Unlikely and Non Traditional Combatants

On January 18, 2014 a young woman was beaten on the street outside a nightclub. Annie Kim Pham was attacked by a group of women outside The Crosby in Santa Ana California. She was taken off life support and died on January 28th 2014. She was 23.

Informative Quotes

After becoming aware of this tragedy, I have noticed this case may be a harbinger of things to come in this new modern world we live in. What first drew my attention was that nobody intervened to stop this fatal attack. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the usual social justice warriors have nothing to say about it aside from criticisms of alcohol over-consumption. I’ve also noticed in the comment sections of various newspapers is that some people have just now become aware of what the world truly is. Allow me to show you the highlights of what I have discovered.

“We don’t see this as a hate crime or anything of that nature,” Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido said.

From what I have read in the Los Angeles Times, the victim in the case was Vietnamese-American and the alleged perpetrators were Hispanic. If this is true, the victim identity politics industry will have a tough time spinning this. I have noticed that due to the lack of the traditional scapegoat, this news story is not is getting as much traction as I thought it would.

“It breaks my heart that five people attacked one young woman and that certain people watched and didn’t try to stop it,” said Councilwoman Michele Martinez.

“We don’t want people to think it’s not a safe place to visit,” Martinez said.


In this day and age of civil liability and the demonization of men, only an ignorant man would engage a woman to defend another woman from physical violence especially one that is not related to him in such a public venue. As for thinking the area is safe, I’ll have to disagree with Councilwoman Martinez. When someone literally got beaten to death on the street in that area, that’s a pretty good indicator that it is dangerous place.

According to her uncle Eric Doan, Annie Kim Pham was a graduate of Chapman University where she studied psychology. I found this interesting as this university is known to be “progressive”. Further research will find out if they taught her things that led to a misconception on how the world is.

One of the defense attorneys in this case has already started to make statements. According to the Los Angeles Times:

“Nationally, Ms. Zavala has been vilified and the poor lady that died has basically become a saint,” Molfetta said. “I’m sure she was a lovely woman and had a great future ahead of her, but Ms. Zavala is a good woman too.”

Another issue that was brought up that is pure speculation is that her ex-boyfriend was at the club with her and didn’t render aid in her time of need. This became really interesting to me when I found out she has been married for a year to Giang Ngokhanh. I found no mention in the news that this gentleman was at the club with her though.

Preliminary Conclusion

This case in its infancy is quite compelling and I will further research it . The reality that men will no longer intervene is huge. This instance doesn’t fit the typical news media narrative but still got attention.  I will follow this case can report back with new developments as it progresses. To be continued…

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