Today’s society is being saturated by feminist messages. We know the manosphere is doing its best to produce a revolution, yet we should be giving more guidance to men wanting to push back the tide. I’ve compiled three techniques that any man can use to change our society for the better.

1. Fat shaming year round

Fat shaming itself is not hard to do. Roosh and company have had great success with fat shaming week, but it wasn’t a continuous assault. If it worked in just a week, imagine the results if we kept it up for years at a time. Masculine men everywhere can subtly fat shame every day.

Every time you see a fat chick out on public, take a picture and upload it. You can also start writing and preaching truthful anti-fat facts. Call out fat chicks eating high-calorie food. Tell the women around you that high quality men won’t be seen near them if they gain weight and that negating their physical appearance is an obvious sign of a social class defect and mental illness. Even something simple like chuckling when a porker wants to be near you is a simple method that we all can do. Keep the pressure high and intense. Change will come shortly when most men stop rewarding and aiding porkers.

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2. Bridge the gap of ignorance

I would recommend every red pill guy to try to understand feminists/blue pillers. I’m not saying to empathize with them, but you must know how they operate so you can understand on how to dismantle them. Spend just a few minutes a day reading their material and watching their media. Look at how they market their image and what type of tones they convey. Even join there organizations and be an underground troll.

I learned a whole lot about transsexuals by doing these steps unintentionally. I was the typical college liberal do-gooder who worked for an LGBT group as an ally. I learned all the stupid terms that transsexual freaks used. I can argue against transsexualism for hours. I know their secrets and what stuff they’re hiding. Every blue pill/mangina/feminist/white knight has something they’re hiding. There is a closet of skeletons waiting to be unearthed. Immerse yourself in their world to learn how to fight their agendas and to reveal their weaknesses.


3. Use creative tactics

The manosphere is full of people with a diversity of talent and perspective. Athlone Mcginnis and Virgle Kent represent for us educated black men. Christian McQueen knows nightlife like an attractive girl on Instagram knows thirst. 2Wycked can diagnose somebody better than the majority of psychologists in America. Bring something to the mix that you know well. I’m not the best writer or public speaker and even I managed to contribute articles that hurt the enemy.

I used community social shaming to change my city for the better. In my part of town we have a transsexual freak problem. Losers from the surrounding states (NJ,NY,OH,DE) come to mine (PA). The hormones flow like a river and an LGBT center that will remain nameless is responsible for it. The problem is that I would be minding my business and a man with heels would harass me. Most of the time it was for sexual services or drugs. These individuals also have parades and events consistently fucking up Philly. I was sick and tired of their narcissistic solipsism.

I started to call out these transsexual freaks out in public, using my previous experiences with transsexual activism. I learned back in the day that transsexuals have this crazy expectation that they’re women since birth. They retcon their personal history and are always bitching about not being seen as a chick. In my mind they were trying to pass themselves off as “legitimate” but they were faking. They weren’t “authentic” at all, so  I started a local Philly trend by calling them bootlegs out in public. It wasn’t just dudes who were sick of the lying and trickery. We even had “authentic” real deal chicks tired of these male fakers calling themselves “lesbians”. My small area of Philly started to spread it around to the whole city. I even was contacted by some of my buddies in New York who started to use my terminology as well. A small local meme has crossed state lines.

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We need all masculine men to start using those three techniques to make the world a better place. Protecting masculinity should be a task for every man. Even if the battles are small-scale, every battle won makes the war easier to win. It also means getting rewarded with a society of attractive, thin, pleasant women around instead of the current breed of pajama wearing land-whales with deep voices and short hair.

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