After studying some evolutionary psychology, I was shocked to find that a woman’s scheming ways are actually a biological instilled trait, one she cannot readily control. I had assumed woman treated infidelity the same way men did, out of conscious choice to do so, but I was wrong. One book that stood out was Sperm Wars by Robin Baker. When it was released in 1996, it caused extreme controversy and was met very critically by angry reviewers (mostly female). With its re-release 10 years later it became an instant best seller and classic. It’s a must read for anyone interested in the scientific aspect of sex/relationships. I will briefly sum up a few of the facts that stood out the most.


1. 10% of children are not fathered by their “fathers

Perhaps we’ve underestimated the phrase “Alpha fucks, Beta bucks.” It is always a sad moment when you read an article in the news about some respected male celebrity who was duped by his beautiful wife into raising a child who wasn’t biologically his. The thought that the child could have possibly belonged to another man never crossed his mind. An obscenity like demanding a DNA test would have been outlandish on his part and disrespectful to his wife.

However, we see this all the time on the Maury show, where we like to laugh at unintelligent individuals who beat their chest and flip chairs when they’re told their new baby was, in fact, from another affair. Those people you criticize for misjudging their partner’s fidelity are not so much different from you and I. In an evolutionary perspective, the man who pumped and dumped (alpha) is successful because his seed was conceived and taken care of by another family. The woman wins too, her vagina favored the “lover’s” sperm over the “partner’s” and her child will have the genes of a champion (as well as being provided for by the loyal spouse).

The unfortunate loser is the unknowing beta male who assumed the baby was his. After dismissing suspicions that his woman cheated on her last business trip to Barbados, he is now playing the provider role for another man’s child. Even if he chooses to leave her, he will be stuck paying child support for the illegitimate child.


2. “Smart” vaginal mucus encourages some sperm but blocks others

Smart is correct. I always knew women were governed by their emotions but I had no idea their vaginas made decisions for them. Women seem to be far more likely to conceive through a casual fling than through sex with a regular partner, which explains why a rapist’s sperm is usually the most successful in impregnating his victims. This also probably explains the rape fantasy most women like to deny exists. As it turns out, a vagina will reject a load of unwanted sperm in what is called a “flowback” sometimes hours after intercourse. The preconception that all sperm is just as likely to impregnate is false.


Some couples try for months, even years to conceive only to meet failure time and time again. It isn’t only that the guy’s sperm is probably on the weaker side—it’s the woman’s pussy who is constantly rejecting his attempts.

A message to all newlywed males: that “bad boy” dude next door your wife has coffee with every Tuesday has probably fucked her at least once. The tests are in: you are NOT the father. “How could you, wifey? How could you help that guy’s sperm beat mine, after all we’ve been through!” It’s not her fault. It was her meddling judgemental vagina who’s to blame.


3. Vaginas encouraged evolution of sperm warriors

“Less than one percent of a man’s sperm is capable of fertilizing anything.” These guys are called the “egg-getters”. The strikers going for goal on your reproductive soccer team. The rest are “killers” (who kill other sperm with corrosive poison) and blockers (who prevent other egg-getter’s from probing the cervix). This means that a vagina promotes sperm warfare. Whether she favors one sperm load or the other contributes to the sperm’s success.

Men also subconsciously ejaculate more sperm at times than others. For example, his body may say “Is this a 150 million sperm load or 30 mill day?” This happens subconsciously every time you ejaculate in your girlfriend, you are just “topping up” her already full vaginal reservoir (assuming you had sex with her only a short time ago). If you have a repeat sexual partner like a girlfriend or wife, you are giving more blockers who “patrol” the vagina ready for intruders. However, if you were to rape a girl the next night, you’d deliver more killers and egg-getters.


Do yourself a favor and grab this book to learn more interesting facts, such as the probability of a homosexual child, the manipulative techniques orchestrated through a woman’s orgasm, and the role of rape in evolutionary reproduction. It will help you understand the subconscious drivers of human sexual biology. Our brains have evolved an intellectual capacity where we feel in control, but our genitals operate on a different program.

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