The modern man has many options when it comes to managing his relations with women. He can strive for a series of one-night stands. He can maintain a main girl who sniffs out threesomes for him. Once he gets into his 30s he might be interested in mini-relationships. If there’s a main girl that brings him happiness, he might keep her around and have affairs on the side.

Whatever a man decides for his dating life, it’s important that he understand how to manage women. This is especially true for any longer term relationship whether it’s 3 months or 3 years.

There really is no better way to say it: treat women like pets. The sweetest girl on earth will eventually act up. She’ll make ridiculous demands. She’ll become jealous, start trying to manage your time and keep tabs on you. She may even start making financial demands, hinting that there are things she wants you to buy for her.

You can equate all of these things to a dog or cat shitting on your carpet. Would you tolerate that? No, and if you did that makes you a terrible pet owner. You would not tolerate your pets destroying your furniture, defecating in the house, begging for food, whining, or any other annoying behavior. You would reprimand the pet, with a simple swap at their behind or on the nose with a firm, “No”.

Well, the days of smacking a woman are mostly over (unless she really asks for it), but fortunately there are other ways of reprimanding your woman. How you communicate is of utmost importance.

You must be firm and unyielding, because like a small child or unruly pet, she will attempt to push her boundaries. The sooner and firmer you hold your ground and lay down the law, the better. The enforcement comes from the threat of you leaving her at the drop of a hat. Feminine women naturally seek the approval of a dominant male, and if you are constantly one foot out the door, she will work to keep your attention.

The harder you are on your woman, the better trained she will be, and the more pleasure she will bring you (and herself). Occasionally she may slip, have one drink too many, and become loud and annoying. Maybe she’ll do your laundry but in a moment of laziness, decide not to match and fold your socks. Or maybe she’ll try to reprimand you for not being nicer to her friends. It’s up to your discretion whether or not you want to say something in these cases, but in my experience it’s better to always speak up, no matter how minor her offense:


“Don’t ever get that drunk in front of me ever again. When you’re drunk, you get loud and obnoxious, and it’s very unattractive to me. You’re an adult, and you should be more than capable of maintaining your alcohol intake.”

“You know, if you’re going to do my laundry, you should pair and fold my socks next time. I don’t take you out to any half-assed dates, so you shouldn’t half-ass anything either.”

“It’s enough that I’ve decided to keep you around as much as I have, the last thing I need to do is worry about your friends’ feelings. If they don’t like it, fuck em, and don’t bother me with these inconsequential matters.”

Think I’m kidding? Watch her expression next time you say something like this. Her vagina will literally burst into flames. There’s an entire generation of women out there that are sick of beta doormats that provide zero challenge or structure. Feminine women want structure in their life, they want a man to give them direction. And all women, in some sick, twisted way, want just a little bit of abuse. They thrive on the drama and friction the occasional burst of male anger brings them.

And if your woman doesn’t respond well to your dominance, again, think about being a pet-owner. If you had a dog that simply did NOT respond to training, that was rabid, that bit people left and right, you would put it down, right? If you had a dog that constantly required a short leash and would run off every chance it got, what would you do? You’d probably let the stupid thing go. The same treatment applies to women: if they don’t respond to your dominant demeanor, let them go. They are absolutely not worth keeping as a pet.

The truly undomesticated women that have zero potential as a pet are only worth fucking, using her as a cum receptacle, and then passing off for the next male to have his way with her. They will never make any man happy, and will not make themselves happy either, as they are too stupid and undisciplined to have a master that takes care of them.

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