The English word misandry as defined as “The hatred of men.”  It´s that simple. Yet if you use this word in writing you will find that it does not exist in any of the spellcheckers in most text document editors nor online spellchecks, including but not limited to gmail and hotmail. On the other hand, the word misogyny is universally recognized in all spellcheckers across the board. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but in fact it is.

The battles raged against men consists more than just a bunch of short haired, overweight, mustached feminists who hate their fathers and spend their days screaming at university protests like we saw recently in Toronto.  Misandry is also at the most subtle levels of mainstream dialog and communication. The use of linguistics have a powerful impact on how we as humans interpret the world as well as ourselves; unbeknownst to us what is transpiring.  Most times we are too busy doing our thing, trying to survive and better ourselves. Yet this goes on under our noses and the end result is an automated anti-male biased perception by the general public; an attitude that is accepted as the norm.


In the above video the author explores just how  this is being done in our media, showing that by gender neutralizing the headlines men have been reduced to non entities, at the same time putting women on pedestals. This brings about a collective guilt in men  for being men.  The end result is a majority populace where women hate men, men hate men, and some men even hate themselves.

No doubt there are jackals benefiting from all of this.  Just as a military offensive is a money making operation, misandry is also lucrative.  Governments use feminism as a means of controlling the male population, as well the non profit organizations and anti-male businesses gain financially from this runaway campaign.

To what the solution to this might be? These avenues of attack via the contemporary lexicon is part of the bigger hostilities aimed at us. I have not yet the answer, but at the least men should be aware of their second class citizenry they have in the English speaking World.

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