Who programs the game? You? God? Cosmic accidents? Evolution and Jesus are all over the Internet’s “manosphere.” Middle aged married folks are mingling and bumping elbows with restless young cads. Why?

Nature, And Nature’s God

Will God have mercy on our souls? Or will Darwin have the last laugh? Just as the most successful alcoholic recovery program forces one to accept a higher power, the ignorance recovery program that is the Red Pill often forces a man to deal with ultimate metaphysical questions. Just as the concept of the alpha male is both illusory and quite real, metaphysics are both forever out of reach but indelibly present to the awakened male.

The nihilist (rogue) avoids this metaphysical confrontation. The blue piller (pawn) allows others to dictate his metaphysics to him. The virtuous man (warrior) studies metaphysics and realizes they are the source of ethics, and an unveiling of the code by which the game is programmed. Through metaphysical effort the player feels able to reprogram the game to some degree, or tap into the deepest secrets of the game which have been hidden from him by laziness, foolishness, feminists, or white knights. The program seemingly has a programmer, and confronting the programmer is a metaphysical experience. This is why so many in the community end up getting religion. They begin to realize that this is a massively multiplayer game, and there is much more at stake than getting the girl or the job. They suddenly realize that there is a game manual after all, and it’s called a Bible.


The final sphere of the warrior is government. Once he has understood the game, himself, the programmer, and the powers and principalities, he feels that politics are important. Alas, politics is the highest realm of applied masculine virtue. The majority of poli-lit consumers and news consumers are, and always have been men, while the majority of fashion and gossip subscribers are, and always have been women.

Politics and pickup mingle on some of the most influential game sites. And it turns out that reality has a conservative bias. Contrary to popular opinion, both Darwninan nature and God’s Creation are a real bitch, and there is no utopia in sight. There is no enlightenment, there is no equality, there are no human rights, there is no justice in this world. These things cannot be found under a microscope, and they are placed back in their proper metaphysical contexts where they belong by the red pill man. Confronting reality is the essence of what it means to be a masculine man. Confronting your neighbor’s reality is only the next logical progression. Religion often has a role in these matters.



Although the concept of nation is higher than the concept of family, the concept of a nation stems from the concept of the family; the clan; as well as religious values. Governments, businesses, and nations reflect upon the state of the family. This leads many men to conclude that government and family are closely intertwined, and leads them to take on fatherhood in order to build a legacy of his own.

Fatherhood affords a man a power that he cannot bring about on his own. He can raise his sons and daughters to reform the nation. He can build a house under his name. He can go to his grave knowing that he was perhaps a deciding blow in the war against the ugly lies. Taking up this calling in our modern times can be a nightmare if men are tossed aside for no reason and find themselves enslaved to their traitorous wives by a biased family court system, or have their businesses destroyed by a sniveling meddling bureaucrat. But the rewards can be uniquely satisfying; there are many men who go to their graves surrounded by loved ones who will proudly carry his colors into battle.

To someone who has never known such a feeling in their own dysfunctional families, it can be hard to imagine, but I promise you, it in fact exists. Not all married men end up in that endless pile of dead men filling the trenches of Earth. Because a man has taken this calling, or foolishly has found himself trapped in this situation, he finds game helpful. He observes from the shadows, lurking anonymously online behind his deadly enemy: the nihilist, the cad, the slut, the feminist, the mangina. He games his wife, his daughters, his mother, his employees, his customers. He learns to be both genuine and intentional about everything he emotes. He teaches his sons to identify danger, and forces his daughters to heed his directions. He protects his own, and betters himself, progressing as a man, developing abilities he probably didn’t get from his own father since his mother unilaterally kicked father out of his home and replaced him with a strange biker drummer dude, or since his father was just another feminized neck bearded sniveling milk sop. He comes to learn that all of life is in fact a game which we play for keeps.

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