That’s over two hundred and seventy-nine billion dollars (or 1.7 trillion yuan) that China is going to spend so that they can combat their smog pollution which is literally causing cancer across its countrysides.  Hopefully they made enough money making shitty knock-offs of every American product known to man to pay for that bill.

Look at this.  And we thought Los Angeles was bad?


While I could go on and on about the economic impact this could potentially have, I want to delve into the morality of this.  As you can see from the first article I linked, Chinese government officials begging for investments, putting their best spin on their pollution problem.  Hey, at least while spending billions of dollars…we’ll be safe from being bombed from other countries because of it!

The hamster is strong, gentlemen.

“Smog may affect people’s health and daily lives … but on the battlefield, it can serve as a defensive advantage in military operations,” said an article on the website of Global Times, a nationalist newspaper affiliated to the Communist Party’s mouthpiece the People’s Daily. Missile guidance that relies on human sight, infrared rays and lasers could be affected by smog in varying degrees, the article said. It explained that tiny particles in the air contributing to air pollution could hinder missile guidance systems.

So they’re saying that the smog isn’t, in fact, pollution – it’s a national defense against attack?



Government officials lying through their teeth for their own personal gain, with no regard for the citizens that vote for them.  Not much different from America. Does it not realize it is killing off its own people who could prove useful in a war with it’s toxic chemicals polluting the air?  That all the self-destructing smog defense systems in the world won’t do an ounce of good when their own kin are dropping dead left and right?

There won’t be any need for anyone to bomb China because their own chemical bomb is plenty effective already.

Over the weekend, 104 cities near China’s two biggest “industrial clusters — the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the Yangtze River Delta region,” saw visibility reduced to less than 10 meters according to Xinhua. The latest smog attack has left six dead.

More important to the government is saving face so you look good in the eyes of the citizens that are still standing and not dying of pollution filling their lungs.  What they’ve failed to mention is the other casualties that visibility of “ten meters” does to a population – car accidents, plane crashes, plenty of other issues.  The last thing China’s government should be worrying about when the visibility in their major regions is next to nothing is getting bombed by another country.  Meanwhile, the government wastes time spinning stories like these, which ring hypocrisy like a Chinese gong.

If there were to be bomb, perhaps the missile tracking systems are potent enough to knock them off their hamster treadmills.

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