There is concern that women want to be women…

[Pinterest’s] popularity highlights an uncomfortable reality: Pinterest’s user-generated content, which overwhelmingly emphasizes recipes, home decor, and fitness and fashion tips, feels like a reminder that women still seek out the retrograde, materialistic content that women’s magazines have been hawking for decades — and that the internet was supposed to help overcome.


Any guy who has studied internet game around the early 2000’s has heard of the term “chick crack,” which refers to a woman’s propensity to discuss topics like psychology, astrology, handwriting analysis, soap operas, and so on. The best way to lose a girl is to go deep by talking about philosophy, economics, or other topics that men don’t mind discussing. So it’s surprising feminists don’t understand that, when given the choice, women rather go shopping, talk about celebrities, and watch reality television than discuss ways to save the world.

Ironically, the less you respect a woman’s intelligence, the more you will retain her interest long enough to get her into bed. You can’t turn a millenial chick into a philosopher, no matter how much you educate her.

[Buzzfeed: How Pinterest Is Killing Feminism]

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