That frustration of going grocery shopping without a list is immense. You end up buying things you don’t need nor like due to pretty packaging and product placement within the store.  I have quite a few things in my fridge I would never have decided to buy if I thought ahead. I’m sure someday there will be a use for that jar of orange marmalade sitting behind the can of coffee. The same concept can be applied to picking up woman. if you don’t know what you like before you go out, you could get something you really don’t need or want.

I’ve heard many stories of men making excuses for why they selected a woman that does not meet their ideal. Usually some issue like fatness, drug abuse, poor hygiene is glossed over by things like “she has a good personality”. This is unacceptable.

Thinking on the fly without a plan is not recommended. Like buying that pound of onions at the grocery store because they were on sale, some things that seem nice  might not be what you really want or need.  That art history major with the cat called “Trotsky” can be a good selection for Sunday fun but definitely not for a wife.

How does a man know what he wants? He thinks about it before hand. One should list the features and attributes in woman he is seeking.  He should also ascertain where women with these features are located. He must also be realistic in his desires.  Always shoot for the stars, but if one is not bringing anything to table, he should not be demanding the world.  This isn’t some cosmopolitan wish list for lonely hearts but a method to cut down on wasted effort and time. The objective is to keep it simple and to adhere to the objective standards created.

What features and attributes should a man look for a woman? Well it depends what he wants to woman for. It also depends on his personal tastes. It also depends on how bold he is. Allow me give you a few example shopping lists:


A woman for afternoon delight:


A woman for semi regular status:


A woman for regular status:


These are merely simple examples of  features one could look for in a woman. A man can make his lists to his own a specific needs and wants. It is important that he’s objective though. No making exceptions for undesirable woman because he gets distracted by the pretty packaging such as yoga pants. Also intoxication should not be used to short circuit this decision making process. The discipline comes into play when women are rejected immediately when they do not meet the criteria.  This prevents wasting time and money. Because for every undesirable woman you waste time texting with, hearing about her nonsense stories, or playing the “whatever reason she’s not having sex tonight game”, focus could have been on more productive ventures. The system only works if you actually reject people that do not meet your criteria. It doesn’t work if you decide to take home that woman with the herpes sores on her mouth because you are having a dry spell.

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