I like dogs.  Matter of fact, I love dogs.  I think dogs are a blessing for man, be it a lucky quirk of nature or by divine design.

But I will NEVER date girls who “rescue dogs.”

If you are unaware of this trend, allow me to explain.

Many innocent dogs are abused, mistreated, or just outright abandoned by their despicable owners.  The humane society does their best to help, but in the end must put most dogs to sleep as there are not enough masters who wish to adopt.  To prevent this (merciful) euthanasia, various “rescue groups” have been created where (primarily) women adopt dogs to save their lives.

On the face of it, it is fine. It is wonderful.  It is kind.  It is charitable.

Until you start to notice some trends and similarities with “Rescue Dog Girls.”  Namely, they’re using it as a substitute for human love and companionship.

For example, one of my friends.  I love her dearly, but she is overweight, waxes poetically about her past with men, and constantly rescues dogs.  I do dare make the accusation she does this not so much for the dogs, but because she is not capable of finding/attracting a man in her life.

Another example delivered via anecdote was a girl who had 8 dogs and 7 cats in her house.  My friend visited her place for dinner and could not eat because of all the smells, hair, and dander.  The boyfriend of this girl told her that maybe she should let her pets live out their normal lives, but not replace them so that he and she could travel the world.  She agreed…

until one of her dogs died…


and she promptly replaced it with a puppy (the boyfriend promptly dumped her).

I could go on, but I’ve seen enough evidence that I’m convinced this is a trend. Rescuing dogs is a coping mechanism, another red-flag we can catalogue in our Catalogue of Red Flags.  And the reason it is such a red flag is because it shows you how little effort the girl is willing to put into a relationship.  Yes, she may want companionship.  Yes, she may want love.  But instead of committing the time and resources to self-improvement to attract a man, she will merely buy it on the cheap by rescuing dogs.  But realize there is also a scary element – control.

Yes, women may want to rescue dogs.  Yes, they may want to nurse an entity back to health.  But I can’t help but notice how in a very “Misery” like way these dogs are completely dependent upon their new owner.  Genuine charity and love aside, these dogs are a captive audience, and their love AND OBEDIENCE must be paid to the dog rescuer.  Not that these new owners are anywhere near as bad as the vile scum who abused these dogs, but at minimum I believe they have an ulterior motive.

I merely ask the question why women are rescuing dogs when there are plenty of men that could use rescuing.  But sadly, I know the answer.

Men hold women to some modicum of standards before committing.

Dogs’ love is unconditional.

Thoroughly think those two statements through first before agreeing with one or the other.

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