Unfortunately, if you are looking for a raunchy, pornographic style filth list then you will be disappointed.  While a lot of these do have to do with acts preceding or involving coital play, as I’ve written before I don’t care for girls that crave and utilize ejaculate on their face as a treasured fountain of youth cream, rubbing it across their skin with the jubilation of a chunkster receiving her third piece of carrot cake.  It seems I am not alone, as a recent post by a talented blogger so eloquently described how girls these days love to be treated like human toilets.

No thanks. I prefer the sometimes subtle, the sometimes not mannerisms of an attractive, well manicured and beautiful girl who whether consciously or subconsciously, engages in actions that create a visceral reaction in both mind and body.  The kind that make me harder than the diamond rings our modern feminists will never see.  The kind that, in all seven instances below, have created an indelible mark in my mind.

No. 7: The Turn Away Hair Flip

This happens early in the seduction process, usually on a first date or first meet, when you are unexpectedly moistening her pink lotus and she senses the attraction by way of tingles.  Without fail, she will giggle, twirl her hair and break eye contact.  It’s cute, endearing and a sign of submissiveness that just makes you want to fuck her silly.

No. 6: The Lip Bite

Like Catcher in the Rye or a cheeseburger, a timeless classic.   Confused by her feelings of lust, elation, a desire to flirt and overall excitement, she ever so slightly yet tastily grabs a hold of her lower lip just enough to suggestively put thoughts in your head on what she can do with that lip… and what it protects inside there, namely her hopefully adept tongue.  You want to bite that lip back, before throwing her down and asking her to say “aaah.”

No. 5: The Cook & Clean

A slight deviation from the physical.  As men we are hardwired to seek and secure a woman who knows how to cook for us, and displays her homemaker prowess by taking full care of her man.  Asking us to sit and relax while she combines fresh ingredients into a meal that will satisfy her man goes a long way.  When the meal is followed by a gesture of full care and devotion — to not allow us to help and to clean the dishes shows she is willing to go the extra mile.  Not only do I find that sexy, but a sign of a quality girl.  Extra points if she cooks naked or with minimal threads.

No. 4: The Inverted Shirt Removal


Speaking of minimizing threads, this happened to me a few weeks ago.  A girl I was dating after initiating some kissing turned around and started walking to the bedroom.  On her way inside, she grabbed her shirt on both sides with the opposite hand, and slowly lifted the shirt over her shoulders first and then her head, inverting it both from top to bottom and from inside to out.  The way she shed her outer skin and slithered out of those confining threads put me into attack mode.

Bonus:  This can also project the same sexiness if done facing her, as she straddles you.  She removes her shirt, same opposite hand strategy as above, unclasps her bra and flips her hair to one side as she comes back down for a solid tongue session.

No. 3: The Arched Back

From any angle, the catlike prowler move of a feminine beauty moving across the bed will shoot straight disease free blood down to my groin.  Looking from the front you see the breasts and apple shaped ass.  Look from behind and be rewarded with a full view of the lovely vagina presenting itself for your dominance (assuming no roast beef).  Animalistic instincts take over and I just want to jump her.

No. 2: The Double BJ

Kind of an obvious one, yet rare.  There are a few sights that can short circuit your brain than looking down and seeing two girls vying for the right to satisfy you orally.  I’ve had a few of these memories burned in my mind, from random occurrences to creating passive pussy streams that yield such wonderful experiences (see #1 below).

No. 1: The Silent Shake

Your penis is inside her.  She is screaming, yelling your name.  Eventually, you get her to a point where she starts trembling, her vocality fading in favor of quick gasps of breath.  As she cums, she just shakes silently, twitching and juicing.  It is a silent shake, because if she can concentrate to the point where she is actually speaking or yelling then you have not made her lose all control.

While not necessary for a one off bang, if I plan to see a girl again I like to make her orgasm, and I will tell you why.  If you really make her cum, and I’m talking to the point of not being able to control her body or make intelligible sounds, you will have her.  She will be putty in your hands for the rest of your desired length of the relationship.  She will do almost anything for you, so you will continue to do that to her.  In fact, every girl I’ve had be open to, agree to, or actually bring me other girls for triple play activity has succumbed to a silent shake.

I don’t claim to want, or even be able to, do it at every instance.  But there are few things that can rival the silent shake.

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