We live in an age where everyone is connected. It merely takes a few keystrokes, a click, and a scroll to get the low-down on someone’s life, interests, location, education and job history, contact information, people they hang out with, places they go, and generally the type of person they are. This can all be done without ever having to meet a person or speak to him at all. You no longer have to spend time with people to understand them or see what their true wants and desires are.

The kind of media people consume is often very telling of their aspirations and inclinations. I find that observing the kinds of books, movies, or TV shows a person enjoys is often an indication of the individual’s inner propensities and view of one’s self and the world around him. You can draw conclusions about a person’s emotional state, self-esteem, self-consciousness, world views, and a number of other cues about an individual by what the person chooses to absorb into the meat between the ears.

I casually dated a girl off and on for 6 months a couple of years back. She was an unscrupulous, flaky, opportunistic, selfish, masculine, and generally very textbook American 20-something female who we all know and love. Tons of tattoos and piercings, #singlegirlproblems, being single and trying to “find herself,” at the bars every weekend riding the carousel, loves cats too much, abruptly chopped all of her beautiful hair off, etc. She was a solid 8 before she cut her hair like a little boy and started to gain weight after her and I parted ways, but I digress. During our tenure, she added her Netflix account to my Playstation 3 and never changed her password or bothered to remove my device from her account. I enjoyed free Netflix steaming for well over a year and a half. Thanks.


We are talking about a typical single American girl living in an apartment with 1-3 other typical single American girls all in their mid-20’s. Needless to say, between the booze, dick, and drama, they watched a decent amount of garbage on Netflix. I was able to glean candid information on these girls’ interests, desires, and mentality from the content of their “Recently Watched” list, as well as the categories and projected ratings that would pop up. The bulk of this data can be lumped into three primary categories.

Sexually Deviant Movies and Documentaries

This honestly made up the majority of recently watched and recommended titles. Countless documentaries about porn, prostitution, sexual fetishes, obscure and graphic gay and lesbian movies, etc. It was abundant. The dashboard was rife with “Raunchy Gay & Lesbian Films,” “Women & Sex,” so on and so forth. I was blown away by how interested these girls were in the degenerate underbelly of the sex industry and stories of shameless promiscuity and indignity.

From this it was obvious what these sluts had on their minds. A case of narcissistic, emasculated, debaucherous girls unable to get or keep a good man around (generally by choice) starting the “Sex and the City” lifestyle early. I learned that a small group of average white single American girls, who grew up in nice neighborhoods with good families, cared far more about sex than romance. I hardly ever saw a romantic comedy or critically acclaimed tear-jerker on there.

These girls were independent and sucking up the indoctrinated feminist life-style just as they have been programmed too. All of them in and out of community college chasing worthless degrees in fruitless and unprofitable majors as they try to “find themselves.” Out partying and bar-hopping, bouncing from dick to dick, living life in the fast lane of a dead-end highway with the wall fast approaching. entitled, shallow, and shameless.


But wait, it gets more stereotypical…

Rape/Victim/Independent-Female Lead Movies

A close second on the list of frequented movie genres that these uncouth thirsty broads would eat up was movies about independent females being victimized. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” “Last House on the Left,” “I Spit On Your Grave,” the list goes on. An obvious tell of submissive and domination complexs. Of course these women get off on rape fantasy and jarringly violent sexual encounters – and what strong, independent, I’m-a-tough-bitch-and-proud girl doesn’t enjoy tails of masculine female heroism and revenge?

These are movies where women get to have their cake and eat it too. They get to live out brutal domination or rape fantasies and simultaneously experience enacting a vendetta on all the men that they feel “took advantage” of them so they can feel powerful, self-reliant, and socially immune.


This tells me that single women want to be fucked raw and treated like filth by bad-boy miscreants, but they also want to make these men suffer for not showing them respect and honoring their strength and independence. These stories are relatable to American women because rape culture, female independence, and the image of strength-through-adversity in women is huge in narcissistic Western culture. These movies are always about some woman being alone, often times under some form of emotional duress – like most American women.

Trashy Reality TV

“Teen Mom,” “16 and Pregnant,” and that whole bit, peppered with “Family Guy” and other staples of shallow American television. This sort of thing is obviously not surprising in the least. Contrived drama to satiate their desires for surface level emotional stimuli. These women are damaged goods and thrive off of the negative energy of seeing disgusting people making poor life decisions and getting into shit so they feel better about their own lives.


Women love this garbage. Immature conflict they can criticize in contrast to their own lives to feed the ego. Couple this with a steady stream of attention-whoring Facebook posts and pictures of them and their friends drinking and looking empowered, and you have a potent cocktail of self-validation and feigned independence.

Rough sex, independence, and drama. This is the steady diet of today’s American woman. It goes without saying that the supplied media is right in line with current social norms – this is a catch 22 paradox. Are women watching this stuff because the underlying ideology is pushed on them, or is this content popular because it is what women want to watch these days? Likely a steady mix of both. The American media machine is well-oiled and meticulously designed to pluck the strings of the sociopolitical instrument.

She has since changed her Netflix password so I was obligated to breakdown and pay the $7.99/month for my own. As far as I know, the rampant narcissism, you-go-girlism, attention-whoring, actual-whoring, and consumption of audiovisual tripe still goes on in that apartment, as it does in countless other dwellings of white, middle-class female 20-somethings. Bears still shit in the woods and sloots still gonna sloot, as they say.

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