For too long grilled cheese sandwiches, microwaved TV dinners, scrambled eggs and cereal mix recipes have been passed down by men for generations. And for too long cooking has been generalized as a feminine skill. A masculine man is not expected to cook, but now this trait is a mere necessity. As times change (go to shit) so does our expected behaviors as a gender. It is evident that the 21st century man can only benefit from learning how to cook. Some might argue this is a gender reversed trait and supports the feminist cause, but I say no. It is a virtuous characteristic in a man and it’s not reversing the roles of men and women alike but simply improving a man and adding another skill to one’s toolbox. Most men that cook see nothing but the benefits this skill brings them.

My story

When I first started cooking it came out of necessity. I started hitting the gym and I was dedicated towards adding a couple pounds on my frame. I started cooking eggs for myself every morning. The first few weeks the eggs would stick on the pan, burn, or come out raw. Sometimes I would flip the eggs and they would land somewhere on the stove. As time progressed I was able to cook eggs like a graduate chef from Le Cordon Bleu. I was able to create more complex recipes such as adding vegetables, making an omelet, etc.

Eventually my breakfast cooking skills set the foundation for other more complex meals. My skills improved and so did my curiosity for new foods. I was soon able to cook rice, chicken, steamed veggies. It all evolved and soon I would be able to make a more abundant amount of breakfast and dinner dishes. Cooking is now a skill I practice daily. It was a process in which the practical work felt effortless, my theory; the feeling of  hunger motivates you and obscures the practice of cooking.

In no particular order here are 6 reasons why you should know how to cook:

1. It will increase your value


If you’ve studied game or made an effort towards self-improvement you know that in order to be a more desirable or respected man you must add value to yourself. This can mean exhibiting the skills you know. By doing things that most men can’t do you offer more value versus a man that can’t perform the skills you can. In other words you are worth more than another being if you are more productive than someone else. This can apply to any skill but cooking can be another one on the list.

2. You will know more than the average western woman


It is no secret that most western women, specifically American women, have no feminine instinct. A traditional women cooks, cleans and take care of the house, women like this are almost extinct in the states (just imagine my generation in a couple years). By casually hinting about your cooking skills you will already rein superiority over her, if she is unable to cook. It is powerful because she will not know how to do a task she knows she is supposed to know as a woman. The result is a women subconsciously placing you in a higher tier of value than herself. Even if you do not live in America you can boast about the fact that you can.

3. You will impress

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Cooking will not only make a woman a little more vulnerable in a sense but it will also certainly intrigue her and impress her. Assuming she already is attracted to you, it will only add more reasons into her head why she should sleep with you (if you haven’t yet). If you take the ‘Home Made Dinner’ route you will certainly impress and it’s a great aphrodisiac. It is simply a woman’s fantasy.

4. It demonstrates your independence

walking away from your job

Cooking sends out a strong message of independence. It will be evident to people around you and especially women that you do not rely upon anybody to cook you a meal. You are a man that stands for himself at all costs, and cooking is a great metric when it comes to demonstrating your individuality.

5. It is a healthier bet for you


Cooking your own meals automatically means a healthier intake of food. You are eliminating all the other dietary factors that fast food joints and restaurants tend to use such as excessive cooking oil, processed foods etc., even if some places claim to be “healthy” (you never know what goes on behind the doors). When you cook you decide what to put in your body, thus putting thought and making conscious choices of what goes in, especially if you’re a fitness nut. There is nothing better than taking in healthy, clean food that you prepared at your liking, because you know your diet is one of the most important factors when pursuing a fitness related goal.

6. It’s less harsh on your wallet


Cooking will not only filter healthier food into your body but you will also see how it affects your wallet.  You can go to the supermarket and buy a week’s worth of food for the same amount of two days of fast food (assuming you eat the same amount). Farmer’s market and even Whole Foods are still a more convenient bet rather than ordering takeout, microwaving pre-made or processed foods.

Get cookin’

If you want these benefits practice is the magic word. If you already cook, step up your game and try new recipes. If you do not know how to cook yet then simply dive in, it is never too late (or too early) to learn. Tell yourself you are only going to cook from home or you won’t eat at all, and you will see the innovation and motivation hunger brings. Disregarding how macho one might feel, cooking is a skill that requires minimal investment and the payoff truly outweighs the effort.

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