During the past 40 years, raising children has dramatically changed. Girls are told to play with action figures and boys are encouraged to brush Barbies.  Boys will hear “express your feelings,” “don’t hold it inside,” “talk about your problems,” and “be emphatic.” They are no longer told to be tough, not complain, and take action instead.

In an effort to make boys “better,” public education, media, and pop culture have instructed mothers to make their sons more feminine. But is it really better for them and for society as a whole? Since the point has been made previously that goofy effeminate men don’t fare well in love and sex, let’s examine the issue through the other most important dimension of a man’s life: work.

Indeed, holding an important position in society always demands you to perform under pressure. Lawyers, judges, scientists, athletes, soldiers, businessmen all need to be gracious in the face of adversity. One major aspect of these jobs is to produce great results under difficult conditions. Consequently, how many of you have, right before a task with high stakes, found the brain inventing all sorts of contrived rationalizations to avoid work? Fear, anxiety and doubt will fill your body and make you reconsider your decisions, sometimes prompting you to find sudden great interest in pondering the meaning of life, right in the middle of an extremely difficult challenge.

In those situations, your confidence might vanish and your despair could greatly affect your performance. However, men were traditionally taught from a very early age to not let themselves be overcome by those feelings and emotions. They learned to suck it up, to go against them and to act upon them anyway. That wasn’t achieved through sensitivity training or by considering the so great importance of inclusive language.  It was done by developing willpower and courage, by going through hardship over and over again to gain the necessary confidence to face greater obstacles. It was first taught vigorously by the fathers, then further honed and polished by the timely shaming and punishment from peers of any display of bitchy behaviors, such as crying or complaining in the heat of action. Our ancestors did not know evolutionary psychology, but they knew from experience and wisdom that being emotional when performance is needed is a recipe for disaster.


This man does not operate with his emotions

Another important psychological aspect of modern work is the constant pressure it puts on your morals. Men have to cope with constant temptations stemming from the adversarial nature of the workplaces. They have to make the right choices and avoid opportunities of advancements that cost them their integrity. Corrupting money offers, sexual advances from secretaries with big tetas, disingenuous friendship displays from coworkers who want your spot, and the seductive allure granted by spurious job titles are a few examples.


Your enemies, who may be working right by your side, may attempt to backstab you during coffee break hours and destabilize you in meetings by making you emotive. In fact, subtle shit talking, taunting and bullshitting, common skills that trump most college degrees in an office environment, are psychological attacks that aim to incite an emotion or feeling in the target. If a man is easily read and easily swayed, he will be unable to effectively exert his influence upon his peers. He will be manipulated by bimbos and toyed with by phony leaders who speak managerial nonsense. He will make constant faux pas in public by not being in control of his emotions and will be at the mercy of vultures who smell easy prey.


This is the face pink men make when they go home to their wives

Those men who are truly successful in every sphere of their existence are those who can rapidly place little importance in their feelings and emotions when the situation warrants it. In fact, men spend all their life bettering that skill.  Boxers and mixed martial artists often speak about the importance of not letting any personal feelings join the ring with them, for they could dramatically affect their performance. Most great martial artists spend dozens of years practicing meditation to be above and in control of their primal instincts. Police officers, disrespected and taunted on a daily basis, learn quickly to not take the spits from the crass populace personally.

What feminists dumbly – or purposefully – mistake for “emotional suppression” is, in reality, emotional mastery and stoicism. It’s the ability to be scared and still do what you have to do, with great results. It’s being able to feel compassion for people yet still be righteous and possibly instill hatred in them. It’s having the necessary distance from your sentiments to make critical and objective decisions, not only for yourself but for everyone else involved. Yet, in a massive social and political campaign to eliminate the misunderstood strong silent type, feminists have destroyed the foundation of masculinity to replace it with dysfunctional and bogus gender neutral horse manure.


This man can’t be manipulated or controlled

Alas, modern education teaches boys that it’s more important to feel, to experience and to communicate their emotions, to pay attention to them and give them importance, when those sentiments should instead be tamed like a wild beast. How many of the feminist authors of these Sunday afternoon theories had any deep understanding of how men function? Emotional mastery doesn’t happen by mistake, by just living and growing older. A constant effort is required. It is first enabled by a collective understanding of what makes a man a man, then maintained by peer pressure to shame behaviors that don’t conform to this understanding.

By applying feel good, lazy unproven feminist theories that contradict hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and folk wisdom, parents prevent their boys practicing and acquiring the necessary self-control to be successful men. An upbringing that teaches them to marinate in emotional states will cripple them and prevent them from becoming adults. It’s no wonder that many boys linger in mental adolescence as long as possible to avoid life challenges that seem unbeatable given their stunted growth. They hide in their basement to play video games only to become unwanted failures.

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