A little more than a month ago, 18 year old Karl Pierson entered Arapahoe High School in the state of Colorado and mortally wounded 17 year old Claire Davis.

I was back home for the holidays, helping wrap presents when my dad said there was a school shooting in the United States. Everyone rushed to the television with that sick eagerness we as a species seem to possess for such horrifying situations. We claim to abhor what we see, but goddamn if we won’t run head first to a tragedy and stand there gawking.

The news details were sketchy, as they always are in the beginning, but it quickly became apparent that the shooter was a young man, and that his victim was a young woman. The death toll was low so the story faded quickly from the news. School shootings have become so commonplace in American society that unless the shooter racks up a kill count in the double digits or targets especially young children, it won’t stay on the front pages for very long. Besides, it was Christmas and the last thing people wanted to be was bummed out.

As soon as I saw the perpetrator, Pierson, and the victim, Davis, something went off inside of me. I read some of the news reports, saw some of the videos, and through it all everyone seemed to be mystified as to why Pierson felt the need to assault his school and take his own life. The old political bogeymen were dragged out—gun control, paranoid schizophrenia, radical political beliefs, but I did not hear one person in the media theorizing on Pierson’s sexual frustration. To me the evidence provided painted a picture of a lonely young man; he even went so far attempting to reach out to people through parroting liberal beliefs, usually a sure fire way for someone in today’s culture to garner friends or attention.

What was most upsetting to me, however, was the quickness with which everyone seemed to get over this act – Karl did it, it’s done, let’s stop talking about it, get it off the front page we need to know what Miley Cyrus is doing for New Years. I didn’t like that. To me, the tragedy at Arapahoe High deserved at the very least some more discussion. So I decided to write a quick article detailing why I believed this event happened.

The article wound up going sorta-viral. Numerous sites and blogs re-pasted it. There was discussion on Reddit about it. I went through a lot of these pages, though sadly most were a simple re-pasting of the article with no comments. I did manage to find some with comments, and to temporarily lighten the mood let me share the ones I found amusing before I continue;


B G commenting over at Body Crimes’s ringing endorsement of my article knows I hate women only because that bitch Lauren owes me a Toonie from last weekend because I bought her some Timbits after our rec hockey game and she still hasn’t got me back eh?!

Also, I’m not sure if BG realizes that Return Of Kings is composed of several different authours or if she’s complimenting me by saying I’m the authour, ala I’m da man – which I’m choosing to believe. Thanks for the compliment B G! If you’re hot plz send nekked pics. By the way, we’re using your comment for promos of the future books we make based off of ROK articles.

These guys…all…classic. They want to marry a…sweet girl.” – B G, Commentator at Body Crimes

Also, Tuthmosis wrote the eating disorders article. Don’t you just love getting angry at someone who didn’t even write what you’re getting angry at?

Over at disinfo, TG wrote an excellent rebuttal against my article which is comprised of simply re-pasting what I wrote and offering no alternative theory or take on why this tragedy had to happen. Once they lose the small introductory paragraph and simply add ‘wut’ to the end of their ‘articles’ (along with plenty of gifs), disinfo will be well on their way to Buzzfeed levels of quality content.

Also, I noticed this whilst visiting (the blue parts added by me);


I am so hard right now.

Here are some comments that I love from that site:




Andrew…please…check your unipolar privilege…



I mainly love this one because of choad. It’s a word I always lol at, and wish had a lot more use in the common vernacular. 10/10 for that alone V, but there’s also some other gold in the comment. Like, how the quotes around “hottest” refers to my referring to Claire Davis as smoking hot; which I think she is, since I measure her beauty against what I see in the real world – not my internet pornos – and the majority of women I see everyday don’t compare. V doesn’t think so. Way to disparage the victim V I’m sure her parents would love to her you call her ugly.

Also, I do not understand how having to masturbate more then a few times on a high test day means I should come out of the closet. Why am I in the closet? Does masturbating make me gay, or is there a set number of times I can masturbate before I turn gay? Does V hate gay people – if so, why is he on a liberal site? Does V think only gay men go to the gym? Has V never been to the gym and seen all those fitness cuties in yoga pants and sports bras? I’m so confused.

And of course women don’t enjoy sex with me, since the whole time we’re banging I’m telling them about how much I hate them.

UGH!*Thrust* “All women’s are liars and whores! RRNGNG!!*Spank* “You’re ruining society! FFFFUUUUWWWW!!*Butthole tickle* “By the way you have great nipples but I still hate you!










That awkward moment when your repost of a self-proclaimed enemy’s article, with no thoughtful or critical analysis or comedic commentary of your own, is the most popular thing on your website.

In the future, beloved haters, here (1, 2, 3) are some godly examples of how to present websites you think should mocked to your readership.

My hate mail account, created specifically because of the article, swelled considerably. I was even contacted by someone who claimed to have family at Arapahoe, who called me a coward and demanded I start a dialogue with him. I accepted – but unfortunately, he insulted and threatened other bloggers before I had a chance e-mail him back and their scathing counter attack forced him into hiding, not having accepted my offer to talk. By the way, if you happen to be reading this sir, I’m still open to that chat. I have no problem being a sponge for your frustration/anxiety.

After all the verbal tongue lashing my article received, I’m glad to come back to the comfort of our readership here at Return Of Kings. After all that recon behind enemy lines I know the comments on our website will cheer me up.


Ahhh Return Of Kings… don’t ever change.

I wrote the Pierson article simply to give ROK’s readership a chance to discuss this act. It’s a tragedy that Claire Davis was murdered, and a tragedy that a young man like Karl Pierson, on the cusp of starting his life proper, felt he had such a terrible future in his society that he needed to commit the shooting.

To my pleasant surprise, when I got back online and caught up on things toward the New Year I found my article had reached a much larger audience than I had ever hoped it would. Some agreed, some disagreed; many from both camps thought I was an idiot. But they were talking about Arapahoe. They were thinking about it.

And that’s all I wanted.

I’m glad that, even though it was a brief extension, the events surrounding Karl and Claire were thought out for a little longer and a little more thoroughly. Even though we live an era where mass communication has never been easier, where we have access to all sorts of differing viewpoints and information, we as a society are still so very ignorant and closed minded in our debates. Both sides are radicals from the get go, and everyone treats anyone with a differing view point as an idiot without consideration.

There are important issues in our society that need to be discussed, issues that will determine our prosperity, our happiness, our safety – and they aren’t even being mentioned, let alone debated upon.

I thoroughly believe what I wrote in the article; that Karl was sexually frustrated, he was lonely and that the chubby/butterface girls in his league (at least in his league at that point in his life) denied Karl companionship because society is elevating their unearned self worth to such astronomical levels that they think they can chase the top tier of men alongside the girls who actually deserve such men. Their selfishness and over inflated egos caused them to consider Karl below them, to the point that he  went crazy, and he took it out on the girl he wished loved him.

I’m angry that Claire Davis is dead. She was beautiful. She came from a family that clearly cared for and loved her. She was physically in shape and intelligent. Claire had so much potential. All the evidence suggests that she would have contributed positively to the world, that she probably would have married a good man and started a good family. We didn’t just lose one potentially decent woman – the world has forever been denied the beautiful children of Claire Davis. The world became a little uglier with her untimely death.

Instead, look at all the women who get to waste the life that Claire Davis never got to experience. Rude, angry women sporting short hair and ugly tattoos and aesthetically ugly piercings with bodies bordering on obesity shouting about how horrible men are. Selfish, middle aged whores who’ve slept with over twenty men and are just having their first child at 36, who were bored with their husbands after one year of marriage and are already planning on divorcing him when their kids finally become teenagers.

If she had lived, would Claire have become like these other disgusting parodies of humans we still call women? It’s possible – anything is – but I don’t think so. We were robbed of a treasure. Good women in our culture are almost so rare as to be priceless, and the death of Claire cut off a whole lineage of potentially good women. The world today is worse off for her death, and the future is dimmer for all decent men.


In our world of weak unguided males and repugnantly selfish females, we don’t get to have women like Claire. Instead we get this;


Western society is fast becoming one big black comedy – and the joke is on all of us. Please excuse me if I don’t much feel like laughing.

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