After a careful reading of Bang Colombia I have further recommendations for Bogota, the only city I’ve lived in. I grew up here and am familiar with everything there is to know about this city.

The first thing you will need to understand is that, unlike the United States, Colombia is not a racist country, but a classist one. Social stratification is embedded in this society thanks to years of the upper class controlling everything from politics and business to government. Therefore, upon your arrival to Bogota, it will be immediately evident to you that there are two Bogotas, one for the rich and one for the poor. You should also know that there is a direct correlation between social class and beauty, for reasons that I still don’t know.

To be more clear I will divide Bogota’s girls into 5 tiers…

Tier 1

This tier denotes girls from very low class and low education. They are low quality. These girls wont be seen unless you venture into the depths of the slums, in which case you also won’t ever be seen again.

Tier II

Tier II girls usually have some sort of education, probably of the technical kind, with low enough resources that she won’t be worried more about fucking than about surviving. Don’t waste your time with them.

Tier III

The next type of girl is a very interesting kind, and the type of girls you will see most of the time. They’re your typical middle class girl, Tier III. Most of them are university students. They party a lot, study a lot more, and are mostly DTF.

The average Colombian girl doesn’t have a whole lot to say, most likely due to limited experiences of living at home with her parents her entire life” (page 18, Roosh).

This is spot on, and it is important to understand that Tier III girls are divided into two bunches, the ones that have traveled and the ones who haven’t.

Most of Tier III girls have been to Miami. For some reason she may think that her very limited traveling experience makes her better than the untraveled Tier III, so she may try to display some sort of cockiness. Remember these girls have been brought up in comfortable households, went to private schools, were fairly well educated, and might have the wrong idea that what they have to say actually matters. You should crush them. Display all of your traveling experience, professional and linguistic abilities. If this type of girl believes for a second that you are a loser, her pussy will dry out and you will lose all access to it.

Another incentive of going for Tier III girls in Colombia is that they have more free time for themselves, since most of them don’t have to work and study. This means more time to spend at the gym. Tier III also means enough resources so that she can actually afford a gym. This can also be bad news, since better make-up and clothing combined with the bad lighting of bars can make a 6 look like and 8. Be weary of this.

Tier IV

Lets move on to my favorite type of Colombian girls, Tier IV. These girls have reached this social tier by way of economic status or sheer beauty and thanks to their family money, they have been able to afford an international education. They often know at least two or three languages, are cocky, think they know it all, and think they are hot, but worst of all they know their value is high. If you are a fairly good looking fellow and are foreign you will be immediately accepted into this Tier, but need to be in the right place at the right time.

Tier V

These are the unicorns, the girls who belong to the top of Colombian society. They have access to private drivers and country clubs. They will be part of the ruling class of the country in a few years and are absolutely out of your league unless you belong to the equivalent social class in your home country, which I highly doubt. These are girls who are here by economic status and for sheer beauty. In the latter case, the girls who’ve moved from Tiers I-IV to Tier V project amazing confidence and might even intimidate you. Do not fall for it. For some reason only known to Satan they have kept their insecurities deep within. It might take you longer to crack them, but you will nonetheless do so.


The ones that are in this tier by economic status will not be as easy to crack. There is no formula to do so and has to be done with time, money, and patience. Don’t bother anyway, because you will most likely never see these girls as they don’t usually go to places where they will be mixed among commoners such as yourself.

Game Advice

The advice of Bang Colombia on game, especially for day game, is beautifully set up and perfectly executed. I have nothing else to add to it. I do however have one commentary on night game: be careful with your sarcasm. She might not get it. Keep it basic or she will lose interest due to lack of understanding.

We will now explore a topic presented in the book:

Because Colombian girls are extremely flakey (for reasons I don’t completely understand), were going to hit her with an additional cocky line that helps commit her to the pick-up. “So what qualities do you have which make me want to get to know you better?” (page 35)

I cannot stress enough how important this step is in order to nail any Colombian girl. This doesn’t only apply to girls from Bogota but from everywhere in the country. It’s an extremely important question because it presents a challenge to her and forces her to pursue approval. Ultimately it shakes her confidence.

Colombian girls are indeed flakey. Yes, all of them, but to differing degrees which depend on social status. Tier III girls are easier to impress while Tier IV girls aren’t so easy. Moreover, the book stresses that kisses are hard to get in the first night. I have never had trouble with that. I have found it easy to get a full on make out session, but banging her is a completely different story.

When it’s time to approach, locate your target, such as a group of girls sitting at the pub. This works better if you have a wingman. Sit by the girls and start a conversation with your wingman in your native language. If it’s English they will most likely talk to you and if it isn’t then they will ask what language it is and where you are from. From there you can’t mess it up and if you do you are an idiot.

If they show no interest try to get a local to run game with you (or the one in the group who has the best Spanish). Having him hype you up should do it, but if not then go back to your hostel and hang yourself from the ceiling.

The book talks about of the importance of dancing. It is completely true that Colombian girls love dancing, a convenience that foreigners can use to their advantage. Whenever she says she wants to dance, do it. Otherwise another guy will sweep her away. There is nothing that turns a Colombian girl on more than a good dancer. You should dance even if you are not a good dancer. Make her smile and keep her attention on you. If you want to play it safe, stick to reggaeton clubs. It’s like dancing hip-hop—just grind yourself silly. This is true for ALL tiers.

Finally, I wanted to address this quote:

Catholic influence may cause them to put up ball-busting resistance when it comes time to taking off clothing. There’s no culture specific trick to breaking them does simply do what you normally do and understand that it may take a few extra minutes in the end, Colombian girls want to fuck just as bad as any other girl, especially when they’re in your bedroom” (Roosh, page 44).

It is important to understand that Colombia is a De Jure catholic country, however De Facto it is pretty secular. The advice is clear—just keep your game tight and wait it out. If you do everything right and follow the steps in the book you will have no problem.

As a Colombian man I recommend you read the book. Someone did the job for you, so simply follow the instructions. Colombian girls are a challenge to crack for a foreigner but once you do you will be a very happy man.

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