If there’s one thing every player knows, it’s that women gravitate to gentleman who are always on their best behavior and mind their manners. Why, just the other day I went to a bar and saw a man accidentally bump into a young woman, and when he said “I’m sorry, Miss, please excuse me” you could just feel the sexual tension in the air. But don’t take my word for it; a recent survey proves women like nice guys with good manners:

The study, which was commissioned and carried out by officials at Scaramouche & Fandango, brought with it some interesting results, the most striking of which was the fact that 61 per cent of females questioned believe that the image of men associated with the 1950s is more favorable than that of the young males of today.

[…] explaining that the main reason behind the results was that men of the 1950s are perceived to have had much better manners than their modern, 21st century counterparts.

Nice guy beta males everywhere, rejoice! You’re way ahead of the pack. But you still have a little manning up to do, because another analysis of this survey showed:

What’s more, although 79 per cent of men surveyed felt that they behaved in a gentlemanly way towards their partners, only 52 per cent of women agreed.


If you’re a nice guy, you may want to pay close attention to those numbers. Try to ratchet up the gentlemanly behavior and close the gap a little. It’s not hard to do, all it takes is a smile and a wallet.

Old-fashioned manners proved overwhelmingly popular among women, with 82 per cent saying they preferred old style chivalry such as holding doors or buying flowers to their modern equivalent – buying a drink.

Hold the door open for her, buy flowers, and go ahead and pick up the tab too, just in case. Keep it up, old school nice guy – you know, since it’s the manners and chivalry that attracts women and certainly not the fantasy of being banged silly by a handsome, aggressive, successful, fictional, philandering Mad Man.

The chasm between what women say and what they do grows larger by the day. Then again, being a 1950’s man did have its perks…

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