Most people don’t think politically. That’s because most people don’t have a polis—a city-municipality in which their progenitors had venerable roots. Those who do reside within a polis often do not qualify as citizens. In fact, 98% of the population today do not qualify as “citizens” using a historical definition.  Of course  most residents today are deemed citizens, so the result is that citizenship has become worthless.

Citizenship has no intrinsic rights and privileges. All are equal before the law. The city police will be as quick to taser a middle-class male as they would a ghetto thug or obese food-stamp mother of any race.  Instead of having value, citizenship has a number of liabilities—city taxes, fines, regulations, high cost of living in exchange for cramp spaces, traffic jams, littered parks and pot-holed streets.

Real citizenship in the classic sense of the word comes from being born into a family who resided in that city for at least fifty years, or who were part of an ethnic community entrenched in the city for about the same length of time.

Who Is A De-facto Citizen?

  • They often possess considerable real-estate around the historic districts and older suburbs, as well as the local cemeteries.
  • They often serve on the dozens of governmental and party committees and councils of whose existence hardly anyone is aware.
  • They have been involved in local unions, fire and police departments, hospitals, and other public organizations and institutions for decades, if not generations.
  • They hold power but do not vote, except as a gesture.

Today, anyone willingly to jump through the appropriate hoops can register to vote, which makes your vote worthless.  The lackadaisical turnout for municipal elections is proof of the fact that everyone knows in their subconscious minds that their vote is in fact worthless.

Go to your local precinct or ward polling place next election and observe the people who show up to vote—elderly women, some real-estate types, perhaps some small business owners who are supporting an insurgent candidate,  and the middle-aged lesbians. You won’t find anyone under forty-five voting for a city mayor or in city council elections.  Young people don’t vote. There are two classes of under-40 aged young people who are exceptions to this rule: those who have antecedents  from the politically oriented class of citizenry like the George P. Bushes of the world, and their lackies who aspire to become apart of the political class like the Paul Ryans of the world.


These two classes themselves are kept from assuming the reins of power—young men are effectively prohibited from gaining political or managerial power in our society without the prerequisite connections of birth.  And why not? Most young men, after all, are functional  idiots—by the classical definition of the word. We no longer train men to be citizens in school, and most are incapable of self-education in civic affairs.  Red pill men spend a great deal of time learning to develop their minds and bodies, to handle women, and business affairs, but they do not attend to politics. Libertarianism is a popular political philosophy among young white males because it allows them to rationalize their narcissism and effectively avoid history in the making.

So what’s the answer, if you’re a young man, business owner, family man, or individual who wants to put roots down in some city?

Prepare to make your city better.

To be politically effective, it’s not necessary to become involved in the politics of your area—instead you must  educate yourself to assume power. Read serious political works by real politicians. Start with the Greeks and stop at 1900. Learn the history and theory of municipal governance in the U.S. Study architecture and urban design. For hands-on training you can join a political party and serve in its ranks. Get to know the people in your ward. Work in the trenches, observe the party leadership, take notes, study their personalities and compare them and their methods to what you are learning in your own studies.

It’s not about party affiliation. If you’re a conservative red-pill male in a Democratic Party stronghold, join the Democratic Party. Become a precinct-committeeman. Spread your views in a neutral fashion. Most Democrats are only in the party for money, or out of ethnic loyalty. They may mouth liberal slogans, but watch how they live their lives, witness their dissatisfaction with the system, and then strike!

The Democrats were once a conservative party in the days of Al Smith.  Like any political party it can switch ideologies at will. Politics is not about ideology. It is about the long term good of the city. Think about how you can turn your city into an affluent powerhouse of industry and culture that is both clean and pleasant to live in. Use Singapore and Hong-Kong for models.

Party politics has become a feminine preoccupation in the U.S. Treat the young women you meet no more seriously than you have to, but not flippantly. Act as if you were assisting your cousin the Girl Scout earnestly intent on earning her merit badge. Politically minded young women are usually wall flowers and plain janes, but in terms of pickup, they are safe, sane, convenient and discreet. Treat them like the serious and mature children they are.

Remember, it’s all game, except for the education part. Ask Alinsky,  “Why do we organize?” Power. Kings are Sovereigns. You can’t be one without power.

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