A while ago I wrote about the 4 Types Of Women, and suggested that of the four, only one was worth knowing or having any kind of relationship with.  Unfortunately because her type is so rare, and our sexual desires being as they are, probability dictates that we’ll more often than not encounter women of the other three types in our day to day lives.  Because of this, I decided to share some of my thoughts and observations on the weapons regularly employed by these predatory women.

Never in the history of mankind have women been as bad as they are today.  Since the world wars, we have seen a steady decline in the quality of women even as our standards of living have steadily increased.  One can speculate as to the reason why these events are correlated.  And while each speculation has its own merit, I choose to focus on interpersonal and affectual causes.

Two blows were endured by the western female during and after the wars.  The first blow is the loss and abandonment of her father.  Having lost her father either through his absence or death, the woman as a child sees her mother abandoned but doesn’t know why.  She assumes this is because her mother, and thus women and femininity, are deficient in some profound way.  The second blow is the vast increase in power of western society and the western man.  Simply put, loving a man meant risking annihilation since nothing she could give would ever be valuable enough for him to commit to her.  This meant that she had only one option.  She had to compete.

If you look at things this way, you can understand women’s endless desire for “sameness” (they call it equality), their endless desire to be included (job quotas or anti-discrimination policies which employ and hide behind racial guilt), and their incessant need to follow men into whatever new venture he comes up with – science, tech, gaming, etc.  You can also understand the rise of the phallic woman who hates everything associated with femininity and her biological nature. 

 A woman’s desire to “compete” has a dark side  

The predatory woman demands love and resources and will do anything to get them.  Throughout our history, men and women have traditionally worked together for survival and their innate complementariness ensured maximum efficiency and productivity.  Even so, it has always been the man who secures resources and the woman who refines them. Tthe malaise that affects so many today, both at the individual level and the interpersonal level, is at bottom a loss of this feminine ability. Society itself is suffering from an upset stomach as we starve from the inside out and understandably believe the solution is to eat more. 

Because women have always been dependent on men in one way or the other for life itself, nature has seen fit to give her tools necessary for her survival.  These tools are the subject of our discussion, but have been discussed by poets and philosophers for as long as we’ve had symbolic reason.  Indeed one the oldest pieces of literature known, the epic of Gilgamesh, covers many subject matter pertinent to the human condition the least of which is the woman problem.  That said, here are the three main tools of the predatory female…

1. Deception

Predatory women are masters of deception.  A part of their skill rests in the fact that they themselves are unaware of their true motivations – they are self-deceived.  She will pretend to be what you love or pretend to be what you abhor all in an effort to get you to move one way or the other, and she never reveals her true self either to you or to herself.  She may also flood your consciousness with irrelevant information in an effort to distract you from the truth and blot out your sun.

To overcome a woman’s deception, you must be honest with yourself about your ideals and desires, retain an awareness of your ideals and desires, and live faithful to your ideals and desires.  In interacting with the deceptive woman, it is best to observe the consequences of her actions.  We are always in the world intentionally so if you see a particular effect or pattern occur more than twice, it’s safe to say it wasn’t an accident.


2. Infection

A predatory woman will attempt to poison you against others, or poison others against you.  Her mind and world are split along spectrums of right and wrong, good and evil.  If you are her enemy, she will take every opportunity to tell others just how wrong and evil you are.

Overcoming this is tricky.  First as above, you must always live faithful to your ideals and desires.  This gives you credibility as she is likely to erode her credibility with anyone who doesn’t suffer from her disease of the mind given a long enough period of time.  Second, be proactive.  Identifying women like this is relatively easy.  Don’t introduce them to anyone close to your heart, and don’t bring them into your place of work.  Third, be willing to let go of anything or anyone she infects.  Don’t bother trying to convince others of the “truth”.  The truth can defend itself and will come out sooner or later.

Lies and falsehoods require an input of unrenewable energy to keep the lie going whereas the “truth” always renews itself from moment to moment, and is constantly pushing upwards to the surface of our awareness.  In the cases where this doesn’t happen, said person didn’t really understand/love you to begin with, and the relationship was more of a burden on you than anything else (i.e. you gave too much of yourself for what you got back in return; the relationship itself was a lie).

3. Repression

A predatory woman is a master at finding guilt and at times will seek to instill guilt where there was none to begin with.  Of the three tools, this one is the most destructive because with it, she reduces your “potency” (it’s no wonder Viagra sales are doing so well.) Similar to infection where she turns you against others or others against you, the goal of this tactic is to turn you against yourself.  She will get you to doubt absolutely everything, big or small, because your doubt weakens you.  If you feel the least bit unsure, insecure or ashamed, she will find out and push this button over and over again.  Ultimately you become “petrified”, turned to stone, transfixed in the gaze of medusa.

This last one perhaps is of the biggest consequence for not only man, but for society as well.  This last tool is the modus operandi of feminist.  To defeat it, you must never reveal your heart to them.  It is by revealing your heart that she first instills doubt into the hero who has no doubt.  The hero who knows his ideals and desires and lives faithfully in service of them and God.  The hero who accepts both his twisted side and his holy side.  This hero has no limits but what he loves – even as what he loves strengthens him.

If this woman discovers what you love, she will tell you that if you love it, you should or would do and be xyz.  Your blind innocent love is more than willing to do what love would never have you do, and in doing so, you weaken both the love and yourself.  For this reason, you must never reveal your “heart”, your “name”, your “self”, your “soul”, your ideals and desires, to this woman.  Become a master at lying.  Lie so that you may tell the truth.  For those of us who aren’t heroes and struggle with guilt, now is the time to go inwards and reflect on our guilt so that she can no longer use it against us.  Accept our sins and forgive ourselves.  Resolve to be a better person from now on. 


We can see a natural evolution, an increase in complexity, of the tools of a predatory female, one that correlates with the progression of her neuroses.  Through deception, she moves her body to get you to move one way or the other in the world.  Through infection, she moves the bodies of others in the world to get you to move one way or the other.  And through repression, she gets you to move against your own body in both the world of the mind (guilt) and the physical world (self-sabotage).  Present in this evolution is the gradual alienation of woman from herself and her subsequent movements closer and closer to her male ideal.  She leaves her body under the illusion that it is for many bodies (pseudo polymorphous perversity), only later to confess to herself and to the world that her true motivation is to have the body of a male – a penis of her own at last. 

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