It is as tiring as explaining The Dark Knight Rises to the six-year-old when I see the circle jerks in the comments. I have had enough with the assigned beliefs and talking points getting spewed in the comment sections of my articles. I do admit to trolling comment sections of other sites , but trying to turn Return of Kings into political hay is a fools errand. Reading the comments on my various articles that spew blind allegiance to one or another political ideology on the left-right spectrum is tiring. For the most part these assigned buzzwords and talking points are really not person’s own beliefs but what is given to them to say. The smarter ones realize this on some level but go along with it anyway. The dumb ones truly believe that they are his beliefs. I’m not a Republican or Democrat. I primarily lookout for my own interests and so should you. Unless you’re some power broker that can get the chairman of either national committee on the phone within a minute, neither of these parties works for you.

Some Knowledge

Let me give you a brief overview. All politicians for the most part belong to what I can consider a “ruling class”. This class manufactures false dichotomies, social issues, and moral issues for the people to argue among themselves about. By keeping the people arguing amongst themselves, they do not focus on the main issues. If you notice both parties are pretty consistent in working together to get certain issues handled without too much attention given to them. A great example of this would be the Toxic Asset Relief Program of 2008. This program did not have the support of the American people and had to have been voted on twice to finally pass the House of Representatives. This is the most recent example I can give you that when important things to powerful people come up and Republicans and Democrats walk in step with each other. Issues like gay marriage and abortion are merely fluff for the pundits to play with and for activists to be active about something.



Let me give you a few examples of politicians helping the other party out. Supposedly Republicans are known for being anti-gun control. When Ronald Reagan signed of Firearm Owners Protection Act 1986, it included the Hughes Amendment that banned the manufacture of automatic weapons for civilian purposes. His successor George H.W. Bush gave an executive order banning the import of certain non sporting firearms in 1989. These two actions removed the coolest weapons from the market. Democrats are supposedly for union labor, but Bill Clinton dealt the hardest blow to American labor ever when he signed the North American Free Trade Act in 1994. Remember all those promises in 2008 to close Guantanamo, stop the spying, and reform Washington? I do, none of them were delivered on. So unless you’re partying in the modern palace of Versailles that Washington DC has become you really shouldn’t have blind faith and allegiance to either party. But if you do have such blind allegiance and there is no benefit to you for it then you are a sucker.




I judge people pretty quickly on the buzzwords they use and in what context. If it looks like they got their talking points straight off the Huffington Post, I know I am talking to an idiot. But I’ve been around the block a few times so I won’t tell him  that he is an idiot. I would evaluate what he can do for me. Arguing the dangers of communism with a man dressed like a Girl Scout is not going to get you anywhere. Also arguing the geological evidence that the earth is older than 6000 years with someone who doesn’t read anything except the Bible will also get you nowhere. Shitting up the comment section under my articles with unsupported arguments, name-calling, and posturing will get you nowhere and actually helps me out. A well thought out argument that can be supported by fact is unbeatable. Remember, the best propaganda is the truth.


Divide and Conquer

The sad fact is the left right paradigm is just a trap to force you into one camp or another. Once you’re in one camp or the other the people in the other camp are automatically your “enemy”. This successful manipulative construct of the two political camps has also bifurcated major media. Media sources therefore have to be on one side or the other according to that logic. If you noticed, anything that doesn’t fall under this “plan” is almost universally attacked by both camps. Look what happened to Judge Napolitano when he pointed this out at his job at Fox News.

Control of Ideas

This manufactured divide also kills productive political debate. Most political discussions in these two camps are just echo chambers where any dissenting view is pushed out rather quickly. Because of this the most open, honest, and, intellectual internet chat room that I can find is “legionarii”. Its run by a guy by the name “Light” and the URL is www.tinychat.com/legionarii. Remember it is the internet so you might find things you don’t like or wish you never saw there.

Think For Yourself

If you can’t come up with your own political platform for yourself and have to adopt another speaks volumes about your person. I could compare people’s loyalties to political parties in the United States to people’s unfounded loyalties to professional sports teams. This loyalty to an organization that sees you as a tool to be used boggles my mind. In truth, you cannot actually educate everyone. Some people are dumb, some people are purposely close minded, and some people are just nefarious and play dumb for destructive purposes. Knowing that is better to find ways to exploit dumb people rather than educate them because they will never know the truth is Machiavellian but effective. I think this is a conclusion the party bosses came to a long time ago. Remember this next time there’s some new iteration of Kony 2012, Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party, or whatever other jingoistic group that pops up and is quickly co-opted by the “ruling class”.

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