It appears that codename “Bavarian” has escalated his propaganda operation against feminists on Twitter. His previous work has been documented here. Basically, a group of individuals are posing as various characters to sow dissension and spread disinformation in certain feminist circles on Twitter. This has been entertaining to watch and appears to be quite successful. He has provided me with some “declassified” screenshots. You can also see it on He is gearing upfor a new operation called “OPERATION: CUCKOO’S NEST”.

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Things like seem to stir the pot. This manufactured discord by race is especially sinister to use against a leftist ideology.

Here are the particulars about “OPERATION: CUCKOO’S NEST” from an email from “Bavarian”:


To provide covert tactical support for Legionarii by neutralizing the People of Oppression (PoO), including–but not limited to–feminists and Social Justice Warriors (SJW).

We will seek to humiliate, ridicule, and otherwise demoralize PoO on Twitter by infiltrating their ranks and exacerbating already existing tensions regarding divisive issues such as race, religion, politics, income inequality, homosexuality, age, transgenderism, abortion, crime, etc. Further, we will agitate moderate individuals by advocating extremist viewpoints for the purposes of recruitment and retention.

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Undermine the will of the PoO to resist.

Increase unrest among the PoO population.

Increase desertion or surrender of PoO forces.

Reduce PoO interference with Legionarii’s operations.

Undermine the credibility of PoO leadership.

Increase acceptance of Legionarii’s forces on Twitter.

Deter intervention of neutral groups.

Counter propaganda.

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Design your character. Really get in touch with your feminine side and think about what kind of character you’d be good at impersonating, then answer the following questions:

What’s her name?

Is your character female or transgendered?

What race is she?

Is she a Radical Feminist or an Intersectional Feminist (Read the Wiki pages on both of these).

What is her age?

What are her politics?

What are her hobbies?

What are her disabilities (disabilities are celebrated within the PoO community so don’t be timid about inventing one)?

Set up Twitter account. Subtlety is key when creating a twitter account. Remember, we’re trying to blend in. Follow these steps:

Create a new email account ( is recommended).

Create a tumblr ( account (if you don’t already have one) using your new email address.

Search tumblr with #Me and save a profile picture suitable to your character.

Sign up for a twitter ( account using your character’s name and your new email account.

You must also choose a twitter handle, which other users will use to contact you. It starts with an “@”. Be creative, but be subtle. For example, if your character’s name is Mikki Kelly, you could create a handle like “@MikkiRadFem” or “@KellyKickBoxer”.

Write a profile espousing your beliefs and/or hobbies. Again I stress, subtlety is of the utmost importance.

Google search images that would create a PoO-friendly header and background. For example, if you’re posing as a SJW, try image searching “social justice”. Or if your character has autism, image search “autism awareness”, then load the images as your header and background.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.18.37 PM

Create a Skype account and contact bavarianthearyan for further instructions. In the meantime, keep in mind this is not a joke. This is not trolling. This is PSYOPS. We expect you to remain professional at all times. We’ve lost many operatives due to reckless new recruits who thought it’d be funny to work outside the theoretical parameters we’ve set up to avoid account deletion.

This method of using the dastardly tools of the left against the left is delicious. I can taste those tears of rage and frustration through my computer. It does bring up some issues though. One big one that I have realized is how many of these “online feminists” are the real deal. With operations like this going on , one really cannot tell. I guess that is a good thing. It also appears that some feminist personalities have actually been infiltrated by Bavarian and his operatives.

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