The G Manifesto has said it for years: smoking is near the top of the list of what a man can do to improve his game. We may have been taught from birth that smokers are disgusting, disease ridden, and of a lower class, but what else in our collective conscious sparks such a visceral association with coolness like smoking does?

As the G Manifesto has been prone to point out, the most interesting international playboys, athletes, actors and all around interesting men of history have been smokers. It doesn’t matter if a man dresses sharp as a razor, or is skillfully disheveled, nothing non-verbal will ever tell a woman as much about a man as smoking will. If a woman sees a well dressed man standing contrapposto, smoke billowing from his nostrils, smirking while looking her way, she has no choice but to be attracted and assume he is a mysterious and cool bad boy.

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Aside from looking cool there are many upsides to smoking casually.

The Secret World of Smokers

A lit cigarette is the password in to one of the most seemingly exclusive, yet overwhelmingly large social circles in the world. With the prevalence of anti-smoking laws and overwhelming amount of public shaming, smokers have no choice but to stick together. In most cities smoking indoors is illegal. This means girls who smoke are forced onto the streets to get their nicotine fix. All you need to do is walk down any street with a bar and use the greatest opener of all time.

From the first spark of her lighter you’ve put yourself in one of the best positions possible. Smoking with a girl gives the two of you valuable, instantaneous, rapport; the likes of which can hardly be achieved so quickly through other avenues. Along with this. the social stigmas surrounding smoking means that more often than not a girl has already isolated herself from her cockblocking friends, preventing further headaches.

If She Smokes She Pokes

It is a known fact that girls who smoke are 69% more likely to be thin, slutty, and suck mean dick. The risk-taking and rebellious nature of puffing squares means she will be down for casual sex with you, the mysterious stranger. From personal experience the most insecure, yet social, women smoke. Use this to your advantage.


There is no simpler way to simultaneously isolate, qualify, and polarize a beautiful woman than asking her to go outside for a smoke. This one is a no brainer.

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Positive Habituation

I smoke infrequently. Others smoke a pack a day. To each their own, but what I have noticed is that associating smoking with going out at night and socializing has me going out much more frequently than if I weren’t to go out smoking. When your first approach coincides with your first nicotine buzz you’re bound to associate the two and be more active in game. I’ve set rules for myself and from these rules I have maximized the benefits of smoking while minimizing the negatives. Personally I only smoke when my intention is to get laid. If I smoke that night I’ll either bum cigarettes off of hot girls or bring a few of my own in a simple cigarette case. Limiting yourself to a couple of drinks and a couple of darts seems to be the sweet spot for both decreasing inhibitions and getting a good buzz without getting drunk. If you rigidly abide by your personal rules you will form a socially beneficial habit rather than a gnawing dependancy.

I firmly believe opportunistic smoking is the best way to give a man that added bonus when it comes to socializing and women. I do not refute the health effects of smoking, but the mentality of abstaining from things like smoking is the same mentality which rationalizes working 40 hours a week until the age of 65 as a life well lived.

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All being said smoking by itself will not make a man, but it will perfectly complement stylish dress, fitness, living by ones own code, and being flush with cash.

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