Encountering an untamed bitch can be a devastating experience for those who are unaccustomed to indecency. Even many a veteran has been fooled by the deceptive nature of a vicious attack from a bitch. The growing extinction of their natural enemies, such as proper upbringing, negative consequences to their actions, and public shaming, have allowed their population to rise to an alarming level. The most dangerous species usually gather in big cities and in the suburbs. The largest population is agglomerated near the clubs and bars, but wild unleashed bitches can even be found in offices. Some bitches are small creatures, but a generalized irresponsible feeding from their owners have allowed many of them to grow as tall as 6 foot 2 and weight more than 300 pounds.

Therefore, an encounter with one can be fatal. Following these simple tips will help you get out of such an experience unscathed. This could be the difference between life and jail.

Ignore her

So you’re minding your own business when suddenly out of nowhere some bitch starts an argument with you over a trivial matter. If a bitch starts babbling and shouting nonsensical insults at you, don’t engage her. Simply resume what you were doing before your encounter. Do not feed bitches with your attention under any circumstances. You will condition and reinforce their behavior, and make it worse for the next men. Walk away with confidence. Do not run, as it might trigger her instinct to chase after you. While bitches can very rarely outrun a man, they can project their shrilling harpy voices far enough to attract other bitches and sexually frustrated males surrounding the area, effectively involving them in the dispute. None of these will be on your side.


The black bitch, a ferocious and aggressive species


The white bitch. She will go out of her way to make your life miserable.

If the bitch belongs to a man in the vicinity, completely ignore her and deal with the man instead. Most of the time, if a man lets his girlfriend argue with another man without interfering, it’s because he himself is a bitch. Respectfully and politely tell him to keep his girlfriend in check. Make him feel ashamed and responsible for carrying around a liability who poisons other people’s lives. If you’re successful, he might tell her to calm down, which will insanely anger her. But she will direct that rage towards her boyfriend instead of you, and sex will be withheld for 3 months.

Some single bitches will persist and follow you around. Remember that your long-term strategy is always to get out of the situation, because theirs is to make you stay as long as possible.

Don’t treat her like a man

It can be deceptive because many bitches try to walk like men, talk like men, look like men, and behave like men. This is just a façade. Underneath it all, they are not men and don’t function like men. They will get in your face, arrogantly ignoring natural physical boundaries, potential dangers and threats. If you start arguing with her, you’ll be busy getting points across and she will be busy inciting feelings and emotions in order to destabilize you. Therefore, don’t use common tactics like staying on topic or logic, as they are immune to them. In other words, don’t try to win an argument.

Don’t attempt to look her directly in the eye in order to stare her down like you would do to a man. There was a time when you could scare off a bitch simply by showing her you meant business, but that time is long gone. All you would be doing is giving her more of your attention, which she craves. However, never look down, for she could be interpreting it as submission and double the intensity of her attack. Look above her or sideways.


what not to do

Wrong way to confront a bitch

Use self-control

The most important principle is to remain calm and in control. Do not get angry, as it will incite hysteria and sexual arousal in the bitch. She will want to make it last longer and instigate more drama. To help you not take it personally and stay detached, just repeat to yourself that it’s not their fault, it’s the fault of their owners who did a lousy job at training them.

Get out as soon as possible and talk as little as possible. It doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as you’re being dismissive. Talk at her, not to her. Talk in her general direction, like there’s an audience around her, sometimes focusing your attention on other women in the horizon. Use disengaged body language, facing away from her. It’s better to not insult her, because it could trigger her victim instinct and prompt her to involve other people in the argument. But if you do, never show any emotions, and state it matter-of-factly. Dropping a “K fattie” while walking away is a good all-purpose response. Even if she’s not overweight, she will still feel insecure and check her thighs later just to make sure.

images (3)

Sometimes you’re not sure if you want to slap her or kiss her

Give her commands

If the bitch does not stray and the situation escalates, you need to be more creative. Remember, some bitches are not completely wild. They were at some point under the control of a man, and the reason they are hysterical is because they miss and crave the masculine guidance they used to have before they were abandoned. They have been trained by a man, hence their natural instincts to obey you might be triggered if you give them commands.

Be firm, authoritative, with your foot forward and your finger pointed at her. The most common commands are “Shut up,” “cook me dinner,” and “get in the car.” Even if they don’t make contextual sense, their familiarity might calm her down and reassure her. She will be dazzled for a few seconds, which gives you an opportunity to disengage her and walk away.

What if you’re ambushed?

There is nothing worse than having a bitch in your face and not being able to escape. For instance, indoor bitches can be quite a hassle because they may cut off your exit points. You might also be in certain situations where you just can’t leave. When the bitch keeps shouting obscenities at you and insist on talking to you, and you’ve exhausted all other methods to get rid of her, it usually means she’s into you and it’s her cute way of letting you know.

Since spanking is not convenient in most social situations, you need to use another non damaging technique. Nothing reminds a bitch what she really is better than the good old-fashioned face mush. This move is so natural and intuitive one might wonder if it’s built into our genetics. Simply put your hand in her face, grasping a good hold of her cheeks and covering her eyes with the rest of your fingers. Push her face away from you, using your wrist to maneuver her head laterally. The wrist twist is important, as it will guide her face in the desired direction, unequivocally communicating to her that she has to shut the fuck up.


Notice the slight downward tilt of his hand, making the bitch take a submissive position


While it’s impossible to completely avoid bitches, their effect on you can be greatly minimized if you treat them the right way and know how to defuse their attacks. Note that most of these tips can be adapted to your girlfriend or wife, although you will have to occasionally hold a real conversation with them. But remember, always be responsible and teach them right from wrong, otherwise the rest of the world will be stuck dealing with another bitch. We will hold you accountable for it.

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