I have noticed quite a bit of women and quite a few men are always bitching with the meme that “all men are just after sex”. After hearing it for the billionth time and in an increasingly nasal and annoying voice, I decided to look deeper into this concept. What I have discovered is that sex is pretty much the only thing most women bring to a relationship in today’s modern society. If a man wants a woman for something other than sex; he is going to have trouble finding one that will offer something besides that. That is unless he is just looking to be used and abused. I have a story I would like to share.

Nicholas and Rebecca

Nicholas was a young man with a good job. He just recently got out of the Army and moved to a new city. His experience in the military has enlightened him on many things. His relationship with Rebecca though enlightened him even more. He met Rebecca at a nightclub and they hit it off. After the requisite two dates, he got it in.

Strong and Independent?

Rebecca was a perpetual college student/barista at the local coffee shop. In between classes and work, she lived in an apartment with two other woman who also worked at the coffee shop. Her life consisted of going to the club, going to work, and when she wasn’t on academic probation, going to class. All while doing this she espoused the modern woman lifestyle of being strong and independent.

This strong and independent meme should have been a warning to old Nicholas, but he was young and had much to learn. Over time Rebecca started spending the night at his house. First it was a toothbrush in his bathroom, then somehow her shampoo and conditioner ended up in his shower. He thought it was neat to have a “live in fun box” but over time he began to see different.

The Parasite Moves In

The details are fuzzy but somehow she was able to obtain the key to his house. I guess old Nicholas thought he’s taking his relationship to the next level. He made a mistake when he asked her to chip in with expenses. She brushed it off with the reply that she lived in her own place that costs her money. This kind of upset Nicholas, but Nicholas is a patient man and evaluates things thoroughly.


One day Nicholas received a text from Rebecca telling him to pick up some Pinot Grigio on his way home from work. When he asked why, she told him that she was having some friends over his house for a night of entertainment. The sparked Nicholas’s curiosity because Rebecca never did any cooking for him so he arrived home he found that she cooked some pizza  and various other foods for her friends while they were watching some silly show on TV. Her justification for using his houses have had a very nice TV compared to what she had. Nicholas being the smart man that he is s, realized he’s in some trouble. He realized this woman brought only was between her legs to the relationship.

So what did Nicholas do? Well first off he stopped having sex with her entirely and then waited two months to ensure she cannot use the  “I am pregnant excuse” to get back in his life. Even though Rebecca did notice his lack of intimacy during this time, her critical thinking skills failed her. Nicholas knew the relationship was over so he decided to use this as a data gathering exercise. He asked her probing questions. He asked why she was eats his food but never goes grocery shopping for his house. He asked why her dirty clothes never get picked up off the floor. He asked her why she had the audacity to change the playlist on his iPod in his living room. The only answer he ever got this she’s a strong independent woman and that is not the dark ages.

Problem Solved

As I said earlier Nicholas spent some time in the Army and so has the ability to be cold as ice when necessary. So one day he changed the locks on his house, changed his phone number, and informed his employer that he was ending a relationship with an “altered mental status woman”. He then texted Rebecca that it wasn’t working out from his old phone number. Then he shut down the number. For the next two weeks he dealt with harassment from Rebecca and her friends but was pretty low level considering the dastardly things people do these days and now he knows better.  Rebecca probably never realized that all she brought to the relationship was  her vagina.

What should you take away from this story? Any relationship that you have that goes beyond a one night stand, she should be offering up something else besides her vagina. Smart men will not let a woman parasite off him. If she’s unwilling to cook and clean and maintain his household he should not waste his time with her and  should revoke her squatter status in his realm.

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