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Today, we’re going to finish it off with a bang. We’re going to dive into an analysis of the political nature of the 21st-century ‘rape culture’ movement. We’re going to dissect some feminists (using the beluga whale-grade flensing knife) and examine some of the beliefs rattling around in their heads, underneath those softball helmets and Justin Bieber haircuts. Consider this your first and only ***Trigger Warning*** that there will be pictures of feminists below. I apologize in advance to Return of Kings readers with sensitive stomachs.


1. Rape and Power

We’ve all heard the feminist sound bite: Rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power.

Ironically, this is probably true from the perspective of feminists, most of whom are the sort of women who have absolutely no reason to fear male sexual desire. Andrea Dworkin (pictured above) claims to have been raped at one point in her life. I can only assume that it was a simple case of mistaken identity; that her rapist was clad in cowboy boots and ten-gallon hat; and that he was indeed motivated by power, domination, and a desire to show the world what a “big man” he was, by mounting her for eight seconds. I’m guessing he never intended to hurt anyone, but that doesn’t make the experience any less traumatic for Ms. Dworkin.


Putting Dworkin aside – likely with the help of some pulleys and an industrial-grade forklift – the vast majority of rape is not about power, or patriarchy, or whatever gender studies twaddle you may have heard. Feminist theory on this subject, to no one’s great surprise, turns out to be completely ridiculous.

Rape is an evolved reproductive strategy present in a wide variety of animals, including humans. This does not make rape good, any more than noticing the ubiquity of murder, theft and tribal warfare in human evolutionary history leads us to approve of murder, theft, or war. Man is an imperfect creature, and prone to evil in the absence of restraints on his worst impulses.

But while feminists incorrectly believe that rape is about power, their claim shines a light on their motives. Feminists who claim that rape is about power are projecting, because they want to use rape for their own political ends. They seek to empower themselves and their ideological allies, by creating a new mythology around rape, which they call ‘Rape Culture.’

2. The Feminist Agenda

The best way to understand human behaviour is to live by this rule: Don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do.

If we listen to what feminists say about rape, their motives are virtuous. Rape is a horrible crime; they want to reduce and eventually eliminate it; they want to protect women from rapists.

But let’s watch what they do:

  • Feminists viciously attacked the unsuspecting columnist Emily Yoffe for offering the obvious advice that women who get really drunk are more likely to be victims of sexual assault.
  • Feminists attack anyone who suggests that women avoid walking by themselves late at night, or in revealing clothing. In response to a mayor who suggested women take these reasonable precautions, they organized an international protest to reassure women that it’s a great idea to stumble home past Albion and Finch at three AM in a miniskirt.
  • Feminists have made it verboten to suggest that women ever take any precautions to protect themselves from rape and sexual assault. The sane and practical advice that grandmothers have passed down for centuries about not drinking too much, not going out alone in dangerous places, and not going anywhere alone with men you’ve just met, is now considered horribly sexist. In Rape Culture mythology, it is ‘Victim Blaming.’

The typical ROK reader is bright enough to immediately see through this crap, but here’s a useful analogy anyway:

If you leave your new Ferrari on a bad street, unlocked with the keys in the ignition, is it your fault when your car gets stolen? Of course not. The thief is still a thief, and he still belongs in jail. I’m sure we all agree that it would be nice to live in a world where unlocked cars are perfectly safe on every block. But until we do, intelligent car owners will take steps to protect their property.

There is simply no point in arguing against feminists, who believe that teaching women to avoid high-risk behaviour is sexist and misogynistic. Feminists (male and female) are either cynically aware that their arguments are ridiculous, or they are middling intellects, barely capable of regurgitating sound bites from their second-year sociology textbook.

If feminists actually cared about preventing rape, they would be singing the praises of columnist Emily Yoffe and other “slut-shamers,” not to mention rallying around the cause of European immigration restriction. Somehow I don’t see either of those political alliances taking hold.

So what are the true motives of the feminist advocates of Rape Culture mythology? Let’s consider a few of their actions:

  • Feminists want to define all sex as rape. They want to re-define drunk sex as rape. They want to re-define a ‘soft yes’ as a ‘no.’ They want as much sex as possible to occur under conditions wherein a woman is free to wake up the morning after, and decide that what took place the previous evening was rape.
  • Feminists want to protect women from the consequences of false rape accusations. They want rape accusers to remain anonymous, while the accused has his reputation publicly destroyed before any trial has taken place. Feminists claim that a lack of criminal charges for false accusers is necessary, because they would ‘scare off’ women who are considering making real accusations. But this argument ignores the fact that there are three potential outcomes to every rape accusation: 1) Conclusive proof that a rape occurred; 2) Conclusive proof that the accusation was false, and 3) No conclusive evidence one way or the other. A real accusation would lead to either the first or third outcome, and so a woman who was actually raped should have nothing to fear.
  • Feminists want to lower the burden of proof necessary for rape convictions, attacking anyone who would suggest that the word of an unstable, insane, and historically criminal prostitute is not sufficient proof to convict several men of rape. Rape shield laws prevent accused men from challenging the character of their accusers, even though in many cases, the word of the accuser is the sole piece of evidence against the accused.

Consider these actions together, and the goal of the Feminist campaign to enshrine Rape Culture into our mythology is obvious:


Feminists want to maximize the number of men who get charged with rape

Feminists don’t care about actual rape victims. But they do hate men enough that they want to use rape as a political weapon against them, even if it means encouraging high-risk behaviour among college-aged girls. In their eyes, one girl’s unpleasant night is worth it, to see a dastardly patriarch spend a decade in prison.

Rape Culture Feminists are also completely unconcerned with whether they are punishing actual rapists, or innocent men. In their eyes, it’s to-may-toe, to-mah-toe. They don’t actually hate rape and rapists. They hate men and masculinity, and rape laws are a useful weapon with which to attack them. Ironically, rape culture feminists have created a world in which they are correct. Rape is now about power – the power to imprison an innocent man on a whim or a hurt feeling. As a bonus, our murky rape laws have created an effective way for progressives to make trouble for thought criminals.

I also speculate – as the psychoanalytical icing on the cake of the rape culture hysteria – that sexually undesirable feminists are motivated by hindbrain fury at the very idea of male sexual desire, of which rape is one particularly barbaric manifestation. Feminists hate the rapist skulking in the dark alley, because they suspect that he would allow them to pass by unscathed.

3. The Effect on The Sexual Marketplace

False Rape Accusations are a real threat and I recommend every man learn How To Avoid False Rape Accusations.

But they aren’t that common. The average man has a very small risk of being falsely accused. A man who takes the basic precautions in the link above has little to worry about. The true effect of the feminist rape culture mythos is the impact it has on normal interactions between men and women. Rape Culture hysteria drives a wedge between the sexes, reducing trust and intimacy, and accelerating our society’s decline into atomized, adversarial cynicism.

Rape Culture hysteria poisons the already strained relationship between 21st century men and women. In a world of spam-approaching pick-up artists, gold-diggers, easy divorce, fuck-buddies, bottle service fruit flies, and bitter friendzoned nice guys – basically, in a world where the sexes are squaring off at knifepoint, rather than coming together to raise families and build a future for our civilization – Rape Culture is just one more attempt by feminists to prevent normal men and women from finding love and happiness.

This goal – the destruction of trust and cohesion in western civilization – is the ultimate goal of Feminism, an ideological cats paw for the broader Progressive movement. Once again, consider the actions of the Feminist movement over the past half-century:

  • Feminists advocated for a generous social welfare system, which often penalized married mothers, creating financial incentives that led to the breakdown of the American family.
  • Feminists advocated for easy divorce laws, generous alimony, and a culture that venerated single mothers, leading to divorce rates that hover around 50%.
  • Feminists advocate for promiscuity and late marriage, creating a decline in birth rates and a generation of never-married men and women too accustomed to the hook-up scene to be capable of real intimacy.
  • Feminists created sexual harassment laws which forbade workplace flirting, sending women into nightclubs and into the arms of the charming rogues of the sort who read ROK.

And now, feminists have invented rape culture. The result is a poisonous climate of fear and mistrust between the sexes. Read this post by Kid Strangelove, and consider how his (perfectly rational) fear of a false rape accusation is leading him to become a more closed-off, less trusting human being.

Men know that any hook-up with an amoral and unstable girl could lead to life-ending consequences, no matter how well we actually behave. On the surface, false rape accusations force men to be nice guys. But it is a false veneer of niceness, and beneath it bubbles resentment and mistrust. I find it difficult to picture Kid Strangelove ever truly falling in love, with his entirely reasonable hesitance to ever let his guard down.

4. Conclusion

A gentleman should never complain without offering solutions. Here are mine:

  • The present governments of the USA and her satellites do not have the courage, competence, or willingness to resist the Gramscian march of the Radical Feminists through our institutions. But sanity may yet return. When it does, I suspect the historical precedent of Roman, Christian, and Babylonian law will seem very reasonable: A false accuser is given the same penalty as the accused might have received.
  • Women and men under the influence of alcohol should be held to the same standards of behaviour as everyone else. If you rob a bank, sell your car, or consent to sex while you are conscious and coherent, you must live with the consequences. If you are not responsible enough to trust yourself after a few drinks, don’t get drunk or use drugs.
  • If a person doesn’t want to have sex, they must say “No” firmly and clearly. Men cannot be expected to know if a girl is feeling uncomfortable, or if her tone of voice suggests that her “Yes” isn’t really a Yes. Can you imagine how terrifying the idea of consent must be for men on the autism spectrum, who have trouble reading facial expressions, tonality, and other non-verbal cues? Adult women are not children, and it is fair to expect them to clearly communicate if they want something to stop.
  • If a friend, family member, or public figure is accused of rape, don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that the accusation is well-founded. Make a judgement based on the evidence, and the characters of both accuser and accused.

On a personal level, it is essential that all young western men read How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation.

Thanks to publications like ROK, the world is waking up to the damage done by the feminist movement and our corrupt governing class. One day, all that is wrong will be put right. But until that day comes: Be smart, be cautious, don’t date feminists, and cover your ass.

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