If you are not aware of a problem, it’s incredibly difficult to begin working on a solution for it. To identify a weakness in your behaviour is to begin to be able to improve or eliminate it. And as enlightened readers of the manosphere, I believe it is our duty to our fellow man to present him information so that he may also understand clearly, the state of the world in which we find ourselves. This could be through inspiring through behaviour, through the insertion of intriguing red pill language into every day conversation, or even the redirection to certain websites. By doing this, we assist and educate our fellow man, converting more men to an alpha mentality.

However even with our best collective efforts, there are unfortunately some who, when provided with enlightenment still prefer to close their eyes and allow life to strongly shaft them, however direct the signs may be.

The following real life example, that I have personally observed unfold first hand, should serve to discourage any man who would otherwise choose to ignore the sometimes difficult to digest realities consumption of the red pill can bring.

A Gamma In The Wild

Girl goes to study in France, barely speaks any French but manages to get into university there. Maintains long distance relationship with Beta back in home country. She is relatively faithful towards him, only slipping onto two casual cocks through two thirds of her time at French university.

Traveling girl

Beta decides he wants some action closer to home and calls it quits over the phone. Girl is quite upset, taking a whole two weeks before cashing in one lucky orbiter for her consolation dick.

Despite said consolation dick, Girl is approaching end of studies. While quite literally ‘riding out’ the end of her course, she spots Gamma Man lurking in the corner of her favourite sausage bar. After making simple eye contact and positioning herself nearby, Gamma Man finally summons up enough dutch courage to initiate conversation. With her driving the conversation, they begin conventional dating, he subscribing to his romantic fairytale tradition his mother taught him while she wraps up her considerably sized male harem with a string of farewell rides. Even the orbiter got one. After she said her ‘goodbyes’ to the harem, she decides she is ready for something more serious. Devoid of any education about what this statement means, Gamma Man (still in the romantic idealisation his mother taught him), enters into a relationship with Girl, completely oblivious to any of the above.

The Gamma In Captivity

Many months pass. Gamma Man has been sufficiently conditioned through almost three years of using a combination of belittling, controlling supply of sex, guilt shaming on relatively inconsequential matters, criticism and imposed isolation. Gamma Man’s self esteem is that where he sees girl as far higher value to himself, pedestalising her to the highest level. In the false belief someone of his low standing could ever have attracted such a woman, he proposes. Girl contemplates for a short period, but without too much delay accepts, conscious of his promises of a ‘good life together’.


Soon after, Gamma Man and Girl begin building a home together, much in the same way as one of the opening scenes of Fight Club, where Edward Norton’s character recites the various names of the catalogue furniture in the apartment, with the small difference of the girl choosing everything and the gamma financing it, happy in the knowledge his life is complete now that has a wife. Over the next five years of marriage, as he is content in his idyllic scenario, Girl continues to play the wife role, albeit with some incidents;

  • Two months after marriage, Girl returns to home country and meets ex-Beta. They spend two days together, most of it in a hotel room.
  • Years 2 to 4: Three separate incidents of adultery, respectively two one stands, one while out ‘on a girls only night’, the second surrounded by a circle of men as she kissed one of her friends, where in her own words she ‘could’ve chosen any of them’ but surprisingly decided only to fuck one of them. In both cases she returned home same night in the early hours as though nothing had happened. The third case being an impromptu rendezvous in the communal bathroom with one of Gamma Man’s ‘friends’ he introduced her to.
  • Year 5: Blissfully unaware of any of the previous incursions, Girl realises Gamma Man has regressed to the point of total acceptance. He has given her complete freedom to do whatever she chooses, with a guarantee he will accept. Sensing her withdrawal from the relationship, Gamma Man takes girl on all expenses paid holiday to the Seychelles. Then highlight of this is her grinding up between two locals where, in her own words ‘husband didn’t do anything’. I would wager his self confidence being utterly destroyed by this point as a contributing factor in that.

Returning home, in the coming days girl starts to tell Gamma Man how ‘she needs some space’ and so ‘will stay with friends some nights’. Gamma Man blindly agrees, even dropping her off and agreeing to pick her up at her whim. Another flurry of one-night stands occurs, followed by a regular arrangement with a new Beta (a married colleague) and a Sigma she met at the gym. In total, two regular fuckbuddies and an ongoing stream of one-night stands, as well as her faithful husband, Gamma Man.


Gamma Desperation

Girl decides to move out to be closer to two lovers. Gamma Man is distraught, but again questions himself and tries to understand what ‘he did wrong’ for this to happen. He promises to ‘change himself’ and assures her he will ‘always be there for her’. He helps move her stuff to her new apartment, buying her a washing machine and a dishwasher in the process. Over the following weeks, he proceeds to take her food shopping on a weekly basis, driving three hours each way to do this. He assists also with the purchase and construction of furnishings.

Girl repays Gamma Man, by continuing to sleep with Beta and Sigma regularly, to the extent of either of these visiting Girl within fifteen minutes of Gamma Man finishing his purely domestic duties and leaving.


As an aside, it’s worth mentioning here that Gamma Man has at least taken the step over the previous years to improve his body somewhat to the point where anyone would consider him ‘clearly physically fit’ on sight.

Girl decides she wants to get more serious with Sigma, and so informs Gamma Man how he should sleep with other people. She says she wants ‘more’ out of life. Finally, Gamma Man explodes, perhaps from receiving this final death knell for his prior ideal. He smashes small parts of her apartment, driving back home and stopping briefly to pick up some alcohol.  He drives through the night, simultaneously drinking and texting essay-like messages to Girl, who doesn’t bother to respond.  Gamma Man, not getting any response, escalates text by text until threatening to kill himself by driving into a wall.

In tandem, Sigma has practically laughed off any suggestion he wants to ‘get serious’ with Girl.  She plays her final gambit, saying she is in love with him.  Taken aback at such a casual usage of this phrase, along with the knowledge of how this very phrase is so abused in the world, his very Sigma nature content in the life he has built for himself, tells her casually ‘then we can only be friends, as I like sleeping with different people; and leaves.


Girl is distraught, mind racing for further offerings she can use to ensnare this man she cannot control. She shouts something again about love and unheard words that sound about an open relationship down the stairs.


Remember this is all utterly true, and something I personally have seen time and time again. I could even say many years ago, I was gamma myself, promising the world to a girl, thinking I could make them happy by delivering anything they expected. The cost was, a void of love and attention unto myself.

I didn’t witness the conclusion of the above first hand, but I heard the girl was sleeping with someone else within two weeks, and had someone in her apartment the very next day after Sigma left. It was clear she was what is now unfortunately commonplace—a woman only seeking a challenge. That challenge being to serve and ultimately tame him. And this is unfortunately what I have found to be the case in the vast majority of the situations I’ve found myself in with girls over the years—they simply won’t respond to giving or accommodating behaviour. I’ve told girls to go fuck themselves, even pre-sex, accompanied with specific reasons why (essentially being very descriptive calling out their unacceptable behaviour), only to have them later contact me again as though that never happened and far more interested in escalating things to a sexual level. When it first started happening, I was genuinely surprised.

At risk of sounding like an over dramatisation, no one ever heard about what happened to Gamma Man. Presumably, he is still somewhere on this world, as Girl had been spotted around, looking as happy as ever.  I can’t imagine someone could continue to live life so carefree knowing they were directly responsible for the mental torture they caused someone else.

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