In our age of progressiveness and modernity the pinnacle of open mindedness is seen as a fancy piece of paper saying one is educated. A degree has become just a continuation of high school, and like high school is just as useless in giving anyone knowledge in the real world. Men are shamed from doing traditional man’s work like manual labor or a trade. Women on the other hand are being shamed out of early marriage and other life-paths which maximize their innate strengths.

Women, like men, are told that they are worthless if they follow their natural drives. Blue collar men are mocked and are portrayed as lecherous, beer swilling, rednecks. Mothers are seen as little more than servants. The campaign against women is much more effective as it manipulates women through their core insecurities. Women have completely bought into this lie and are attending in numbers at ever increasing rates. On paper this sounds like a good trend, but it is far from the truth and the more women that attend higher education will mean more unhappy women.

1. They Don’t Really Want It

Women are essentially shamed into attending university. They’re pressured by parents and by society who both fear that if she does not become educated she will be a failure in life. Women are told that their happiness can only stem from spending four years regurgitating the viewpoints of biased professors, then building a career which pays well. They need a career that pays well so that they can buy the nice house with a two car garage, pay for the two weeks vacation, and eventually save for retirement. Women don’t really want this life path and they know it, but if they do not follow it they risk being ostracized by society for following their nature.

Ladies, ask yourself this, is that what you really want? Do you want to live this lie? Do you want to fight every day for someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart? To sacrifice your precious youth so that you can submit to a corporation instead of a husband?

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2. They Become Belligerent And Argumentative

Most women don’t really want to be a full time student in the best years of their lives so once they have bought the lie they buy it on sale. They take the easy way out by studying sociology, English, or ‘women’s studies.’ The professors in these faculties are extremely biased towards feminist theory. The end product of years of cognitive dissonance, old cat-lady professors will do their best to manipulate impressionable young women into hating everything that they hate.

The gnawing sense of “this isn’t right for me” women have in their first years of university will almost be entirely silenced by the time they declare themselves a feminist. They learn the right things to say and when. They blame men for all their problems and by the end of their degree they are certified, professional, victims. With no solutions whatsoever.


It’s sad. If they had just listened to what mother nature was telling them: to marry young, have children and love to be lead by a man she would be so much happier, but by the time she is 22 the “educated” woman is broken. She is argumentative and belligerent. She will latch on to the party-approved viewpoints to gain the acceptance of the larger society. She will be unhappy.

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3. Sluts

The large portion of damaged women higher education produces is the feminist type. The second largest group of women damaged by higher education would have to be the party sluts. The feminists can also be party sluts, but historically these girls are often better looking and much better off going into school. Daddy pays for their degree in communications, and she gets an education in the language of blowjobs.

Having been taught all their lives that they should strive to achieve the same as men can, they seek to act the same way men can. These party sluts spend more time drinking and fucking than they do trying to better themselves through an education. More often than not these girls drop out after having unprotected sex with 100 men. Knowing no other life they party hard until their 30s where they hit the wall and their true desires finally bubble up through a sea of alcohol: they want children and a husband. However, it is too late, the party lifestyle has ruined their appearance, their minds and their wombs are barren. Just like the young women indoctrinated by feminism the party slut will continue the cycle and will seek to damage younger women they come across.

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All this being said there is a positive outcome for some women. Some women find themselves a husband and follow their true desires. Other women have commendable passion in a certain field and deserve far more praise than her less enthusiastic sisters. These women are usually STEM majors. They want to be a doctor because they love people, they want to challenge the dogmas of sociology, or revolutionize data manipulation in genetics. Sadly these types of women are few and far between, overshadowed by the majority of women who are shamed into being there; who ruin themselves either with toxic ideologies or years of self-destructive sluttery.

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