With the holidays approaching, it is a good time to remind people that life is about not giving up. People tend to give up too easily on things, especially life. If things are  too hard or have failed in the past, people just stop trying and become complacent with what they have. No matter what setbacks life hands you, as long as you’re still breathing you’re still in the game. The only thing in this world that cannot be redeemed is time. As long as you have the time you can work to overcome whatever obstacles life puts in your way. Whether some type of illness, legal setback, or loss of fortune, a man can always strive to overcome almost anything. Giving up is not the solution and when one does give up, he merely admits defeat. If your path is blocked, you should always work to find a way around the obstacle. Here are a few prominent examples of people moving forward.

Martha Stewart

This poster child for not talking to police has done some hard time in prison for related to talking to the FBI about some stock deals. Some said that the conviction ended her career in entertainment. it did hurt her promotional endorsement deals and set her back a few years on the outside but she merely went back to work as soon as she got out of her cell. Some could argue her time behind bars might have actually given her more credibility. I would have to see the jailhouse tattoos to better judge this.


Stephen Hawking

This gentleman is paralyzed in a wheelchair due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Not only did he not allow this to keep him down, his contribution to science along with his computer generated voice has created a celebrity of sorts. He has had a cameo Star Trek: The Next Generation and an Epic Rap Battle of History. Most people I know would take a sentence to life in a wheelchair as a permanent downer but this man has overcome that become so much more. Maybe one day I’ll be able to understand the books he writes.


Richard Nixon

This example is a little bit of both giving up and keep trying. Say whatever you want about his politics, he stayed in the game after losing the nomination to the Kennedy. This is the only example of a modern perennial presidential candidate actually winning the office. He did throw in the towel though when he gave up gave America its first unelected president, Gerald Ford. That could be considered an accomplishment for notoriety.

Now that I gone over some historical examples of success after setback, it is time to delve into what the future might hold for others. The next few people are down on their luck after falling from very high places.


Bernie Madoff

This Wall Street hustler had a financial empire (of cards) dismantled after being caught running a Ponzi scheme among the rich and powerful. He is currently sentenced to a long stretch in a federal penitentiary. The scandal actually caused his son to hang himself with a dog leash. As I said previously, as long as you’re breathing, the game is still on. While his son cannot work to succeed in this life, you can’t count Bernie out. As Marc Rich demonstrated with his last-minute pardon by President Clinton, rich and powerful people in America don’t really fall that far. Mr. Madoff knows too many people and might have quite a bit of money stashed away somewhere to grease some wheels. I do not see him being locked up forever. I am predicting that in a couple years, he will have mysterious illness that cannot be treated in prison and is allowed out. If this were to happen, I would like to see how he works to build his empire again.


George W. Bush

This punching bag for the left and favorite scapegoat for all the current problems in America has left the highest office of the nation. Has that slowed him down? Maybe, but he has uses free time to explore new pursuits in his life. Apparently some of his private emails were hacked leading to the exposure of the fact that he is a painter. While certain snotty pretentious people were quick to criticize his lack of skill, I find it amazing that he picked up the brush and put serious effort into it. I find his work unique and far better than many first-year art students I’ve seen. The fact that he took up a new pursuit seriously even after being the leader of the free world means he hasn’t given up on the game.



The point of this article is to emphasize that moving forward and working towards success should always be the direction a man is going. No matter how bad the setbacks are in life, a man should constantly work to improve himself and his position. Unless your crimes lead to your execution there really is nothing stopping you from trying to succeed. Wallowing in your own guilt and pity is never a solution. No one actually wants to hear your “woe is me” story repeatedly. If you find yourself complaining to anyone who would listen and that person doesn’t really seem interested, maybe you complain too much. If there’s some obstacle in your life you cannot overcome using traditional means, maybe you should try nontraditional means. The point is you always keep trying. Never give up.

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