If you’re a fan of American college football then you’ve probably heard a decent amount of news from Tallahassee, Florida in recent months, most of it centering on Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston.

Winston has been a sensation in Florida since he arrived as an elite recruit from Alabama. Even before the season started, his legend was growing.

His impact on the baseball team was immediate.

He threw footballs clear over frathouses.

And in the pre-season spring football game, the freshman Winston’s dominance proved enough to convince Clint Trickett (a senior and the presumed starter up to that point) to get the hell out of dodge.

Then the season started, and the hype proved valid. From the very beginning, Winston began to make big plays. The Florida State team he led hadn’t been expected to do all that much. Winston was a freshman replacing a 3 year starter in EJ Manuel (a first round pick in the NFL). The team had lost a number of other key players on both sides of the ball. Florida State is not Alabama and, as a result, wasn’t expected to be able to simply “re-load” and replace all of that talent in a year.

Under Winston, however, that is exactly what happened. FSU became an unstoppable juggernaut, massacring every team it ran into as Winston made spectacular play after spectacular play.

By October, Winston was an obvious Heisman candidate with statistics that bested almost any other quarterback in the country. FSU was an undefeated national title contender. Everything was going smoothly… …until this.

An assistant state attorney says prosecutors in Tallahassee did not receive information about an 11-month-old sexual assault allegation involving Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston until Tuesday.

Tallahassee police investigated the Heisman Trophy contender in connection with a sexual assault that was reported nearly a year ago in an off-campus apartment. FSU records show the first report was made to campus police on Dec. 7 by a student at a dormitory. The investigation was handed over to Tallahassee police.

The case was not given to prosecutors until this week.

If charged, Winston would have been suspended indefinitely and his promising career almost certainly derailed. Florida State’s unbeaten run (and its national title hopes) would have likely went right down the drain without their leader. The hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands (most of Tallahassee plus FSU’s many fans nationwide) were under threat.

Syracuse v Florida State

I was (along with many others) suspicious of this entire thing from the get-go for a number of reasons (the timing being the most obvious). On Thursday, December 5th, these suspicions were proven well founded by the decision of the state attorney, a man known for throwing the book at FSU football players in particular, not to charge Jameis Winston.

Willie Meggs, the state attorney for the Second Judicial Circuit, announced the move during a news conference at the Leon County Courthouse. Winston had faced felony charges after being accused of sexually assaulting the woman at an off-campus apartment on Dec. 7, 2012.

Meggs wouldn’t say whether his decision was a vindication for Winston, saying he would “leave that to you all after you review the facts.”

He did reveal some new information, saying that while Winston’s DNA was present in the sexual assault kit, the DNA of another male was also found, complicating the investigation. That person was identified as the accuser’s boyfriend, and he was not associated with the complaint, Meggs said.

Meggs added that the accuser had no outward signs of trauma, a key point in trying to prove an assault, and that documents related to the case were being released.

Search warrants in the case were released before Meggs’ announcement and indicate the woman told police she was raped at an apartment after a night of drinking. In the warrant, the accuser says she and friends had shots at a local bar and her “memory is very broken from that point forward.”

Meggs said that toxicology reports show the accuser had a blood alcohol level of .04 and that there was no evidence of drugs, including what are commonly referred to as date rape drugs.

The accuser’s attorney claimed that she was raped. Despite this, no signs of struggle or trauma were visible on her. We were intended, I guess, to believe that she simply allowed her rapist to have his way.

Her attorney would claim that we are in fact intended to believe that because her client was, in fact, heavily intoxicated. Despite this, she only blew a .04 BAC, well under the legal limit for motor vehicle operation (read: she was sober enough to drive).

So, what did we have here? A false accusation. Is this an anomaly? Not at all:

Travis Johnson-s810_3

Former NFL first-round pick Travis Johnson, who was acquitted after a sexual-battery trial while he was a star defensive tackle at Florida State, said he is worried for FSU quarterback Jameis Winston, he told the Tallahassee Democrat.

In March 2003, Johnson was charged with sexual battery after a female student-athlete accused him of forcing himself on her. Johnson later was found not guilty by an all-woman jury after less than 30 minutes of deliberation.

This is odd. The feminists told me that false accusations of sexual misconduct are insanely rare—women don’t lie about these things. What are the chances of two African-American football players at the same school in the same (relatively small) town facing such false accusations within a 10 year time frame?

In any case, the lack of veracity in this accuser’s claim leaves a simple question to be answered: what really happened with Jameis? Newly released Tallahassee Police documents that include testimony from two witnesses tell the story:

ronald darby

I, RONALD DARBY, hereby having been duly sworn and affirmed hereby state the following as true and correct:
My name is Ronald Darby. I am over 18 years in age. I am a resident of Leon County.

On December 6, 2012, I went with Chris Casher and Jameis Winston to Potbelly’s. We arrived around 11:00 p.m. While there, I watched Jameis talking with a white female that had blonde hair. It appeared that the female was pursuing Jameis. In an effort to continue to hang out with Jameis she was trying to get her friend to go home with Chris Casher. As Jameis and this girl talked, she did not want him to leave.

Jameis Winston, Chris Casher and l decided to leave Potbelly’s and the same blonde female followed us out of the club. This female did not appear intoxicated. She was able to walk out of the club, have a conversation with all of us and use her cell phone to text her friend to join us. She even got in the cab with us.

When we returned to our apartment building, she followed Jameis into his apartment and into his bedroom. Jameis and the girl went into his bedroom. The lights were on and the door was cracked open. The door did not lock and did not close all the way because the lock was broken.

As the door was partially open, Chris looked through the opening and we could see her giving Jameis oral sex. Chris continued to watch Jameis and the girl through the cracked door. He was playing jokes on Jameis and trying to embarrass Jameis. Chris walked in Jameis’ room and the girl told Chris to get out. She then got up turned off the light and shut the bedroom door. Chris and I could hear her and Jameis having sex. At no time did the girl ever indicate that she was not a willing participant. In fact, she wanted more privacy by closing the door and turning off the lights.


After approximately 20 minutes, I left the apartment and went upstairs to my apartment. As I was walking to my apartment l saw Jameis leave with the same girl on his scooter. Approximately five minutes later, Jameis returned on his scooter.

chris casher

I, CHRISTOPHER (CHRIS) CASHER, hereby having been duly sworn and hereby state the following as true
and correct:

My name is Chris Casher. I am over 18 years in age. I am a resident of Leon County.

On December 6, 2012, I went with Ronald Darby and Jameis Winston to Potbelly’s. We arrived around 11:00 p.m. I met a white female with blonde hair. She came up to me and asked if I played football. When I responded that I did play football she seemed more interested in me and gave me her telephone number. I went off and started mingling with other people in the club.

When Jameis Winston, Ronald Darby and I decided to leave Potbelly’s and the same blonde female that gave me her telephone number followed us out of the club. This same female wanted to leave with us in the cab and virtually invited herself. She was not intoxicated. She was able to have a conversation with us.

She was not slurring or stumbling. She was using her cell phone to try and invite her friend to join us. When we arrived at Legacy Suites, she got out of the cab and followed Jameis to his apartment and into his bedroom.

Jameis and the girl went into his bedroom. The door was pulled shut but could not shut all the way because it was broken. The lights were on.

Since the door was partially open, I looked through the opening and we could see her giving Jameis oral sex.

They had only been in the room a few minutes before I witnessed her giving him oral sex. Jameis was facing the door with his hands on his hips while she was in front of him on her knees. I witnessed them both take each other’s clothes off and lay on the bed. Jameis and the blonde female began having intercourse. As a joke, I busted into the room to embarrass Jameis. The girl yelled at me, “get out.” She got up off the bed and turned off the light and tried to close the door. I could hear them continuing to have sex. She never indicated that she was not a willing participant. From what I saw she was a more than willing participant.

After approximately 20 minutes, I went into my bedroom . I could hear Jameis and the girl leaving. They were talking to each other in a friendly manner.

A typical story: the girl got a little buzz and decided to get adventurous with a couple of athletes. She later regretted this, especially after she realized that Jameis Winston already had a long-term girlfriend (due to visit him at FSU just a day or two after this incident).


She was nothing more than a casual, short-term slampiece to him, a quick sex toy to be shared with his buddies. She figured she deserved better than that and her solution was a common one: claim sexual assault/rape. Turn the man she gave sexual access to into a trespasser.

She failed to do this, but this saga can still prove educational to many men. Despite the fact that he will not be going to prison, Winston has still paid a price for this drama. His name was dragged through the mud and he spent the better part of a year with the spectre of a falsely-conceived prosecution hanging over his head and potentially ending his career. There was obviously plenty of noise coming at him from fans and media across the country, many of whom were happy to see him in trouble and hopeful of his being put away. And, finally, there was the need to face friends and family and explain all of this to them as they too bared the stress.


Travis Johnson knows all about the costs of this kind of thing:


Johnson, who played six years in the NFL after he was a first-round pick of the Houston Texans in 2005, told the newspaper he thinks Winston will suffer emotional distress even if he is never charged in the investigation into a sexual battery allegation stemming from December 2012.

“Right now, Jameis is as cool as the other side of the pillow,” Johnson told the Democrat. “But on the inside, I know that it’s killing him. The longer it goes on, the more it’s going to wear on him.”

Johnson, 31, who lives in Houston, told the Democrat the charge followed him for years and that every NFL team he spoke with brought up the case.

“There’s a reason I met with all 32 teams,” he told the newspaper. “Because all 32 teams wanted to know what happened. … In this country, you are guilty until proven innocent. In the court of public opinion, they crucify you.”

And what was the cause of all this turmoil? What brought about this media storm that engulfed the sporting world for months and threatened to bring down one of the greatest young stars college football has ever seen?

A pretty little co-ed got a little loose one night, did some things she regretted and didn’t want to look bad. That’s all.


Such is the world we live in, gentlemen, and such is the world we must adapt to. Women in this society (particularly the young ones of European heritage) have tremendous influence. One peep from them regarding their having been harmed by you in any way can bring tremendous consequences even in the total absence of evidence. In some cases, these consequences can be as simple as a white knight stepping in and “defending her honor” by getting confrontational with you. In other cases, the consequences can awaken societal forces large enough to bring young superstars and multi-million dollar athletic programs to their knees. All on a whim.


And when these claims are proven false, what happens to the accusers? Not much. The media continues to try and protect the accuser of Jameis Winston by refusing to use her name, and the authorities aren’t releasing it either (even though word has gotten out unofficially). Meanwhile, as the powers that be worked to shield this accuser, Winston’s name got dragged through the mud before he was even CHARGED with a crime. Again, such is our world.


What can a young male concerned with self-improvement (and self-preservation) take away from all of this? Cover your back. Watch yourself and always maintain a healthy dose of skepticism regarding the intentions of these women. Be careful where you put your dick. You are, as a male in this country, at a significant risk of facing false accusations of sexual misconduct and the consequences of doing so are not trivial. Don’t let a feminist tell you otherwise—they look out for the women bringing the accusations, not for you.

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