlight was seeing a Norwegian scientist get smacked down by a British female scientist for saying that the only difference between men and women are genitalia. Apparently hormonal differences are inconsequential to the Scandinavian elite.

The fact that red pill thinking is seeping into Norway, the most blue pill country on Earth, tells me only one thing: feminist ideology has peaked. Prepare for red pill domination.

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