Traditional Sex Roles Week has come to an end. Here are all 20 articles we published, in the order they appeared:

We know more than anyone that the clock can not be turned back to an earlier time we see through nostalgic glasses, but we hope that the information we presented above makes you consider the idea that society may have thrown the baby out with the bathwater in creation of a progressive utopia where—against natural human instincts—everyone is forced into “equality.”

  • What behaviors did we do in the past that men and women found useful and fulfilling?
  • What new problems were created by denigrating or eliminating those behaviors?
  • How can the most useful roles of the past serve us in modern times?

These are all questions worth examining, because it’s becoming apparent that a blind embrace of theoretical or experimental doctrines we are forced to endure today are not a clear improvement of past human existence. Let’s look to that past to understand what we did right so we can live better in the present. It’s time to admit that some things were not broken, and that society has created bigger problems than the ones we started with. A re-embrace of traditional sex roles is the most logical, practical, and fair solution that we can employ.

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