Physical fitness is a goal all men should strive for. Keeping one’s body in shape and ready for any challenge is a smart move in today’s modern society. There is a lot of information about exercise available for anyone to access. This coupled with the prevalence of gyms means that the knowledge and facilities are available. The limiting factor of an exercise routine is opportunity. Overcoming the lack of opportunity is essential to getting and staying in shape.


Creating the opportunity to work out is important. One way I have found to create this opportunity to exercise is to have an exercised program simple enough to do at home. Unless you are constantly sleeping over strange ladies’ houses, one typically wakes up in their own bed. If you do wake up in strange places quite often, you still can adopt a program for that. A daily morning workout is easy to allow time for. You just wake up half an hour earlier. Also, most neighborhoods are safe enough to run in and if yours is not, it will only push you to run faster.



Sometimes gym hours do not mesh with work schedules. Sometimes traffic patterns preclude traveling to the gym. The logistics of showering and changing at the gym can take too much time out of a busy day. These difficulties associated with exercising exclusively at a gym can and do keep men from getting in shape.


The best way I have found to create exercise opportunity is to exercise around your home soon after you wake up in the morning. You usually have to shower and change for work anyway so there is no duplication of effort there. Any commute you would have for the gym is not applicable. It also allows for a frequency as often as you wish, even seven days a week. This frequency is significant in maintaining any fitness gains.


A quick home based exercise program should be quick and simple so one can do it every day. One system I have is sit-ups, pushups, and a run. Sometimes I will also do chin-ups. The intensity varies, sometimes run three miles, sometimes one mile. The amount of pushups and sit-ups is usually the maximum possible. Remember, the key is to keep the exercise program short so it can be done often in a busy schedule.


These daily workouts are a method of maintenance and routine. They should not be a stand-alone project for men. The gym is still an option and should be used for any serious weightlifting and fitness gains. The idea of exercising every day with low opportunity costs is a better move than going to the gym once a week when time allows. The idea of doing both is even better.


Over time, the intensity of these daily workouts will increase. I am at the point where I can do sixty pushups and seventy situps nonstop. Running every day builds the endurance that some gym based programs. I have noticed that running in the morning has an invigorating effect waking up for the day. Use caution though, I have also noticed running too far too often can lead to aching joints. Wearing different shoes also works different parts of the leg. Squishy soled shoes pump the calves quite a bit.

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