My buddy’s pissed, I kept him up all night banging a random tinderella the night before. Same script as always, go to same wine bar, get same bottle of wine, same suggestion to go to my place to try a caipirinha, and then bang. He gets over it, he knows I’d do the same for him and we head out Friday night to a supposed hot spot in town. After 30 minutes in line, we get in and bouncer gives us his card telling us to just email him next time in advance. Pretty sure wearing suits and not acting like a 20 year old college frat tard helped.

Warm up with some older girls, long enough to scope out the situation. Bid farewell to the golden girls and walk around more. Buddy hooks a girl, I entertain her ugly friend. No idea what she’s blabbing about but my buddy and I know to give each other at least 15 minutes to work on our respective targets. He leaves with his girl to another area, so I stay longer with the ugly grenade. Finally can’t take it anymore. She had mentioned giving up cigarettes nine years ago so I ask her if she wants to go smoke. Obviously says no, but there’s my polite way of getting out in case my buddy is still with his girl so grenade doesn’t get all pissy. Have to think ahead.

Find a group of girls and one gay guy. Girls weren’t having it with me, but I know the disarming value of a gay guy.  Tell him let’s go have a smoke. He agrees, I parlay his gayness into opening a girl outside. She sticks with me and he goes back in. Hooters waitress, keeps getting hit on by numerous guys, I calmly disarm them one by one. An hour later she seems into me but says is waiting for a friend here. A friend named “Michael.” She already has the dick on call. I try the robbery she won’t budge so I give up and get her #.

Later find a cute blonde near closing. Her friend is dancing with a guy and she is standing there with her arms crossed.  “You look like you’re having a horrible time.” She laughs, I comment on her body language. She’s into me but is visiting town and has to leave with her friends. Enthusiastically gives me her #. Probably useless but you never know. Regardless I feel like anything less than a bang from night game is a failure these days.


I wake up the next morning and take my dog for a walk. Outside I see a girl jump in a cab wearing heels and a dress, obviously from the night before. Nice job, random guy who banged her. I appreciate the fact that such girls exist for my enjoyment. But I also feel sad for the same girls as their sexual market value decreases with every day and bang that gets added to their lives. And they don’t even realize it.

Go back inside my apartment, make some eggs and get on the forum and ROK. Send some emails out to clients and do some work. Think about Russia and search for more language instruction. Found one, sign up. Time to go meet a client.

Put my suit on and head out. Read a book on the subway while thinking about having sex with every attractive girl I see en route. This no masturbation thing fills me with unbridled coital desire. Meet with my client’s assistant and we drive out to the meeting. He tells me of his two year relationship with his girl and how he is close to proposing. I can tell he is doing so because he thinks he has to, not because he wants to. I imply, carefully, about how men’s values increase as time goes on and for the girls it lessens. I have to be careful because of the work environment. He laughs and agrees, but I know he won’t do anything about it.

I have a group chat with friends. Check it and they are talking about everything from reality TV to their kids to their marriages. I think how far away I am from that. I’ve voiced my red pill beliefs before, they do not go over well with most of my friends. Most think I’m nuts, some think I’m in a phase, and only a few really get it (and therefore me).

Another friend texts me a screenshot of his texts with a girl and asks me what to do next. I’m no expert, but I’m ages ahead of most plugged in guys in America. I give him some suggestions. Later another buddy says a few girls didn’t respond to his texts, I tell him to text “whats up flake” per the Heartiste gem of a post. It works, conversations reignited.

Chat with other red pillers about life, dating and girls. I like conversating with people on my wavelength, it’s refreshing. Break down the previous night’s game with my buddy. I put a lot of effort into this, for better or worse.


I tell my date to meet me at a wine bar down the street from my apartment. Same routine over and over again because it usually works. I get there early to make sure I get a logistically sound seat – I don’t want to be sitting across from her. I find a guy sitting with empty chairs beside him on both sides, I ask him if they are free, he moves for me so I have two seats. I feel bad, he is there alone. So are two girls on his right but he doesn’t talk to him. C’mon buddy.

Date arrives. I can tell within 15 minutes she is not going to bang me. Lose interest and she won’t put her phone away, we get into argument, she leaves. Even the bartender was giving her shit. I pull out my phone to see what my buddies are up to, and do a quick tweet about the date to kill time until I finish my drink:

I turn to the two girls now on my right and start a conversation. They are receptive but not attractive enough for me to put in effort. I leave and go meet my friends at the bar. Three of us there now. Within 15 minutes I get called an asshole by two other girls. I guess I was just on point that night.

Three girls walk in, we pair up one guy one girl each. All are receptive. My hand is on her back almost immediately. Have no idea what she is saying and I’m pretty buzzed so I go on auto-pilot, having done this hundreds and hundreds of times before. I go out a lot at nights. I think we made plans to go to a sock hop.

An hour later my hand is already inside her shirt caressing her stomach and back. Take her to the couch and try to make out with her, she refuses. I keep trying and tell her to walk away if she doesn’t like it. I know she won’t. And she doesn’t. Women like persistence.

We each try to get our respective girls to come home with us, neither will do so. Two of us get numbers, the other doesn’t…the one that did not try to make out with his girl. On the way home he recognized his passiveness cost him. I reinforce his acknowledgment, girls don’t punish you for trying for sex. But they will punish you for not trying.


Wake up, walk my dog. Go to gym. Have another date that night, tell her to come over, cute girl I bedded on first date last week. Sweet girl, low self-esteem, white and super thin. My type. We make guacamole at my place. She has no idea what the hell to do in the kitchen. Looked at cilantro like it was quantum physics and told me this is the first time she’s seen an avocado “in it’s natural form.” American girls are just sad. This would never happen in Ukraine.

After sex we talk about various things. I gauge her bisexuality – she’s had a threesome before. Of course. Part of me is happy, a potential loophole into threesomes right here. Part of me was sad. Just once I’d like to be surprised that not all girls are slutty. But I’m desensitized by now. It’s a hard truth to accept, but it’s the truth nonetheless. She leaves, I go to sleep.


Get up, walk my dog, do some work and start writing this article. Fast forward to the night, date at wine bar again, this time with girl from Russian background. She takes out her phone, just to silence it and says she will put it away now. Manners, how lovely.

Go to the bartender to order same bottle of wine. She is hot, but dressed like a hipster. First time I’ve seen her here. Go back to Russia, pour wine and begin to sexualize conversation per usual. She won’t fuck unless it’s with a boyfriend but loves giving blowjobs.  First off an EE girls that likes blowjobs? Doubtful, but I can work with that for now at least. Make out on couches, try to finger she stops me. Try again, she stops me again.

Go close out with bartender, she’s drawing something. Go elderly on her, she’s a designer, has a shop, etc. etc. Asks my name, we exchange them. Some interest I see. I ask her what nights she works. Make a mental note to show up those nights with other dates, so as to dial up her competition anxiety, instill preselection, (insert other manosphere terminology).

Russia tells me she will help me with my language lessons. I get visions of tutoring sessions followed by blowjobs. Russia comes upstairs, stays true to her word. No sex, but blowjob. She’s way too good at this, I think of Clerks. 37 dicks in a row. Whatever makes her hamster happy I guess. Fall asleep spooning for an hour, she gets up and leaves. I go back to sleep. Wake up the next morning, walk my dog, do some work and finish this article.

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