ATTENTION: Beta nerds across America, rejoice!  You can now have sex with a real, live Secret Internet Fatty for just a few hundred bucks, provided you have an Internet connection!

While listening to a recent podcast about my 20 Things Women Should Be Shamed For, Not Celebrated post, I was introduced to a new form of social media…FriXion.

FriXion is an online community whose users are able to touch each other using various supported haptic devices from hand holding and kissing up to full penetrative sex – regardless of where they are in the world, from across a room to across an ocean.

I don’t think I need to get into the overall level of desperate you have to be to literally go out and drop several hundred dollars, so you can have a girl stimulate you with a Fleshlight online while she uses a dildo to mimic the motions.  Needless to say, these are the type of people we here at ROK strive to shame.

Unique to FriXion, our most advanced peripherals use bidirectional force feedback telemetry to create simultaneous one to one motion and resistance between your and your partner’s device.  The result is convincing and organic intimacy over any distance, from across a room to across an ocean!

What does something like this mean for our culture, if and when it goes mainstream?

Our society is very much adaptable.  Ten years ago, we couldn’t even fathom smartphones, and I’m sure nobody would have predicted how mainstream texting would become, whilst calling is now seen as “creepy”.  What concerns me is what will happen when this new disturbing form of sex becomes the norm around society.  Much like how online dating took heat for many years, this will be pushed back and shamed by the whole of society upon first release.  Over time though, that shaming will wear out, and if it can withstand that, then it will integrate into our culture much like online dating has.  Soon, real-life sex will be seen as “inconvenient” (much like going to bars to meet someone is portrayed), and platforms such as FriXion will be seen as “cool” (much like Tinder is).


It means that human interaction, which is already becoming more text based as compared to human interaction, will only continue to be poisoned further.  Hell, for the beta males, they already have very little reason to leave home.  Food?  Order takeout.  Work?  Plenty of jobs can be done remote.  Entertainment?  Movies, books, and a plethora of other options are all available for download.  Exercise?  Get a treadmill.  Want to get a girlfriend?  Fire up OKCupid or Tinder.  Hell, I do it, it’s that convenient.

Now though, “sex” will be available for anyone with a couple hundred dollars to blow and a 10 megabyte cable connection.  Rather than guys discussing the best way to find the g-spot, it’ll be over what the best Fleshlight is to use while your e-girlfriend jerks you off.

Do I get this porn star’s asshole Fleshlight, or this slut’s mouth…hmm, decisions, decisions.

What does it mean for guys like ROK’s readership, though?  Here’s where the good news comes in for you, readers.  Because while society’s norms and beliefs will adapt over time, humans at our biological core require real, face-to-face interaction and human touch.  The number of males capable of having a decent face-to-face interaction with a girl will continue to dwindle down, likely prompting more “Why are alllllll the good men gone?!” bullshit from women.

I’ll tell you where.  They’re in their bedroom because they have no incentive to leave.

With every new social media platform that further disconnects society from human interaction, this gets easier for guys like you and me, because we understand how psychology and human interaction works.  At the bar, guys will stutter with their openers because they’re used to opening with “how r u?” typed out on their iPhone.  Meanwhile, we’ll have plenty of smooth openers to grab their attention.  While plenty of guys will know how to work a robotic dildo better than we ever will (years of Starcraft will have been excellent training…fucking nerds), we can unhook a girl’s bra with one hand on the first try.  Good luck getting her to come back for a second round when you’re stumbling around in the bedroom like a virginal teenager.

While the emergence of a technology like this is undoubtedly disturbing and discouraging, look at it from the bright side.  Game is only becoming more and more efficient as social media encourages being a pussy.

If you haven’t started learning game, you probably should start doing so.

And if you want to make some money, robotic vaginas and penises probably are a pretty safe bet for the future.

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