It is indisputably true that women in the Republican Party are significantly more attractive and more feminine than their counterparts in the Democratic Party. Considering that the Democratic Party is the home of feminism, it makes sense that women who embrace the choice of androgyny feel right at home in the party.

Democratic women — by and large — believe instituting a reign of androgyny will end sexism. Not only are they wrong about that approach, but they also seem to think that men and women are carved out for the same roles. They seem to think ending sexism rests in governmental intervention and deconstruction of “gender.”

Democratic approaches ignore the real issue — that women still think of themselves as inferior to men. That is why they spend so much time thinking about male privilege. In their mind, if they were a man, their problems would go away. In 2013, they don’t realize that the only thing that holds a woman back is herself. No amount of government intervention can convince a woman to truly want to change. Furthermore, men and women are different biologically. God or evolution didn’t give women ovaries so they could slave away in a cubicle. No, it is because women are designed to give birth and care for children. Everything else in the human experience for women is secondary.

Why should we even consider their ideological opinions? They take no strong stands, spearhead no new policies, expand no boundaries of political debate. They are followers of the supreme order. Just like their personal lives, their political lives are constructed around safe decisions cloaked as brave ones because they are terrified of losing social approval. Now without further ado, the seven ugliest female Democratic politicians:

Tammy Baldwin


Tammy Baldwin is a Senator from Wisconsin. She is famous for being one of the most liberal members of Congress, wholeheartedly supporting ridiculous ideas such a single-payer healthcare system and increasing police authority in addressing the already over-addressed issue of male domestic violence against women.

In true female form, she reinforces female inferiority by treating women as a special class of victims that need incredibly high levels of governmental intervention to save them from their own choices. She routinely votes against resolutions honoring the victims of 9/11. She is also famous for being a lesbian. She is the first gay member of the US Senate and, as such, she wastes her time complaining about the need to for governmental sanctioning of gay relationships. Legalize love and all that ridiculous rot. Unexpectedly, she left her “life partner” in 2010 and is currently looking for a new box to munch.

Claire McCaskill


This warhammer is a Senator from Missouri. Yes, the state in which Todd Akin was running for Senate, in which he uttered a phrase that Democrats used to troll the nation and ensure Osama’s reelection. McCaskill went to the University of Missouri, a mediocre law school that regularly produces lawyers of middling competence that would impress Roman Hruska. She ranks as a moderate Democrat, but her lockstep movement with major Democratic initiatives, such as Obamacare, betrays her true ideological feelings. She has been embroiled in scandals in which she used taxpayer dollars to fly her family from St. Louis to D.C. As if her looks were not offensive enough.

Ann McLane Kuster



Kunter is the freshman U.S. Representative from New Hampshire. Apparently all those voters fleeing the monstrosity that is Massachusetts politics take their voting preferences with them, not realizing it is their big government voting patterns that are the problem. She is minorly famous for snapping on Americans, telling them they need to have patience about Obamacare. You know, be patient about Obama’s presidency-defining initiative that affects every single American. Be patient, government bureaucrats have only been working on this project for multiple years.

Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren is yet another liberal Senator from Massachusetts. She came to national prominence as a special advisor for Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She wouldn’t have made this list if she had stayed a Republican, but she turned to the Democrat party, as she felt that strong governmental intervention into the marketplace is what is healthiest for a free market.

She defeated the charismatic and much more qualified Scott Brown in 2012. She is regarded as a serious thinker, but she chaired the TARP implementation, supports merely only lowering student loan interest rates and supports Obamacare. For all of her professed worry over the middle class and the poor, her career shows a woman supremely interested in upholding the system she claims supports inequality and discrimination. Imagine that — the powers that be are using women for maintaining what feminists would term the “patriarchy.” Genius.

Janet Napolitano 


2/10 would not bang.

Debbie Stabenow

Non-official headshot

Stabenow is a Senator from Michigan. She is famous for….nothing. She is a completely lock-step Democrat, with absolutely zero personal charm or unique views. She represents the modern female: a robot, an automaton who simply just does what she is told. She is known for her insistence on a “Fairness Doctrine.” The “Fairness Doctrine” refers to a US policy that required those who hold public broadcasting licenses to address important social issues and present them in fair, balanced ways. Imagine that! Liberals would have to stop trolling America with their insistence that everybody in America (read: white males) hate them.

Somebody might have to be called up to address the narcissism in that. Further, imagine a world in which feminists would have to present fair and balanced arguments. I don’t think feminism could survive with a Fairness Doctrine. Of course, Stabenow doesn’t know that. She just does what she is told.

Maxine Waters


Maxine Waters is a long-time US Congressman from California. Just look at the picture. Those frown lines can only belong a perpetual victim, a self-possessed woman who thinks everybody (read: white males) are out to get her. She is a long-time race baiter who is supremely interested in the story of Maxine Waters as told by Maxine Waters. She has a long list of inflammatory quotes that she gets a pass for because she is a woman, not because she is black. A black man would not be able to run their mouth like this battleax does.

This is by no means a conclusive list, but it’s indisputable that ugly and disgusting women are drawn to the Democratic Party like the plague.

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