You’ve been told, “Don’t do this.” “It’s dangerous.” “It won’t work.” “You’ll hurt yourself.” “You’ll fail.”

Everyone from your friends, ministers, parents, mentors… all of them. And you believed them. You ate up those words like a hot-cooked meal after a long session of leg-day workout. And you kept listening to their tiny little, soft whispers of advice for years. Like a dandilion in an open field, you went along with the flow…

Until for some miraculous reason you woke up one day…

And realized as you rose out of your bed and looked out the window where the autumn leaves were shaking by the breeze…

that you have achieved…

Absolutely nothing.

Not a single damn thing worth proudly screaming and proclaiming on top a mountaintop or into the vast blue horizon of the Atlantic Sea…

that you are not only a man but THE MAN.

And that’s because…

You’ve been living an apologetic life.

You have been tricked by all those around you to think that you can’t do what you want to do, be who you want to be, and go where you want to go.

And that’s not all. It gets worse:

You tricked yourself. You believed the hype. Boy, you fell for it hard.

And, thus, you still struggle for triumph…

You feel crippled.

But there is still chance. You can change. You have to. As all things in life, there will always be a second chance if you have enough willpower and conviction to put them into action.

Here are the 10 reasons to live without apology…

1. You will not be missed

You and I are just one person out of 7 billion human beings in this planet earth. You are not a special cupcake. There is no sprinkled toppings for you. If you die, at most 20 people will cry for you.

When Michael Jackson died, I didn’t cry.
When Nelson Mandela died, I didn’t cry.
When Paul Walker died, I didn’t cry.
When Obama dies, I won’t cry.

Do you understand my drift? If I didn’t cry or really care over the death of these accomplished individuals in their own right, do I expect other random people to care about me?

Hell no. This world is not a joke to be played with. Once you’re out, you’re out. So live big and stop being small.

2. Your hormones will thank you

When you take matters into your own hands, you are forced to take actions to improve your life. You are not forced by others, but by YOU. That puts tremendous power in your ability to become proactive instead of reactive.

You’re broke? No problem, get a job, save, and create an online business.
You’re depressed? No problem, go work out and start being grateful.
You’re ugly? No problem, give your parents a call and thank them for that.
You’re friendzoned all the time? No problem, stop acting like a friend.

How does this affect your hormones?

Easy. Proactive actions will make you feel like a man because by definition a man can’t survive without taking proactive actions. And whatever a man does and accomplishes in life is fueled by his go-to hormone: TESTOSTERONE. The more you use it, the more you need it, and the more you’ll crave it.

(I’m so lonely & pitiful) > (Take Action: i.e work out, make money, sex)  > (Big T) > (Holy Shit: This feels good) x100000 = Success

Literally, all your desires, action, and thoughts are driven by the primary hormone: big T. That is why when you see a strong man in your path, you step away for him. That is why when you get a confident salesperson in front of you, you can’t help but pull out your wallet.

3. Others will depend on you

Once you say sayonara to being controlled like a dog on a leash, you’ll eventually understand that you have power and a thirst for knowledge. In other words, now you can achieve on your own: money, status, and respect.

Your unapologetic mindset will drive you to achieve financial and lifestyle success and people will start to notice. When you show up in your new outfit and upgraded car, people will start to notice. When you pay off any kind of debt for your family, they will cry and respect you.

It wont be long before you effortlessly find people who will want to be your friend and businessmen who want to help you out.

(Don’t be surprised if girls suddenly start to think your bald head or your ugly face is attractive.)

You will realize from this experience something quite sad yet beautiful…

That all people are selfish and greedy just like you.

You will understand people. You will realize that what you have everyone wants a part of. And you’ll understand that is exactly how you were like… looking for a handout.

But you’ll understand why people are attracted to you because you realize that all people are attracted to success. To see something in real life what they have secretly envisioned in their hearts as something impossible will give them an ecstatic thrill.

You will understand. And you will share with those who you love and care for and those who were there for you from day one. All the rest, you know why they’re there.

4. You will be confident

Deciding to live and create the life the way you want and actually achieving it takes huge discipline, hard work, and balls. I mean, after all, you are literally thinking on a different wavelength than 90% of the people you come across.

The shit you say will confuse them.
The actions you take will mesmerize them.
And the byproduct of that is undeniable and unshakable confidence.

You won’t become confident if you are looking for others for the right answer or the right path for your life. The honest truth is there is no right way. Only you will be able to figure that out.

Whether you want to take a 3 month business vacation in Cancun or Bangkok, Thailand is completely up to you. If you ask 10 people what you should do, they will give you 10 different answers.

Your life is, as cheesy as it sounds, is completely unique. You have to understand that your way of life is yours alone and no one can judge that.

If you want to be an unapologetic boss…

Choose your path, decide to stick to it, and build your confidence.


5. You will experience amazing new things

Taking life on a path of an unapologetic man means not being tied to one set of experience. The life of waking up and having to work Monday to Friday from 9-5 with two weeks of vacation a year year-in and year-out, being excited for Thanksgiving holidays so you can get a 4 day weekend, is not the life that you will be striving for.

In contrast, how would it feel to travel to countries you’ve never visited or to live in mulitple locations around the world?

It’s even simple as trying new food at a restaurant you often go to or listening to random Spanish flamenco music on your radio.

Unapologetic people make strong decisions fully aware of the fact that there is a chance that it won’t go as they planned. But they know the reward is an unforgettable experience.

Unapologetic people bring life into their life.

You will realize that as an unapologetic man that every time you try something new, your set of experience widens, which will provide you with more of #4 and #2. (Yea, baby)

Ultimately, your unapologetic nature will enable you to experience life the way you want it to be.

6. Your patience will run thin for bullshit

Ever since I decided to say goodbye to the education system, my whole outlook on life changed. The first thing I did was stop accepting anything less than the best from me and others. Second, I put total responsibility and control of my life in me.

No government, no school, no family, no friends, no organization would take care of me. (Yea, a bit extreme but that’s what it takes to be truly unapologetic) I decided not to rely on any organization for my success.(Except the internet, which is a free network)

Realizing that all I needed was an understanding of my own power, I stopped accepting bullshit from everyone. I could immediately tell if someone was trying to take advantage of me. I could tell when a salesperson was trying to sell me an inferior product. I could tell when someone was trying to pretend to know something they didn’t know.

I also realized that I could be truly myself, a lone wolf tunnel-visioned, humble-hearted asshole who wanted to get things done efficiently, with class, and with pride. I didn’t need to please others or pretend to like stupid people.

I stopped hanging out with people who were negative and didn’t believe in me. I started to ask advice from people who had special knowledge in their field who were happy and successful, not the ones who pretended like they knew everything.

But first, I had to be unapologetic with who I was or what I wanted to achieve in life.

Once I took care of that, I could be myself.

And you should always be striving to express yourself fully since being phony sickens your soul.

7. You will motivate others

You came to this blog to extract man-handling knowledge and apply it so your life can be amazing. Maybe you’re not where you want to be in life. Maybe you need a lot to figure out.

But guess what? When you read articles from sites like this…

It cost you absolutely nothing. All you need to do is read. And then take ACTION.

8. You will accept your flaws… and not let it bother you

It should be obvious that despite any amount of accomplishment, success, and happiness you might achieve, you will never be perfect. And surprisingly, the ones who are okay with that come across as perfect because they are so genuine.

For example, I think Daniel Craig is one real badass. But I can tell he’s a Byronic introvert where natural humor and social skills aren’t his forte. And he probably knows it, too. But it doesn’t matter. He does what he wants, which is star in huge movies. Stop trying to be perfect.

The people that have the most trouble with this complex of trying to come off as perfect, of hiding their flaws, are those who are so insecure about revealing their lack of control with their emotion and direction of  life.

You might think that being an unapologetic man means to control everything but that’s the furthest from the truth. As an unapologetic man, you stop giving a shit about what you can’t control.

I am 5’9. I have acne scars from the high school years. But I don’t give a fuck. I used to a lot. But it doesn’t bother me anymore.


Why should it bother me when I know it’s nothing I can control and that worrying about it only will make me stupidly anxious.

What I do care about is my  physique, my style, my social skills… all of which are things I can control.

Stop trying to control things you can’t control. That is an easy road to anxiety and depression.

If you want to be want to be unapologetic, accept your flaws. Easy.

9. You will take yourself seriously

There are people who will say to you, “You take yourself so seriously.”

And I say, “Of course I do.”

There is a difference between “acting serious” in inappropriate settings such as a party or clubs and “taking your life seriously.”

I believe in “taking yourself seriously.”

I don’t care what others might have to say about that. The day they can show me how to transform $150 into a $3000-a-month automated income, I’ll listen to why I shouldn’t take myself seriously.

You know who doesn’t take themselves seriously?

Unsuccessful people. Dependent people. You are not one of them.

If you’re an unapologetic adult, you better be serious about who you are because there is no backup plan. There is no one who will succeed for you. You represent yourself. No mom and dad here, buddy.

10. You will succeed

The Holy Grail.

After all the struggle, the ups and downs, and living your life unapologetically, there will be a day when it dawns on you that you have succeeded.

It will take many months and maybe years.

Ask anyone how they did it and they’ll tell you the same thing over and over:

Hard Work.

If you’re unwilling to do that, you aren’t living without apology. You’re being small and lazy.

But it will happen when you put in the work everyday and don’t let others convince you to stop. You will someday realize the reason why others are still where they are is because they live with excuses and apology.

And then…

We succeed.

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