If you were raised in a society of humans, you possess a basic moral code not to cause harm to others. This includes rape, whereby a man has sex with a woman who rather not have sex with him at that moment in time. But let’s say you’re a feral man who was raised by wolves. You enter society with the belief that it’s quite normal to force yourself upon a woman. To this man, I would like to share a few reasons why that’s a bad idea…

1. It hurts your penis


Sex requires a lot of lubrication. Some girls, due to sexual dysfunction, are unable to produce a bountiful amount of lubrication even during consensual sex. In the case of rape, there’s a large chance that the girl will not secrete the needed amount of lubrication since she doesn’t want to have sex with you. Unless you’re uncircumsized, dry sex is going to be painful and may even cause lesions.

Hypothetical reversal: If your victim digests a steady diet of 50 Shades Of Gray, she may very well have a rape fantasy. The lubrication she secretes could be higher than the previous beta male she consensually had sex with.

2. You dangerously expose yourself to STD’s


The modern woman is quite impulsive in her willingness to sleep with random men without using condoms. I’ve personally engaged in this behavior more times than I remember, and what continues to surprise me is how an educated girl with apparently good hygiene is so quick to take in my naked penis without asking for proof of its sterility. While most STD’s are quite manageable, why expose yourself to the risk? Since it’s just about impossible for rape to proceed on a conscious girl with condoms, it’s not a smart move from a health standpoint.

Hypothetical reversal: If you know she’s a virgin.

3. You can go to jail for a long time


If you’re caught raping a girl, you can be convicted in court and remain locked up for at least 10 years. During this time, you have no personal freedoms to work, go to the coffee shop, or take in a nice evening stroll. You also increase the chance that you will get raped yourself by other men who want to teach you a lesson for forcing yourself upon a woman who did not want you inside her. With ubiquitous surveillance and the invention of DNA testing, it’s a near certainty you will be caught.

Hypothetical reversal: Your life is so boring that going to prison would be a step up.


4. You may get her pregnant and have to pay child support


At the sexual climax of your rape, you will probably not have the forethought to pull out of your victim. Therefore you can cause a pregnancy whereby your victim chooses to carry your rape spawn to term. Congratulations, you are now legally obligated to support that child until it’s 18, even if you’re sent to prison. Are you ready for this responsibility? While most Western women are on the pill, there is no way to know this before you commence the rape.

Hypothetical reversal: You’ve always wanted to be a dad.

5. It’s less violent to seek out a prostitute


Having sex with a prostitute is a misdemeanor instead of a felony like in the case of rape. Many prostitutes are hard-up for money and will allow you to perform your rape fantasy on them for a modest bonus. You get all the sexual rewards without the rape risk. The fact that prostitution is a more available option for men is one reason why rape in America is at the lowest in 30 years (it has decreased by over 20% since 1992). You have to pretty stupid to rape these days instead of getting serviced by a hooker.

Hypothetical reversal: You want to experience the rush that comes from committing a felony.

6. It’s harder than just going to a club and finding a slut


If you think about what a real rape entails (and not the fake rape of a girl changing her mind the morning after because she feels guilt), it’s actually pretty hard to successfully execute one. You have to find a girl, physically overpower her, tear off her clothing, and somehow have pleasurable sex, all without being disturbed by eyewitnesses. It’s much easier to just go to a club, chat with ten homely girls, and invite them for some cocaine or alcohol at your place. Why rape when girls are giving it up so easily these days?

Hypothetical reversal: You are underage and can not go to a club.

If you’re reading this right now, it’s safe to assume you already have the morals that prevent you from becoming physically violent against a woman, but for the man who has been raised by lions, I hope this list helps him understand the self-harm of committing such a horrible act. As long as you don’t confuse violent rape with the legal act of sleeping with a promiscuous girl that’s as intoxicated as you, you should be okay.

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