There is no denying that western people are inflating. In North America, over 50% of the population is overweight, which means that their body mass is such that it might pose a health risk. The cost of health care is going up while the available resources are going down. There is an epidemic and if nobody finds a solution to it, the economy might go towards a slow painful death.

Many have tried to find a cure. There are a million books on the subject with a new exercise program or diet every year, and the truth is these books are centered on the same old and only way to lose body fat: good dieting and exercising. But the elephant in the room is being ignored. The real reason they fail is because there has always been a simple lack of motivation for overweight people to go through all these changes and maintain them. It’s time to change that now.

Enter this new revolutionary health campaign to convince fat people to lose weight: send your extra calories to Africa.  Save the children.

The math

There are roughly 500 million people in North America of which 250 million are obese. Let’s grossly estimate they have on average 25 pounds of extra fat. There are 9 calories per gram of fat and 454 grams per pounds, so 25 pounds x 454 grams x 9 calories = 102 150 accumulated calories per big person. If we estimate that a child needs between 1000 and 1200 calories a day, then the extra body rolls of one obese American could have fed one African child for three months. Indeed, according to, 5 million children from all over the world die each year from malnutrition, of which about 1.25 million are Africans. Therefore, 250 million of overweight Americans  and Canadians eating huge excess of calories yearly could easily feed these children, plus a lot more, considering that not all excess of calories are stocked in the body.

In fact, they could feed and sustain everybody down there. There are about 239 millions of starving people in Africa if we include adults, which is less than the total number of overweight people in North America. The other way to approach the situation is to realize that the average American eats about 4000 calories a day, which is an extra 2000 unnecessary calories that could feed an entire other human being. If we add the numbers, the 250 millions of overweight people could use their extra calories to feed the 239 millions of starving Africans just from their excessive eating. Isn’t that shocking?

Of course, the enemies of wisdom don’t want you to hear this kind of truth. The information is distorted and buried by the fat acceptance movement who claims there is nothing wrong with being fat. They spin it with their fatalism and try to convince us that obese people are huge due to a genetic illness or that it’s not their fault, it’s just someone else’s fault. They also pretend that only their appearance is being judged, in an attempt to make critics look superficial, while their laziness and selfishness are also in question.

While I don’t advocate attacking fat people personally, it’s another thing for society to tell them being fat is not a problem, that big is beautiful and that the only thing they need to do about it is learning to accept themselves as they are. If society keeps this misinformation up and running, they will never change, and the next stage of delusion will be them being proud of something they shouldn’t be proud of.

Take a good moment to assess the ampleur of their extreme privilege when they parade and demand society for their right to be fat and accepted. People around the world can see them on TV and on the Internet, and millions of those people are preoccupied with whether they will have a job and a salary tomorrow morning. When these people get down on the streets, it’s to militate for freedom of speech or access to food and water. They can see these fat American women flaunting their flesh around proudly and loudly like an accomplishment, while parents who watch them might not even have enough to feed their own children.



Complains she is a victim and demands society to accept her gluttony. It’s not her fault if she has so much food available and can’t stop eating it.


Works all day to ensure her children have enough food. Does not complain. Might even smile more than western women.

Obese people, every time you put ice cream in your mouth, remember that a child is dying in the dirt waiting for food that will never come. So, you need a good reason to lose weight? Finally you have a motivation to do so. If you can’t do it for the sake of your own health, for your appearance or for lowering the burden on the health system, then at last you can be a hero and do it for the children. Stop eating excessively now, and take the money you would have used to buy your extra chips, doughnuts, cookies, chocolate or cupcakes and donate it to African children. You will feel great about it, and you can repeat the good deed every year for the rest of your life. It’s a miracle: you will be cured of your obesity disease and at the same time you will save others.

As for the fat acceptance lobbyists, think for a second about your actions and your responsibilities towards society. If you took all your energy, effort and resources away from trying to convince people to eat everything they want and invested it into encouraging them to donate instead, not only would you eradicate obesity in America, but you would also save Africa. You would be deemed geniuses for that idea and be saluted for it instead of being seen as over privileged western buffoons. I urge you to encourage your peers to generosity and charity instead of selfishness and gourmandism. Together we can. If only 0.5% of overweight people participated every year, all the African children would be saved. Donate your extra calories now.


Sick by choice


Sick without choice

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