The Australian government recently changed hands, as the conservative Coalition swept back into power after six years. Led by one of the most conservative leaders Australia has ever seen, Tony Abbott, the new government installed a grand total of one woman in its new cabinet, out of a total of 19 ministers. The reaction was predictable—he was called “misogynist pig”, “right-wing bigot”, “sexist dinosaur”, and so forth, attacks coming from every angle.

I am no fan of the new government, but this was one move made by the Abbott government that I applauded, not for restricting the number of women in cabinet as such, but rather, for having the courage to make appointments based not on gender but on merit, knowing full well they would be on the receiving end of feminist venom from all corners of Australia for doing so.

This is the same old story we’ve heard a million times over — the great injustice done unto women when the heads are counted and they are not equally represented in the upper echelons of society. I’ve remarked in the past that it is the height of arrogance and immaturity to work an average of ten hours less per week, retire nine years earlier, take time out for child-rearing, and choose the path of least resistance, yet demand equal outcomes as those who grind out the hard yards. What has been neglected, however, are the innate biological differences between men and women in terms of their natural abilities.

The Intelligence Quotient

Take I.Q., for example. Despite the noise trotted out by those with lower-to-average intellects about the validity of I.Q. tests and scores, I.Q. remains the strongest single indicator of financial abundance, vocational prestige, academic success, and a host of life’s other achievements. On average, men and women have roughly the same I.Q., give or take a negligible point or two. The glaring differences, however, arise in how this average is distributed. Compared to women, who tend to flock towards neither extreme, men deviate from the average far more, and thus fill out most numbers at both the top and bottom ends of life in general.

It is for this reason, perhaps more than any other, that the majority of outstanding achievers are men, and have been throughout history. The vast majority of scientists, philosophers, musicians, academics, inventors, writers, political leaders, and so forth, are men. But men also comprise the bulk of society’s shit heap. The homeless, long-term unemployed, criminals, drug addicts, mental health patients, alcoholics, and degenerate gamblers are also, overwhelmingly, men.

The I.Q. variation between the genders is considerable. Mensa International High I.Q. Society, for example, is composed of a membership in which  men outrank women 2 to 1 — roughly the same representation of men to women in Australia’s homeless populations. This sort of imbalance goes a long way to explaining why an even fifty-fifty split between the genders in every area of life is both impossible and misguided.


The Feminist Response

Oddly enough, I’m yet to hear a feminist complain about the disparity between genders when it comes to prison populations, or drug rehab centres, or the impoverished unemployed. But when a new government installs only one female in its entire cabinet? Outrage! When yet another report hits the papers of only a handful of female board members in blue-chip? Patriarchy! When women are outnumbered by men in award nominations in almost every field? Misogynist conspiracy!

We don’t live in a world where logic and reason are the best tools for policy making. Rather, we are forced to place feelings above truth, and political correctness against hard evidence. Ideas like this are instantly discarded as some type of evil misogynist propaganda to be ignored or ridiculed. Indeed, history has shown that those who speak this truth are at risk of censorship, character assassination, and dismissal from the most respected positions of influence.

In 2005, the President of Harvard University invoked the consistent gender discrepancies of cognitive tests to explain why there were far less women in high-end science and engineering jobs. The shit-storm that followed led to his resignation a year later, and Harvard pumped $50 million towards recruiting women into these industries. Deny the truth, silence the man brave enough to speak it, and follow it up with millions worth of funding the “even out the playing field”. This, from an institution supposedly created for higher learning.

Surely the strength of any argument or idea, especially one put forward by the president of one of the world’s most prestigious research institutions, should be able to stand or fall in the face of public scrutiny or debate. If it was so inaccurate, it would be torn to pieces. This was not the case. When the empirical science around our biological make-up didn’t fit the demands of the feminist “empowerment” brigade, then science was told to just shut the f*ck up.

What To Expect

My prediction is that the nonsense will resume after the fall of the Abbott government, just as it persists throughout the rest of the fem-centric Western world. Governments will continue to push and leverage and squeeze for another generation or two, trying in vain to get the social alchemy just right, struggling in vain for that elusive gender balance. Expect to see more affirmative action, more quotas, more female-only scholarships, education curricula favouring the female gender, more female-only recruiting drives, and a whole host of measures we are yet to imagine. It is clearly in a government’s interests to do so — the political potential to curry favour with half the country is just too strong to resist.

But after all these futile efforts have exhausted us, and we still don’t see the numbers women demand in their ideal world, the voice of reason will start growing stronger. Eventually, we’ll have to wake up to ourselves and admit that human beings are complex and diverse creatures, that biology dictates far more of our behaviours and lives than we’d like to admit, and that the sun does not revolve around the Earth — no matter how much a social trend stamps its feet and demands that it should.

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