Are you familiar with The Ladder Theory? For those of you who have never heard of it, or forget what it is, it is a critical ideology that attempts to describe how heterosexual men and women relate to one another socially. It was developed in the 90’s by Dallas Lynn, as cited on the web page.

This is hard manosphere science of yesteryear—pure critical thinking and logic-based analysis of opposite sex relationships based on empirical evidence. While the explanation of the theory comes off very satirical, and a few of the details can be quite arguable, the foundation that makes up the principles of this ideology is rock solid.

Men Want To Bang Women

No matter how you slice it, every non-family member female in your life that your friends aren’t dating is on your sexual radar in some scope (hell, for a number of you sick and shameless individuals, the former conditions may not even factor). If you are “friends” with a female, then one of these conditions is undoubtedly true:

  • You want to fuck her.
  • You already have fucked her.
  • She is below a 5

There is not a single woman in my social circle that isn’t ugly that I would not bang if given the opportunity. Men do not casually make friends with attractive women—they are either forced upon them (family, friend’s girlfriend, etc.), or there is a physical intent. When you see a female your brain immediately and involuntarily gauges her fuckability, and as the theory suggests, puts her on the “ladder.”

A Woman’s Guy Friends Are Not Really Her Friends

Unless you are a wildebeest, all of your “guy friends” will definitely bang you if given the chance. The only reason they talk to you is because they either already have, or because they want to. Aside from that, they are your boyfriend’s friends and not really your friends. If they still talk to you after you and your boyfriend/husband are broken up, it’s because they want to bang you. Simple.

Men and women simply do not connect to one another chemically the way same-sex comrades do. Men and women are genetically designed to fuck each other. This is made evident by studies on pheromone response and studies on cross-sex friendships in different age groups. These scholarly journals paint a pretty plain picture: men and women want to fornicate with each other, and any non-sexual relationship is basically just a facade. It is merely a forced social construct that men and women constantly share exclusively platonic relationships.


 “The Friend Zone” Is Stigmatized For A Reason

No man is voluntarily in the dreaded “friend zone.” In fact, if you pay attention to the Red Pill community, alpha men generally won’t allow themselves to be in a sexless relationship with a decent looking girl at all. It serves zero benefit besides possibly having access to sex with a female’s associates. White knights, feminists, and ignorant women will deny and nay-say, but it doesn’t change the fact that for a man to hold a sexless relationship with an attractive female, there is a great deal of active suppression of coital desires that must take place. There is a froth of sexual tension that is bubbling just below the thinly veiled surface of every unconditional opposite-sex friendship.

Don’t be an enabler and don’t be a girl’s “friend.” The moment you take a back seat to her and you become her emotional punching bag who is “like a brother” to her is the moment where you are fulfilling her male sensitivity needs. When a woman knows she doesn’t need to actively work on a relationship with a man to get what she wants out of him, then she is no longer a worthy mate for anyone. She knows if that alpha she fucked the same night she met him at Club XYZ doesn’t feel like going out of his way for her, then her orbiter(s) will.


This makes her far less likely to try to impress him or put in an effort to make herself more appealing to him.To put it into perspective, a girl who has “all guy friends” is essentially the same as a guy who has an unconditionally loyal harem of cute bangs who will come over to his place after one text, do whatever position he wants, make him food, do dishes, then leave when he wants her to all on her own dime. There is no incentive to work on your skills with the opposite sex in either of those cases.


The lesson of the day is: you can’t be friends with people who you want to bang. Understand the roles the people in your life serve. Have some dignity and self-respect. If you have women in your life you want to get it in with but they won’t give it up to you, then stop kidding yourself. Learn to walk away from people who aren’t of value to you.

History, as well as a great number of scientific and empirical studies, have shown the relationship dynamic between men and women renders completely platonic friendship impossible due to our physical and emotional predisposition. The only thing perpetuating this contrived modern social norm is the “progressive” ideals instilled in our culture where men and women share professional work environments and strive for complete social “equality.” Men, understand that your male comrades are the only real friends you actually have.

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