My previous article talked about 10 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Superior To American Women. I thought we would perhaps like to enlarge on that and explain more about why masculine Western men like feminine foreign women.

At it’s essence, the masculine energy seeks a balance with the feminine energy. The masculine energy is characterized by strength and power while the feminine energy is characterized by softness and healing ability. The majority of American women I come in contact with during my life does not embody the feminine energy. Rather, feminism has brainwashed them to want to be equal to men, an utter impossibility. But in their desperate and misguided attempts to try to be equal to men, Western women embraced masculine qualities instead of embracing their natural feminine qualities. Hence, the trend of women acting like men.

Such masculine women will forever be disappointed, because no masculine man could ever tolerate such women. No, the only kind of men they will ever attract are the beta feminine men, whom they don’t respect and therefore can never be satisfied with as a long-term partner.

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By now, I am sure a lot of unnaturally masculinized Western women’s mental hamsters are running in full speed. Some of them are probably saying, “Well, how can we be feminine in a society that enforces gender equality? How can we find a masculine man?”

If you are looking for a masculine man, the first thing you must due is give up all traces of arrogance in your personality. There is nothing more foul in a woman than arrogance. Second, stop trying to emasculate men. I find it very amusing how Western women are constantly saying “Where are all the real men?” but they are too stupid to realize that they themselves are the cause of this problem. If they would stop trying to emasculate men at every opportunity with man-hating feminism and political correctness, maybe men wouldn’t have been trained to be such spineless pussies.

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It is very difficult to find a truly feminine Western woman, and thus if you are a masculine man, the only real option is to go abroad. Foreign women obviously haven’t been raised in the feminist Western countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, or Australia (these four countries are the satanic axis of evil of feminism). Any Western man who has ever experienced a foreign woman knows this truth. Once you’ve tasted a superior product, it’s very hard to go back to a vastly inferior product. If you taste a 50-year-old fine wine, you will never want to drink a low quality $2 bottle from Trader Joes. Once a man experiences a foreign woman, he loses all desire to associate with Western women anymore.


Feminism Before and After

In this globalized world, Western women are simply incapable of competing with foreign women, who are vastly superior to them in all qualities. And instead of trying to improve themselves, so that they can compete with foreign women, Western women want to simply shame men for pursuing such women. Essentially, Western women have been ruined. And it’s very difficult to regenerate a woman once she has become ruined. Once a woman has become contaminated, it is not possible to save them in the current generation.

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You ladies can go be “big strong independent” all you want. An ever growing number of Western men don’t give a damn anymore. They could care less what you do. After all, we have options. You do not. We can go to foreign countries and find good feminine women. You can also go to foreign countries, but the men there will simply see you as a whore and use you as such. I’ve traveled to many countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia, and I’ve talked to many foreign men about how feminism has ruined Western women. And guess what? 90 percent of the men agreed with me and told me they feel the same way, that Western women have no benefit besides the sexual. The only option Western women have anymore is to just get pumped and dumped by alpha Western men and alpha foreign men. What a pity.

In the end, one thing is certain, and that is that this modern society simply cannot keep going on the way it has been. People can either voluntarily decide to change and or else people will be forced to change as society collapses. And unfortunately, it seems that the latter is inevitable, as the majority of people are simply too brainwashed and ignorant and refuse to change. That is fine, change is coming either way, and because people refuse to voluntarily change, a very painful process of change in the form of societal collapse has already begun. You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

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