Just because you see the sun go across the sky doesn’t mean the sun goes around the earth.  Upon reading 2wycked’s article last Sunday, the take away I got from it was that combat between men was some ritual that made one feel better and more alive. While this is an effect, I am of the belief that violence is a tool to accomplish a goal, not just to feel better about yourself. I also found a few points in the story that I take issue with. In his preface 2wycked states:

“Go see a shrink if you think violence is the answer for you.”

I will actually disagree with that. Powerful people in this world use violence as the answer to many of their problems. Bombs are dropped from 30,000 feet for economic social and political advantage. These powerful people use violence as a tool to great effect. Nuclear weapon States tend not to go to war directly with each other. This is true when scaled down to the community level, equally devastating opponents have less actual direct conflict. Only when there is a real or perceived difference in capability does a person use violence. This is amplified through intoxication.


Many people support the idea that a lot of things are bad except when the state does it, especially violence. How do the people that run the state accomplish this magical circumstance? They discouraged the use of violence by lessors so there will not be any possible competitors. This is referred to as the state’s “monopoly of violence”. Those below them are conditioned through social control by labeling it primitive, non-progressive, or as 2wycked implied: mental illness. This fact is quite a red pill bit of knowledge.  Just because it does work doesn’t mean it can work for you though.



In his article 2wycked tells story of an altercation occurring by his domicile that lead to bodily injury and law enforcement involvement. There are a few highlights I would like to review and comment on.

“They left the apartment and went over to the apartment of a friend directly across from mine. I breathed a sigh of relief, as we were outnumbered 6 to 4 and I was in no mood for a fight.”

Being outnumbered in your own home is amateur hour. But then again not everyone is ready for war at all times.

“I rushed out to try to break it up just as a fist crushed the side of my face.”

Making rushed decisions when death and grievous bodily harm is on the table is not advised. Also, entering into fights with the intention of “breaking it up” is lame.

“Bandages are for women. I have more beer to drink.”

Proclaiming your level of intoxication for law enforcement or other public service is not recommended.

“Then, I went to the police station, where I gave another statement and followed up about the racists.”

If you do tell that story to the police only tell it once and stick to it. Avoid going to the station as well.

“Violence and war are never off the table simply because there exist people who simply won’t do right by the world.”

It’s not the existence of bad people. In this world people in competition with each other and some are unwilling or unable to compromise so things have to be solved through violence.

“The pressures the modern man faces can’t be stomped out by force nor can’t be rectified with the double-barred end of Remington shotgun to a person’s head.”

Actually there are quite a few examples of problems being solved this way. Stop paying your taxes and see what the government does to you.

“once a man fights, he is calm.”

Only when the threat of violence has left does one become calm.

“Fighting represents the culmination of male frustration with themselves, others or society in general.”

It  can be argued that fighting is the escalation of interpersonal conflict but I would not blame it on male frustration. If you use violence as an outlet for frustration, you are irrational and most likely have poor critical thinking skills.


All’s Fair

Because violence is a tool to use to achieve some goal, the fantastical idea of honor in fighting is merely a vain exposition. Three PM fights at the flagpole are blue pill. If you disagree with me I can point you in the direction of some windmills you can charge. Drop kicking some interloper in your realm  into a urinal while he is pissing will update his shit status to “rekt” faster and cleaner than asking him to step outside. You should also remember this in case you are a fan of chivalry because maybe your future opponents won’t be.

Violence is an option to protect family, business and  positions in some social hierarchies. Some drunken dude looking for a rumble in a parking lot is not going to get you anything by engaging him.  If someone is trying to hinder my cash flow or spoil my mood through villainy, stupidity or “AMOG” that’s different though. You better believe that his ass is going to get cracked.


 Actuarial Assessment

As many have said before, doing violence to your fellow man in modern society has legal and civil consequences. Fighting with drunk people in a bar or apartment complex full of witnesses with no actual material or social gain for doing so is a fool’s errand. This would make the case too easy for even the dumbest prosecutor or civil litigator.  This is a nifty little chart from the FBI for those of you want to know what the actual odds are if you do want to play the game.


Remember the wise man Maynard James Keenan said “it’s only wrong if you get caught”.  Allow me inform you that I’m not an attorney and I’m not advocating for you to do anything.

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