Flawless olive skin and mossy green eyes. She’s just my type. I sip my scotch and as we trade glances I know its on with this girl. Fifteen minutes later we’ve been introduced and are immediately hitting it off. She compliments me on my suit and asks me how I know everyone there. An hour after that she pulls me aside demanding I not kiss her that night because she was ever so tempted. “The thought hadn’t crossed my mind” I say smirking and I send her on her way.

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9pm on the dot and she disappears to take a phone call. 15 minutes later I stop her and ask if it was her boyfriend. Reluctantly she says yes, he’s all the way across the country and he’d promised to call her. “Well, he’s very punctual” I say. She laughs and tells me “It’s complicated” but she’s really falling for him, it’s hard since he’s gone away to school. Leaning in to kiss her she pulls away at the last second. I push her hair aside and we start making out. She didn’t say much about him after that. A while later I playfully tell her how much of a slut she is and she gladly replies saying, “I’m the most innocent slut you’ll ever meet”

It is one of the biggest fears of man. From the religious man who waits till marriage to the cold-hearted player: betrayal guts us at the core of our being.

The disgust we feel from betrayal is something that we can overcome. Something we need to overcome. The wool has been pulled over our eyes for our entire lives. The accepted life path we are taught by our families, our friends, and society is that which maximizes stability. Women had incentive to be chaste and man had incentive to work and provide for his family.  People still fucked other people, but in the 21st century there is less shame around it.


The old model goes against our nature as human beings, as animals. Both sexes are now capable of providing for themselves and taking autonomy over reproduction. Ironically enough, this detachment from nature’s purpose has given us more freedom to act out what nature has always intended. Indiscriminate, bestial, raw, sex.

Mother nature is the cruelest bitch out there. She doesn’t give a fuck about you. Morality is an invention of man influenced by nature. Working together, trust, and the strength shown by integrity and honesty help everyone have a better quality of life and a better chance of survival. Now that modern day women’s behavior is being fully normalized we have no reason not to swim with the current.

When the vast majority of people are so easily deceived, and so easily believe the rules of life are the same as they always were, we have a gift when entering this lifestyle. We can, through experience and the wisdom of others, use the true nature of each sex to our advantage.

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Women don’t owe you anything. You can only trust that they will follow their nature. Nature is often stronger than the self-prescribed morality of man. The deeply Christian girl will still have animalistic rough sex with you on your first date. Her love of God and want of a pious life may try to overcome her deep desire to have your children, but when you’re the most interesting man she’s ever met, her biology will always win. All the more incentive to learn game, lift weights, juice, travel, and stack cash.

The old adage of “Watch what she does instead of listen to what she says” has never been more true.

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