By now I’m sure most of you have either heard this phrase or said it to yourself many many times before:

If only I could go back in time with the knowledge I have now…

But how much different would it really be? How much more success could you really have? Over the holidays I got a glimpse of what it would be like to be “aware” when I was much younger.

I spent a few nights going out with a forum member who was only 20 years old. He was not a natural, but a person who exposed himself to the manosphere and became red pill a few years ago. He put in a lot of time and effort to both study game and to better himself as a person in all facets.

The kid was a beast. He had conquered approach anxiety. He dressed sharp. He escalated fast and aggressively. He was smooth with girls and it showed. I’m sure he is still far from where he wants to be, but he is head and shoulders above what I was at age 20.  And now he can take advantage in the pussy playground known as college.

Am I jealous? Hell fucking yes. Who wouldn’t want to be this aware at only age 20? I can think of an endless amount of things that I wish I had known, done differently, or could take back. To name a few:

  • I wish I knew game in high school
  • I wish I knew I was being raised in a feminist-driven world
  • I wish I talked to a single girl my first time in Europe
  • I wish I studied abroad
  • I wish I would have gotten into more sports and lifting as a kid
  • I wish I would have gotten into more fights as a kid
  • I wish I would have not passed on opportunities to fuck girls while in poor relationships
  • I wish I would have not stayed in said poor relationships
  • I wish I would have not dated that stripper for an entire year who fucked me on the first night
  • I wish I knew what foreign girls were like before my 30s
  • I wish I didn’t waste my money on a BMW, condo, 3DTV, expensive furniture, and a thousand other things
  • I wish I visited Russia before 2010
  • I wish I picked up a photography book instead of an LSAT book
  • I wish I dragged that girl from Saturday night in the bathroom of the bar
  • I wish I would have just said “hi” to the multiple hundreds of girls that I could have but didn’t for no good reason

And so on. But that’s life and you have to move forward rather than continually looking back. Despite my strongest of wishes to be 20 again, I was genuinely happy heading out with that guy and glad to see someone so young unplugged from the falsities of society.

However, in no way does it mean that people can’t unplug at any age. For some it takes a divorce, a cheating girlfriend, or perhaps losing a job. It took a trip to Eastern Europe for me to realize what life should be like. In my short time as an early 30s gentleman I’ve learned a new language, developed my business, severed ties with everything holding me to my previous location, and bedded more women than ever before.

And while I would have loved for this realization to have come earlier, I’m still thankful I eventually did unplug. Because the sad truth is the majority of your fellow men simply never do.

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