Three years ago I ended up at a male strip club in Vegas. I will spare you guys the details of why it came about, but it was in support of a cause. Myself and my three friends were the only males inside this room of sexually charged up females. So we are talking an actual ratio of 1:25 if not more.

When the show ended, something amazing happened. Girls, and attractive ones, started lining up to come talk to us. They initiated conversations. They offered their numbers. All we did was just stand there.

The above is an extreme example of supply vs. demand at work. A basic tenet of economics, it has a serious impact on your sex life by directly influencing your interactions with women. To those unfamiliar with the concept:

So we have supply, which is how much of something you have, and demand, which is how much of something people want. Put the two together, and you have supply and demand.

Now, how do you show the relationship between the two? One way is to use the price of something. Generally speaking, the price of something will go up if the demand goes up. Why? Because the seller thinks he or she can get more money for whatever he or she is selling…

And this last sentence is the key to how this translates over to the sexual marketplace. This past year I lived in several very different environments, both abroad and within state lines. I will exclude my time in Russia and Ukraine from this observational article because the novelty of being an American there throws a variable into the mix that skews the supply vs. demand analysis.

So what we have left is my time in Los Angeles versus New York. I am the same person in both states, and have the same objective value. Yet my relative value was completely different.

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the supply of eligible single men is quite high. On any given day, a girl can have her pick of an endless sea of suitors whether it be online, on the streets, or at a bar. Conversely, the amount of feminine, thin, and likable girls is very slim for the man looking to interact with the aforementioned female. Thus, there is a high demand for such quality girls.

Admittedly, upon returning from three months in Russia and Ukraine I hardly wanted to deal with an American girl. But a man has to eat so I would put on my shoes and head out into the wild, be it bars and clubs, online dating, etc.

One Saturday night I went out with a few friends to a trendy bar. Two girls were standing by the bar, let’s say 7s. Two guys were talking to them and clearly trying to hit on them. Behind those two guys, were two other guys waiting their turn. It was a moment of realization for me, pure clarity. This is why the girls in Los Angeles are so delusional. The demand for a cute girl is so high that guys are literally lining up to speak to them.

This serves as a clear example of supply vs. demand. There was an excess of guys (supply) waiting to approach the few cute 7s  in the bar (demand).  Needless to say both sets got blown out, as the girls now believe—and can you really even fault them—that their value is so high that only the best of the best should grace their vaginas.

Another time I helped a friend approach two girls. I was just trying to entertain the ugly one to give him some time to work on his girl. Mine was a 6 on her best day on Earth. Yet she wouldn’t even recognize my existence and stormed away after 30 seconds to punish me for trying to talk to her. Again, I was in Los Angeles where the supply vs. demand balance turned heavily in her favor.


So I pretty much wrote nightlife off. I had a few girls in rotation and just stuck with that. Even they were delusional, but with appropriate game their absurdities were kept in check.

* Note: The one exception in Los Angeles is if you have power in the entertainment field. In this world, the supply of willing actresses is so high compared to the powers that be (agents, producers, etc.) that it substantially reverses the playing field.

New York City

Can changing one metropolis for another yield an entirely different sexual dynamic? The answer is a resounding yes. Off the bat I will acknowledge there are many factors that make NYC a wonderful place to game. Logistics being #1 and closing time being #2. That said, I go back to the supply vs. demand principle.

Bars and clubs, not to mentions restaurants, cafés, and streets are just overwhelmed with girls. I walked into a bar one night and, I’ll never forget this, there were without exaggeration 20 girls in a row sitting at the bar without a single penis in between. You go online and there is an endless sea of prospects. Better looking prospects too.

Essentially, the scale is flipped in New York compared to Los Angeles. There is an incredible amount of supply (available women), rendering the competition for males higher (demand). So how does this translate into your interactions with them?

Cockblocking: Girls here just don’t cockblock. Sure there are exceptions, but numerous times girls just leave their friends with you. Multiple times we’ve had one girl say to the other, “Hey I’m going home have fun” and just leave her friend with me or another buddy. The few times I’ve had a girl cockblock, my target just brushed them off and said leave me alone.

Why? Perhaps the jealous friend thinks if her friend is now occupied, she has one less person to compete with her for the low (relative) supply of men. And the target of the cockblock will more readily tell her friends to go fuck themselves because she knows opportunities are slim to meet quality gentlemen.

The Pursuit: This is the most stark difference. Here girls are the aggressors. They tell me to take their number more than I have to ask for it. They text to confirm dates. I have to find ways to exit conversations. They text me the day after dates. They reinitiate conversations after a day or two of silence. Sure this goes on in LA too, but it is the exception rather than the rule.

Why? I may be off here but the sample size is too large to ignore. While I still get the flakes, it is severely reduced. To me it stems from the fact that they know they are easily replaceable—act now or lose the guy forever. In this market, there is an endless supply just like them.

Macro vs. Micro Application

Though not a direct analogy with the macro vs. micro economics analysis, one does not have to uproot his city to sway the balance of supply and demand. Go to the bar that has more girls than guys. Attend functions that are women heavy – dance or yoga classes, cooking, and so on.There are ways to increase your value simply by inserting yourself in an environment where there are fewer of you.

That said, if you have the ability to do it on a macro level, do yourself a favor and do so. It’s quite refreshing to have girls ready, willing, and desiring to be hit on by you on a consistent basis.

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