I posted up at the bar and ordered a whiskey while I waited for my Tinder date to arrive. To my left, I overheard the bartender (girl) and two of the restaurant workers (men) talking to each other. They were all in their late 20s, and were having a good laugh over the “dating” foibles of the bartender.

She was an attractive enough girl, though cracks in the armor were beginning to show. I saw a beautiful face and an ample chest, but her low-cut black shirt betrayed a slight pooch from a few too many late nights of drinking and her twice-a-day Starbucks soy latte habit. She wore a bit too much makeup despite the laid-back vibe of the place, likely to hide some of the premautre crows’ feet beginning to set in from her party lifestyle. That said, she was a pretty girl who had just passed the peak of her SMV, and I’m sure had no shortage of thirsty guys ready to date and girlfriend her up.

On this particular night, our specimen was regaling her buddies with tales of her dating life, both sordid and otherwise. I eavesdropped on her story, which was chock full of Red Pill wisdom assuming the proper translating capabilities:

“Oh, I’ve been on some dates recently. I’ve been [fucking] this guy, but I go on dates with other people for sure. My sister called me a serial dater. She said it’s healthy for me.”

Takeaway: All girls are out there dating, and most date more than one man at a time. They have sex with guys they don’t consider to be relationship partners, but are willing to test the water and waste the time of other suitors for attention and material goods. They are encouraged to slut it up by their friends and family members.

“I only like to be having sex with one guy at a time, though. I just can’t do more than one. It messes up my head and I don’t think it’s fair.”

Takeaway: Some girls will limit themselves to only one sexual relationship at once (or so they say — hey, that guy at the Vegas pool party doesn’t count!), but she acted as if it was a badge of honor, the exception to the norm. Western women have adopted masculinized dating traits and are likely to maintain a harem of their own, both for sex and for attention. You should expect western girls to be having sex with multiple partners during any given period. If a girl finds a higher-value guy who excites her enough that she jumps into bed with him, she will monkeybranch immediately.


“The last guy I went on a couple dates with I kinda liked. He was a nice guy. It was a different type than I usually see. He said his longest relationship was 2 and a half years. I told him mine was 4 months. He looked disappointed.”

Takeaway: Alpha fucks and beta bucks. Why would these girls settle into a boring relationship when they can get attention from unlimited “exciting” men? Give the date chump some credit for having at least a flicker of perspicacity—his lizard brain was alerting him that the girl’s promiscuity has likely destroyed her ability to from attachments and makes her a bad bet for long-term investment. Clearly, though, his training to accept “empowered strong women” will pressure him into investing his time, money, and attention, despite the obvious fact that numerous other guys have beat it up for free.

“Recently I had a guy push me up against the wall and not let me go. If you do something awesome like that, I’m going to start by saying no, no matter what. Sometimes they’ll keep kissing me and doing it, and I kind of like it. I’ll be like, ‘shit’ and give in.”

Takeaway: The man was assuredly a Return of Kings reader. Women not only like rough sex, but these days they are willing to talk about it openly with their friends. They also admit that they provide token resistance, but are able to doublethink that if the guy just “takes it from her” that it’s hot and empowering and “awesome.” Either that, or he’s raping her. Depending, of course, on her mood afterwards and how desirable the man is.

This level of knowledge and insight into female socio-sexual behavior used to be the purview of the “secret society.” Now, Fifty Shades of Grey has sold 100 million copies and girls talk openly about being dominated, and the average man STILL won’t listen to advice about women coming straight from the horse’s mouth. The next time you’re tempted to look at a new girl as a special snowflake, don’t. Especially if she’s American.

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